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  • Siri Proxy Can Be Used for A T.V. Remote

    We've seen Siri doing some crazy things before...

    The Siri Proxy has made it possible for Siri to do some crazy things. For example, we can play with our thermostats, start our cars, and now we can use it to tell our television what to play. It seems like the capabilities of Siri are endless. How amazing is it that we can use our iPhone to do just about anything with something that Apple built into the iPhone themselves? Usually to get any kind of awesome functionality that is outside of what Apple intended it for, we need to jailbreak our iDevice. Ironically enough, the iPhone 4S does not have a public jailbreak yet and because of this, hackers are finding their own ways to play around with Siri on the iPhone 4S.

    From the video above, a hacker uses the Siri Proxy to play different episodes of television programs such as Mythbusters and Seinfeld. He does this by telling the iPhone to, "Play Mythbusters [insert episode type here]" or by saying, "Play Seinfeld [insert episode type here]." Obviously, if you have downloaded the episode, then Siri will be able to find it and play it. If you have not downloaded it, it will give you a response somewhere along the lines of, "Sorry, couldn't find that."

    How would you like it if hackers were able to start our microwaves or stove ovens using only Siri? Wouldn't it be cool if we could cook a meal from the comfort of your couch? What is the need to get up anymore? This is the true modern American dream.

    What kinds of crazy things do you think Siri will be able to do in the future as hackers continue to play around with the Siri Proxy? Share in the comments below!

    Sources: 9to5Mac
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      You are going about this all wrong.
      Go to github Hijalti/Siriproxy and download all of his files and put them into a folder called Siriproxy. Then go to plamoni/Siriproxy and use his you tube vids to setup the CA cert. inside terminal you need to install dnsmasq and all needed ruby gems. Only use Hijaltis files as the Plamoni files cannot execute the plex plugin at this time. Follow Plamonis YouTube tuts and it's super easy. Your errors are being thrown from an irrelevant sudo exec. Start over. If need be send me a pm with teamviewer info and I'll set it up for you.