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  • Apple, App Makers Sued Over Privacy Concerns

    We reported a couple weeks ago about an investigation showing that apps transmit personal data to advertisers despite Apple's rules against doing so. Now Apple has been hit with a lawsuit that accuses them, along with the developers of some popular apps, of revealing users' information without their consent. If the suit is granted class action status, millions of people could receive money from the companies.

    The Wall Street Journal tested 101 apps and found that 56 transmitted personal data to third-party advertising companies, most without notifying the user first. As a result, Jonathan Lalo sued Apple and app makers including Pandora, the Weather Channel and Dictionary.com. In the suit, Lalo claims that the fact that the iPhone's UDID can't be blocked allows users to be tracked and profiled by advertisers. "Some apps are also selling additional information to ad networks," Lalo alleges in the lawsuit, "including users' location, age, gender, income, ethnicity, sexual orientation and political views."

    Apple has not commented on the lawsuit, but has previously asserted that App Store rules prohibit using the UDID to uniquely identify users. Lalo is seeking class action status for the lawsuit, which would mean that anyone who downloaded an app on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch between Dec. 1, 2008 and last week would be a party.

    Source: BusinessWeek
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    1. mortopher's Avatar
      mortopher -
      Wow, people think this is a big deal and yet they use Facebook 24/7. Oh, the irony!
    1. Team Infecti0n's Avatar
      Team Infecti0n -
      Where you getting at lol? ^^ :P jk
    1. LGgeek's Avatar
      LGgeek -
      I think this is a step in the right direction, in class action suits the only ones that get money are the lawyers.The only thing that gets a corporation's attention these days is something that will cost them money, they will not do the right thing unless they are forced to.

      In the past Apple has transmitted information without telling users so they are not innocent (I stated that on Apple support forum and my post was pulled and they sent me the "Speculation or Rumors -Discussion of Apple Policies, Procedures or Decisions - Non-constructive rants or complaints" hand slap).

      So Apple is claiming "we have this policy but these managed to slip through" but if an app used the volume button to take a picture they would catch it, Not buying it Apple.