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  • [Giveaway] CallBar 1.0 is Live in Cydia and We're Going to Give Some Away to Celebrate! UPDATED!

    Here it is folks, the new, the beautiful, the one-of-a-kind CallBar 1.0 is live on Cydia!

    Do you like the notification system in iOS 5; the banners that pop up when you are playing a game and disappear instead of the annoying pop up menus that get in your way and pause your game on you? Then folks, CallBar 1.0 is for you. CallBar 1.0 takes the idea of iOS 5's banner system and integrates it with phone calls as well. Usually, when someone calls your iPhone, your entire screen becomes dedicated to a phone interface which allows you to slide to answer the call, or press the power button to decline it. One of the alternatives to being forced to slide to answer was John Heaton's EZDecline, which you can read more about here. Albeit EZDecline seems less iOS 5-like compared to CallBar 1.0; CallBar 1.0 makes the call appear like an iOS 5 banner notification. On top of that, CallBar 1.0 looks better, acts better, and feels better than the previous CallBar.

    CallBar 1.0 is a collaboration work between our very own Joshua Tucker and iOS jailbreak developer Elias Limneos. Joshua Tucker was responsible for the concept of CallBar 1.0 and also for the appearance and GUI of it. Elias Limneos was responsible for coding out and building CallBar 1.0 from scratch. That being said, both of them had a massive input in the design of this awesome tweak and without either one of them, CallBar 1.0 could not exist today.

    CallBar 1.0 has all new settings, interfaces, and functions. In the new CallBar 1.0, when receiving a call, you can swipe left on the banner to decline the call or swipe right on the banner to accept the call. It's pretty intuitive compared to the traditional method of answering phone calls on the iPhone. Moreover, have you ever noticed the options that are on your screen when you are in the middle of a call with someone; the Speaker, Mute, Keypad, Hold buttons? CallBar 1.0 doesn't do away with that – instead, when in the middle of a call, you can tap on the CallBar 1.0 banner and a small spry menu will appear that shows those same options. The spry menu looks like this:

    As you can see from the image above, when you are in a call, CallBar 1.0 automatically adjusts itself so that it is under the status bar. This gives you access to Activator actions and the time and battery life while you're in a call. Additionally, CallBar 1.0 works on the lock screen as well as on the SpringBoard or while you're in an application. When you're on your lock screen and you get a call, CallBar 1.0 will simply appear like a regular banner and offer the same functionality as if would from an application or on SpringBoard when your iDevice is unlocked. It looks like this on the lock screen:

    Joshua Tucker and Elias Limneos didn't slack off with landscape applications either. There are two orientations of the iPhone; portrait mode, which is long ways up and down and landscape mode which is long ways side to side. CallBar 1.0 works with both orientations. To show you this, I started writing myself a note in the Notes application in landscape mode when I suddenly received a call:

    In case you were wondering about CallBar 1.0's settings, here they are:

    You can enable or disable CallBar 1.0 entirely, or you can control if it works on both SpringBoard and the lock screen or just the SpringBoard (applications included). Under that you have the option to turn off CallBar 1.0 for phone calls. This means that CallBar 1.0 will only appear when you are receiving an incoming FaceTime call, Skype call, or Viber call. It won't show up from a phone call. Under that is the Dialer Activation Method which lets you select an Activator action for the built in dialer. Under that, the Answer in-Place option lets you choose between having the phone call through the CallBar 1.0 GUI or having the phone call through the stock iOS GUI. What this means is that when you answer a call, either the screen will show what you normally see, the full screen engulfed by Apple's stock phone GUI, or you will see the SpringBoard or application you are in with your phone call information showing up in CallBar 1.0 instead. The in-Place options are what give you the ability to pull down the spry menu. You can have one of two spry menu options. You can have the black pull-down look which is the default, or you can choose the buttons that are built right into the banner notification itself. I personally prefer the default because it seems more lively. Under those options you have the ability to select which applications get to use CallBar 1.0. By default they are all turned on; CallBar 1.0 can be configured to work with FaceTime, Skype, and Viber as well as the Phone application. Last but not least, you can choose to use the power button to either decline the call or lock the device. I prefer to leave this at the defaults as well, i fact, I like the entire menu of settings at the default. CallBar 1.0 will also put an application shortcut icon on your SpringBoard to gain access to the settings faster.

    In my opinion, I like CallBar 1.0 more than its predecessor. It is sleeker, more useful, and has less bugs in it. I love all of the settings and I love how it looks so Apple-ish. I recommend CallBar 1.0 to anyone who wants a more convenient way of answering calls on their iDevice. CallBar 1.0 is compatible with all iOS 4 and iOS 5 iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches. I use it on an iPhone 4 and an iPod touch 4G and it works great.

