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  • Galaxy Nexus Benchmarks Put Up Against Apple's iPhone 4S

    The iPhone 4S’ latest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus just went on sale this past week (in the UK) and the folks over at Anandtech have performed some tests to show how it stacks up. The Nexus is the first smartphone to feature Google’s next generation mobile operating system dubbed Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Some initial performance analysis of the flagship smartphone was obtained from the GLBenchmark database, revealing that the Galaxy Nexus performs better than the iPhone 4S when running iOS 5 on the SunSpider Javascript benchmark and the Rightware BrowserMark. The Nexus does lag behind in the graphics department.

    For those of you who didn't already know, the Galaxy Nexus is powered by a Texas Instruments OMAP 4460 dual-core processor running at 1.2 GHz and the Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX 540 GPU for graphics.Some of the other features include a 4.65’’ HD (1280x720) Super AMOLED screen, 1GB RAM, 5-megapixel camera, and 1.3MP front facing camera. The folks over at Anandtech said that on the CPU side of things, the Texas Instruments chip is comparable to Apple’s A5, although the cores are clocked noticeably higher than the 800 MHz seen in the iPhone 4S. The graphical side of things is where the iPhone 4S still shines. When it comes to hardware, the Galaxy Nexus’ PowerVR SGX 540 from Imagination Technologies just doesn’t stack up to the iPhone 4S which utilizes the dual-core SGX 543MP2 GPU from the same manufacturer.

    For those of you interested, you can see the results below:

    As you can see in the graphs above, the Galaxy nexus outperforms all of today’s popular smartphones (including the iPhone 4S) when it comes to the SunSpider Javascript benchmark and the Rightware BrowserMark.

    The graphs above show that the roles are reversed in the graphics department with the iPhone 4S leading the charts when it comes to the GLBenchmark 2.1 Egpyt and Pro tests.

    AnandTech concluded with the following statement regarding the Samsung Galaxy Nexus:

    Google really pushed the performance of its software further with Ice Cream Sandwich, while GPU performance is limited by the SGX 540. The good news is that there's more than enough hardware at ICS' disposal to deliver a smooth experience.
    We'll have to wait and see how Apple responds to the competition. Ultimately, I don't think the benchmarks matter to the average consumer because what customers are really buying when comparing between the Android and the iOS platform is the experience that comes packaged with their product, not just raw hardware performance. How do you feel about the topic at hand? Share your thoughts below!

    Source: AnandTech
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      Quote Originally Posted by brab View Post
      Just because you write about them doesn't mean you know what you are talking about...
      Oh JEEZUZ.

      I am an IT major. I know what I am talking about. Nit pickers... tsk tsk.
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      Once the nexus is released a better android phone will follow it 30 days later and then you are left in the dust already when you thought you had the latest and greatest.