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  • Confusion About SHAtter Leak

    The drama surrounding the SHAtter exploit continues. A Dutch dev threatened to leak the code last week, and even though that threat was thought to have subsided, someone apparently did go ahead and leak SHAtter Wednesday. This led to a Twitter fight between p0sixninja and MuscleNerd, whom p0six had accused of being the leaker. Musclenerd denies this, but according to p0sixninja, SHAtter has been burned.

    The SHAtter exploit was originally developed by onetime Chronic-Dev hacker pod2g. A weakness in the S5L8930 bootrom of A4-based devices (iPhone 4, iPad, Apple TV 2G, iPod touch 4G). It was originally intended for the 10.10.10 (10th October 2010) release of greenpois0n before Geohot came out of nowhere with the limera1n jailbreak for all iOS devices. SHAtter was held in reserve for a future jailbreak to conserve exploits in the ongoing cat-and-mouse game with Apple.

    At this point, all we know for sure is that for unknown reasons, the code was potentially released by an unknown party Wednesday. It's unclear at this time if this was the genuine SHAtter or a fake designed to throw Apple off the scent, as people who claim to have the leaked version are reporting trouble getting it to compile. However, Apple should be able to figure out pretty quickly if it is genuine or not. Meanwhile, in a furious back-and-forth on Twitter (blowing up the phones of all their followers all Wednesday afternoon), p0sixninja accused MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev-Team of being responsible for leaking the exploit. MuscleNerd rejected the accusation, explaining that it would make no sense for him to do so as he will need to be able to jailbreak the iPhone 5 in order to unlock it. MuscleNerd also noted that there were 15 to 20 others in the room when pod2g showed his SHAtter code for the first time, so the pool of suspects is large.

    If SHAtter is truly burned, it's potentially not catastrophic, as p0sixninja says another "untether bootrom exploit" is supposedly on the way. However, if we've lost a valuable tool due to some personal drama among devs, it's a sad statement about the jailbreaking community.

    Source: Twitter
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    1. iCeD00D's Avatar
      iCeD00D -
      Quote Originally Posted by MikePA View Post
      We are witnessing the beginning of the end of jailbreaking iDevices. Too many people with huge egos. Odds are, it's why Jay Freeman is working on Cydia for the Mac. The foundation of his current livelihood is jailbreaking which is supported by people who are psychological, if not chronological, juveniles.
      QFT!!! .... Total embarrassment to the jailbreak community ....whatever happened to the days of teamwork? ....guess these are the times of big ego's and the fight to see who has the biggest epeen ......<< Facepalm>>
    1. Lombardo Joe's Avatar
      Lombardo Joe -
      I'm pretty sure (if Apple TRULY is against jailbreakers; that's another argument in itself) that this is what Apple wants. It's like a panic room. We're all here crapping pants on a forum, and we don't know what's going on 100% outside. It might not be as bad as we think to have or have not lost an exploit that could have disappeared in the future updates.

      This is how string unravels itself.
    1. mortopher's Avatar
      mortopher -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sofaxkingxhi View Post
      Musclenerd and posixninja are some ***** 1st grade school grls. The one to blame for this whole mess is pod2g!!! Keep ur exploit to itself and suit wouldn't happen like this. That goes for all devs. I greatly appreciate the things the devs create . So as simple to fix all this **** in the future , all devs keep ur own exploit and don't give it to NO ONE!!!
      How is pod2g to blame for this? He didn't keep it to himself because it was intended to be THE 4.1 jailbreak until GeoHot came in at the last minute.

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    1. chrodriguezmarydown's Avatar
      chrodriguezmarydown -
      If it was really leaked this makes me terribly sad. Now there will always be a mis trust between the devs and make it harder for them to team up and make future jailbreaks and unlocks. This is indeed very sad
    1. LGgeek's Avatar
      LGgeek -
      At this point all Apple has to do it let the JB community implode on itself and then no more jailbreaks. Unfortunately I have seen entire companies taken down by egos.
    1. back9player's Avatar
      back9player -
      Grow up! What a joke... Sounds like this is over some personal bull... What about the people who actually DONATED TO THIS CAUSE? or the people who bought jailborken cydia apps who are patiently waiting for this so they can use their hacks again?