    EDIT: CallBar 1.0-3 was released to update CallBar 1.0-1. It fixes some problems that were addressed in CallBar 1.0-1. The update includes fixes for:
    • Fixed a crash issue when “Led Flash on Alerts” option was enabled in accessibility on iOS5
    • Added Voicemail button on the Dialer Interface
    • Fixed custom ringtones playing texttones if a custom texttone for the contact was selected
    • Added support for custom vibration patterns
    • Improved dialer’s Favorites and Recents UI
    • Added ability to see the numbers dialed when in a call
    • Phone numbers now appear with localized format
    • Added ability to tap the status bar to scroll on top into dialer’s tables
    • Passing through status bar touches when CallBar is visible, for several gestures compatibility
    • The package now doesn’t depend on Activator, its optional

    Name: CallBar
    Price: $3.99
    Version: 1.0-3
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developers: Elias Limneos, Joshua Tucker
    Editor's Rating:  5/5

    Sources: Elias Limneos, Joshua Tucker
    This article was originally published in forum thread: [Giveaway] CallBar 1.0 is Live in Cydia and We're Going to Give Some Away to Celebrate! started by Anthony Bouchard View original post
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    1. jobran's Avatar
      jobran -
      awosome,great great tweak thx anthony
    1. hevi99's Avatar
      hevi99 -
      December 2nd, My birthday!
    1. KraXik's Avatar
      KraXik -
      Love this tweak. I have no doubt Apple will implement something like this as it's so good!
    1. guitarded's Avatar
      guitarded -
      Be sure to turn off "led flash for alerts" in settings > general > accessibility before installing callbar 1.0 if you have them turned on in ios 5.
    1. abcderick12's Avatar
      abcderick12 -
      I love this! it looks so elegant and well put together :] bravo
    1. lucca567's Avatar
      lucca567 -
      looks cool!
    1. Tario70's Avatar
      Tario70 -
      I just finally created a Cydia account to attempt to win this. This is first Cydia app that I've even considered purchasing & winning it would be even more awesome (I use the free BiteSMS & free themes so I haven't had a need for a Cydia account until now). Good luck to everyone!
    1. Paco's Avatar
      Paco -
      For wut do u use the callbar on the ipod touch?
    1. GrandMasterB's Avatar
      GrandMasterB -
      Just want to say that the CallBar update is seriously amazing. Great work Mr.Tucker and Mr. Limneos!!
    1. mazda3ridah's Avatar
      mazda3ridah -
      do I have to be jail broke in order to get this feature? what is cydia website so I can register?
    1. GenesisDH's Avatar
      GenesisDH -
      Quote Originally Posted by Pancho paco View Post
      For wut do u use the callbar on the ipod touch?
      FaceTime, Skype, and Viber.
    1. ewokcwalk's Avatar
      ewokcwalk -
      very nice.. ILL TAKE ONE!!!
    1. clifdog's Avatar
      clifdog -
      Very good app but 1.0 puts phone in safemode so had to go back to old one but I love the app
    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by clifdog View Post
      Very good app but 1.0 puts phone in safemode so had to go back to old one but I love the app
      And how exactly did you get back to the old one when the official repo only supports version 1.0?

    1. Tario70's Avatar
      Tario70 -
      Anthony, it doesn't say in the Article but is this one entry per person?
    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by Tario70 View Post
      Anthony, it doesn't say in the Article but is this one entry per person?
      Why wouldn't it be? You only have 1 Cydia number.
    1. Chad83's Avatar
      Chad83 -
      There are so many bugs with this tweak. Since it was first initially released. And now with this 1.0 version it always ends the call if you have lock-screen enabled and also the sleep button does not ignore the call the phone still keeps ringing and if you try to enable the sleep button to lock the screen it doesn't. I have iPhone 4 version 4.3.3 and I have had nothing but problems. I love the aspect of the tweak but only if it worked correctly. Also if you disable lock screen and try to use the sleep button to silence the ring it doesn't work. It was some what ok before this 1.0 update. I hope I'm not the only one with this issue. Hopefully there will be a fix for it. I'm not knocking the tweak I like just wish it worked the way it was intended to.
    1. iZangetsu's Avatar
      iZangetsu -
      The only problems I've have with the update is that the bar stays on the screen during a call and that blocks the buttons at the top of alot of apps. Also it's easy to accidentally end a call with that swipe method also
    1. Raybeast's Avatar
      Raybeast -
      If I had an iPhone, I would definitely want this tweak. Its very useful, and a very good idea.
    1. Tario70's Avatar
      Tario70 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Bouchard View Post
      Why wouldn't it be? You only have 1 Cydia number.
      True but what I meant was basically once that Cydia # is entered you can't tweet for extra entries.

      Thanks for the info 