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  • [GIVEAWAY] SGP Cases Linear Color Series for iPhone 4 and 4S

    SGP - which has the cheesy misfortune to stand for "Stylish people's Good Partner" - is a Los Angeles, CA company who's been making good cases (which are actually nice and stylish) for at least a few years now. We've looked at their products before (there's still one of these wandering around Tampa somewhere from SGP through ModMyi) and were impressed by their build quality, style, and design.

    The folks at SGP sent us a new batch of one of their new lines which fit the iPhone 4 and 4S - the Linear Color Series. I've also got one of their Crystal Series here which we'll be giving away later in the review.

    The Linear series of iPhone 4/4S cases from SGP are a clever 3 piece design which allows for an EXTREMELY wide array of color combinations and customization possibilities (their site says over 1400 combinations are available - you can mix and match the 3 pieces). Check out their video below marketing some of the available options.

    Each case comes with three pieces standard in the box - the back plate (which marks the only difference between the Color series - where it has a color - and the Crystal series, where it is clear), the upper "bumper" or side cover, and the lower "bumper." The back plate also has a black piece telling you about SGP, which also protects your iPhone from scratching.

    I found the color of the white Linear Color Series I tested on my iPhone 4S for a while matched Apple's white perfectly, and the case looked as if it was an extension of the phone itself. The overall bulk added was very little, but the phone felt sturdy and well covered. As an added bonus (which was very appreciated), each case comes with a Steinhil "Enhanced Optical Display Protector" - aka screen protector. Of course appropriate cutouts in the case were there for headphones, dock connector and mic/speaker, camera, volume buttons, and sleep buttons. All access was easy and felt natural.

    The case I tested felt just a tad loose on the phone, as if it wasn't quite machined perfectly for the phone, although the visual fit was perfect. SGP cases have become known to have a quality style to them, and these cases don't disappoint in that department. Between the solid design, good protection, and added screen protector in each box, if the style matches yours, these are good cases to buy.

    You can pick up any of the myriad of color combinations SGP offers at their website for $24.99 - a great deal when you factor in the screen protector in every case box. Of course, as with any ModMyi.com review we've got some giveaways for you guys as well.

    Choose any of the colors in the photo below, and comment here which you'd like and your thoughts on the SGP cases. We'll choose winners tomorrow! Here's the winners!

    Gunmetal - Asubaseball727
    Black - GrandMasterB
    Champagne - &e.

    Of course, if you friend us on Facebook we'll also love you.

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    1. TheOrioles33's Avatar
      TheOrioles33 -
      SGP makes the best cases and bumpers IMO. I have the NEO Hybrid and several of the color bumpers. They fit really well.
    1. SithStrife's Avatar
      SithStrife -
      I would love to have the Gun Metal. I've been a SGP user since I got the iPhone 4. I love how the cases adds protection to your iPhone while maintaining the sleek profile of the iPhone 4. I admire how SGP cases minimally adds thickness to your iPhone. It's beauty and care for the iPhone.
    1. Commandor's Avatar
      Commandor -
      SGP cases always look sleek, I really like the black one since my iPhone 4 is black. Will it be sent internationally? Thanks a lot for reviewing this cool stuff.
    1. wraith92's Avatar
      wraith92 -
      Well, I haven't heard of SGP before this post but judging by the design and the material of these cases along with the review, I bet that the case's quality is off the scale. If I have a chance to win one, I'll pick the black one .
    1. drog92's Avatar
      drog92 -
      I would love to have the black one.... it would go GREAT with my white iPhone 4 dont have a credit card or i would just buy one
    1. Twimfy's Avatar
      Twimfy -
      I still can't bring myself to put a case on my white 4 yet. I just love the purity of the device itself. That said the white case shown in your review does look good. If I was stateside I'd maybe give it a try.
    1. assasine's Avatar
      assasine -
      I like this products, I would like to get the black one.
    1. Dito_Man's Avatar
      Dito_Man -
      That black one looks amazing! I've never used a SGP case I've always wanted to though. This might be my chance to try one. I can say that there screen protectors are far better than any out there. Had mine on for a year and it's still perfect.
    1. kings121's Avatar
      kings121 -
      i never used this product before but surely would love to give it a try as i,m having 2 iphones the black would surely give 1 of my black iphones the finishing touch of being a balck beauty.....lol
    1. deligate's Avatar
      deligate -
      There aren't many (if any) cases that can show of the beauty of the iPhone while protecting it. SGP seems to have done their homework and maintained the simplicity of a case to fit perfectly with the elegant design of the phone. Aside from still being able to show off the device, it will retain the ability to safeguard it from mishaps. Whats the point of some bulky case that makes it look ugly? I'd love to sport the black case as its design blends seamlessly with the curves and color of the phone. I love my iPhone 4
    1. mikeyz54's Avatar
      mikeyz54 -
      Smooth BlackThis looks very nice, I've been on the hunt for a decent case for a while now, too many of them aren't up to quality standards.I especially like the fact that it's a slider case instead of a rubber or gel one.
    1. zinjen's Avatar
      zinjen -
      beautiful cases, they appeal to the eye but also look very durable. Would love to get one of these in Black
    1. soliman85's Avatar
      soliman85 -
      it is really a very nice case specially the black the idea of several parts that you can change the color of each part alone i kind of cool......i would appreciate if you choose me
    1. RobberBoy's Avatar
      RobberBoy -
      The black one will fit black iphone for sure.. BLACK is the new iPhone... Honestly, i have never seen SGP case before or know of it... However, It sure looks nice and creative with the 3 piece design..
    1. urabellend's Avatar
      urabellend -
      I would definitely go with the silver/gun metal one. It looks great and I would love a quality case for my phone.
    1. Aeroavenger's Avatar
      Aeroavenger -
      Smooth black would be my choice. I like this style compared to incase.
    1. ddante's Avatar
      ddante -
      i think SGP cases are intended for those who are looking for simplicity and color match their iphones .i think all colors look great but the gold looks a bit dull i think
    1. DoWoRkSoN's Avatar
      DoWoRkSoN -
      Great cases I would love one in black or white
    1. kodath's Avatar
      kodath -
      oOOoo! I want the champagne gold one! These are sweet, there's a lot more colors to choose from than the incase sliders! I've always used their screen protectors!