      Losing respect for sure..
    1. ncnyxx13's Avatar
      ncnyxx13 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Westerman View Post
      Its turning to to an episode of laguna beach
      laguna beach? what is this 2003? jersey shore is where its at!
    1. posixninja's Avatar
      posixninja -
      This story inaccurate and is missing the entire back story :-/
    1. 2Jaze's Avatar
      2Jaze -
      not what i was expecting for xmas.
    1. jose060789's Avatar
      jose060789 -
      We shouldn't be fighting among ourselves, instead we should be fighting against Apple to liberate jailbreak and unlocking and thus not voiding our warranty.

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    1. posixninja's Avatar
      posixninja -
      On Oct 13th (literally hours after greenpois0n was first posted) someone with access to the original SHAtter proof of concept exploit (only Chronic-Dev and iPhone Dev members had access) modified the exploit by removing all references to pod2g's name and replaced them all with my name before posting the code multiple times to multiple different pastie websites, then posted the links onto theiphonewiki.com. We quickly got ahold of the owners of each pastie site and had the code removed and got the the google caches copies deleted. In this time a few people were able to get access to a copy (including ih8sn0w). We attempted to keep the situation as quiet as possible in hopes apple wouldn't hear and begin looking for it. So in a nutshell, someone who really hates me attempted to frame me and cause issues within our group to attempt to split us up.
    1. Simon's Avatar
      Simon -
      That sux big time that someone would do that man. Why would you think that was MuscleNerd though?
    1. alexevo's Avatar
      alexevo -
      posix, so does that mean that the SHAtter that was released and a few people still have copies of is the real one?
    1. posixninja's Avatar
      posixninja -
      The POC exploit was modified many time while pod2g was working on it. Based on the code that was leaked we can track it back to the date it was posted in the chatroom. Unfortunately for him the code posted falls the same week pod2g gave him the last copy SHAtter before we discovered MN had talked to chpwn and told him to not give us the windows GUI he was working on for us. And this point we moved to a different room and continued work on our own.
    1. Simon's Avatar
      Simon -
      It could be someone he shared it with. Not saying it wasn't him as I dont really know what type of person he is, I guess I just dont get that vibe from him. It just sucks that anyone would want to go that low and hurt the community as a whole just because they dont like you.
    1. posixninja's Avatar
      posixninja -
      MN has hated me with a passion for years now, and has been unsuccessful in attempting to recruit pod2g to their team.
    1. Simon's Avatar
      Simon -
      Hmm, didnt know that. I guess there is only so much that can be known from following you guys on twitter.
    1. thazsar's Avatar
      thazsar -
      Quote Originally Posted by posixninja View Post
      MN has hated me with a passion for years now, and has been unsuccessful in attempting to recruit pod2g to their team.
      I didn't know that either. I always thought that MN and you (@p0sixninja) were the calm ones of ur groups. Regardless, hopefully it wasnt the real deal (as implied by @comex) and somehow you two can resolve ur differences in time. Hacking is about having fun, right? No need for all this.
      Forgive, forget, move forward...that's what I always say; it's the Christian way!

      Glad to see you on here, posixninja and Merry Christmas to u and ur family! ;-)
    1. psp257's Avatar
      psp257 -
      Quote Originally Posted by soulthoughts View Post
      Good guess but I'm going with the maid in the pantry dual booting on a hackintosh.
    1. k1653d's Avatar
      k1653d -
      Quote Originally Posted by posixninja View Post
      MN has hated me with a passion for years now, and has been unsuccessful in attempting to recruit pod2g to their team.
      I don't get it. If everyone is working together anyways, what's the point of trying to get someone to switch teams?