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  • [GIVEAWAY] Lap Pro - A Pillowish Lap Stand

    The Lap Pro, by Renegade Concepts (a company by Gregory Hilton) is a pillow/beanbag-like lap stand for media devices like the iPad. It also functions as a padded carrying case, even including a handle!


    Here's a typical situation. You're headed to bed, or laying on the couch, and you've got your book, iPad, or Kindle in your hands while trying to position correctly so it's not so annoying to hold. Maybe you tried to toss a pillow behind the iPad (the thing is too heavy to hold while reading), maybe you tried to prop up your legs and set the iPad against your legs. Either way, it's never quite right.

    The Lap Pro was created to solve this issue.


    Essentially, the Lap Pro is a MicroFiber beanbag/pillow with a zippered pocket. It has a lip on one side which holds your media in place and doubles as a handle while you're using the Lap Pro as a case. It sits easily in your lap, and was comfortable in our testing of the Lap Pro. There's enough filling to let it feel solid and full, yet it molds to your position easily.

    Since the Lap Pro is made of MicroFiber, the entire product is a cleaning tool for an iPad or screen. You can wipe off the screen using the pillow and get rid of fingerprints or dust. Of course, this also means the Lap Pro picks up just about any dust or dirt you set it on (we took pictures on our dusty table and the Lap Pro had a lot of dust after). It's easy enough to brush off the dust with your hand - it comes right off.

    The shape of the Lap Pro is very close to the travel pillows you see on airplanes (and actually doubles as one very well) - with a couple unique pieces that make it what is is. The handle/lip acts as the piece which holds the media in place, and doubles as a handle when using the Lap Pro as a case. And that's a cool part about the Lap Pro too, actually. Hidden behind the lip is a zippered compartment which is a perfect fit for the iPad, or a book or other reading device. It envelops the device on the front and back with the stuffing of the Lap Pro, protecting it well. The sides of the device are not as well protected, but it does a solid job.


    I mean - it's a pillow. With MicroFiber. This thing can pretty much take any beating a pillow takes, and it's black color meas it won't show stains or anything as much as something lighter. Don't go lighting it on fire or slicing it up with a knife, but you can otherwise throw this thing anywhere, smash it in your bag, shove it in the back seat, whatever, and it's good to go.

    When used as a case, it's also pretty solid. I'd recommend a little less violence, ha, but we tested dropping it onto multiple surfaces and you're good to go unless you drop it so the side of the iPad (or device) hits the ground. The good news is, iPads are designed pretty well for sideways drops, and the Lap Pro still protects it a bit. And if it drops on it's face or back, you're hitting all stuffing on the Lap Pro, which protects it perfectly well.

    The stitching and manufacturing is professional quality, and seems like it will last a long time. No cheap materials or manufacturing here.


    The best place to pick up the Lap Pro (well, the only place at the moment) is Amazon.com. For $29.99, it's a decent price. Travel Pillows are usually $10-15, and iPad cases are generally anywhere from $15-45. With this product, you're getting an iPad lap stand, travel pillow, and tote bag all in one - not too bad for $30, although one could hope for a bit cheaper price.


    If you travel a lot or use your iPad or large media device in bed/on the couch a lot, I'd say pick one of these up. They're not super stylish, and they're not meant to be. The Lap Pro is pure function, and it achieves that with perfection. At $30, they make great Christmas presents, and we're just in time for that. It's a solid gift for mom, dad, or the grandparents. Of course, you can always pick up one for yourself while you're at it.

    And we know one of you wants a free one - so leave a comment of your thoughts on the Lap Pro - and we'll ship out our review unit to a random commenter this week!
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    1. burnsrbeef's Avatar
      burnsrbeef -
      Pretty sweet, im always trying to find comfortable positions to be in with my pad...
    1. Dtpl's Avatar
      Dtpl -
      Neat! Looks great for people who want a good angle for viewing movies or just relaxing without a hard stand or something on their lap
    1. xxtkevinxxte's Avatar
      xxtkevinxxte -
      can i lay on this too..?
    1. aligee97's Avatar
      aligee97 -
      Nice, now I can finally put my device on the table/floor without being affraid for scratches on the back!Hope I win @aligee97
    1. djshway's Avatar
      djshway -
      OH. Very nice idea. I always find my self laying in bed trying to figure out a comfortable position to use my iPad. Usually its a struggle lol
    1. jcbhome's Avatar
      jcbhome -
      These are cool, will have to get one instead of always using my wife's pillow to hole up my tablet in bed.
    1. JuLiO-Skype's Avatar
      JuLiO-Skype -
      this pillow looks amazing i always wanted one like this !!
    1. jschmall's Avatar
      jschmall -
      This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for! So convenient....
    1. fleurya's Avatar
      fleurya -
      Nice! I could definitely use this for business travel and my fiance is always using her iPad in bed. I'm order two now! *sigh* yet another simple money-making idea I probably could have thought if had I used my brain for a few minutes while lounging around the house.
    1. Zoz's Avatar
      Zoz -
      It's beautiful. Just what I need for Finance class. I could sleep and be entertained... I mean take notes in comfort.
    1. erasto74's Avatar
      erasto74 -
      this would be awesome for my ipad. i want one!
    1. Duple's Avatar
      Duple -
      Sweet! My iPad needed a nap
    1. soNburst's Avatar
      soNburst -
      can i use it for my head while as a stand too?

      can i use it as a pillow and a stand at the same time?
    1. ElderRoco's Avatar
      ElderRoco -
      what i've been looking for
    1. rolcom's Avatar
      rolcom -
      I'm on this website everyday on my couch and it would be perfect.. My bday is in 2 months.. Early bday present? Hah
    1. lucca567's Avatar
      lucca567 -
      Looks like a great present for my mom! Fingers crossed!
    1. pyroguy57's Avatar
      pyroguy57 -
      This looks like it would make using my iPad on the couch so easy! I'm such a lazy bastard
    1. crackertime's Avatar
      crackertime -
      It would be lap-pro-priate for lounging about the house. Don't you think? Don't you think it would be lap-pro-priate?
    1. CausticGrip's Avatar
      CausticGrip -
      Quote Originally Posted by xxtkevinxxte View Post
      can i lay on this too..?
      The answer is Yes!

      Quote Originally Posted by soNburst View Post
      can i use it for my head while as a stand too?

      can i use it as a pillow and a stand at the same time?

      No, unless you have 2
    1. liquidsn0w's Avatar
      liquidsn0w -
      mmm yum!