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  • LunaTik Lynk Conversion Kit Ups the iPod Nano Watch Ante

    Scott Wilson raised nearly $1 million in funding back in 2010 via Kickstarter to make his iPod nano wrist watches a reality. Then Phill Schiller featured Wilson's creation during the unveiling of the seventh generation iPod nano. Now, Wilson is upping the ante this holiday season with the new LunaTik Lynk.

    Wilsonís creation spawned numerous imitators and many currently litter the walls of Apple Store across the country. The new Lynk separates itself with itself with the same aero-space grade aluminum as the first. But, this time the wristband has been upgraded to a anodized aluminum with an upgraded silicone underbelly and butterfly clasp. Previous versions only used silicone wristbands.

    Two versions of the LunaTik Lynk are available, the Silver ($129.95) and the Blackout model ($139.95). The Blackout carries a premium because of the Physical Vapor Deposition coating on the band to make sure the Matte Black finish does not degrade over time. According to The Verge the Lynk is light, almost deceptively so, and incredibly comfortable.

    Wilsonís iPod nano watch bands and conversion kits are the bar by which others are measured. With the LunaTik Lynk Wilson ups the ante for the holiday shopping season. The conversion kits can be ordered now, but wonít ship till the week of December 5. For those interested in purchasing the Lynk, it's important to know the device is a conversion kit, not a snap-on watch band. Once the Lynk encases the iPod nano it's there for good, well unless someone feels like taking 10 minutes to take it apart and put it back together every day.

    For those looking for a few alternatives, earlier this year we ran a nano-watch showdown. These are definitely not your garden variety nano-watch solutions.
    Source: LunaTik [via The Verge]
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    1. luvmytj's Avatar
      luvmytj -
      I was using the regular LunaTik band but I also got the LYNKs band in black and it is outstanding! I was getting compliments before with the silicone band... wait till they see this one!
      PS - LunaTik is working on another KickStart project I am backing, a stylus for iDevices - check it out! LunaTik Touch Pen: The Evolution of the Stylus by Scott Wilson + MINIMAL — Kickstarter