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  • Unlock The iPhone 4S Without Any Hardware or Software Changes (AT&T iPhone 4S Only)

    A developer by the name of Caleb Daniels seems to have discovered a method that will unlock the AT&T version of the iPhone 4S without any software or hardware tweaking. As of right now, the method is reported to work only with the AT&T version with a CDMA iPhone 4S method in the works (according to Daniels).

    The unlock will assist you in using your iPhone 4S on T-Mobile’s network as long as you have a T-Mobile SIM card (something you’ll need anyway). Some twitter users have confirmed that this method does work so if you’re interested in giving it a shot, feel free to follow the steps below:

    Quick Note #1: Your T-Mobile SIM card needs to be the size of a microSIM

    You will need to make sure your T-Mobile SIM card is equivalent to the size of your microSIM from AT&T. You can do this by cutting your T-Mobile SIM card yourself with something like an exacto-knife, purchasing a SIM card cutter, or obtaining a microSIM through T-Mobile’s website.

    Quick Note #2: You need a T-Mobile data plan in order for this to work

    One of the steps requires you to have access to Edge, this will only work if you have a data plan.

    Unlock the iPhone 4S (AT&T version) Without Hardware or Software Tweaking

    1. Insert the original AT&T SIM card.
    2. Dial 611 and drop the call.
    3. Turn on Airplane Mode.
    4. Take the AT&T SIM card out.
    5. Insert the T-Mobile SIM card.
    6. Make sure Wi-Fi is turned off (to ensure it doesn’t connect automatically later, just hit “Forget this Network")
    7. Turn Airplane Mode off. The iPhone will search for the network and then Apple’s splash screen will appear. The Activation Required will then be displayed on the screen and the Edge network will activate automatically (check for an “E” in the top left corner of the screen)
    8. Wait 20-30 seconds at this point then turn the iPhone off.
    9. Turn the iPhone back on and the same Activation Required screen will then be displayed.
    10. Continue to wait and when you see one signal bar, hit “Use Cellular Connection”
    11. Eject the SIM card and the Activation Required screen will appear for the second time.
    12. Put the SIM card back in and voila! You will be unlocked!

    The method is definitely something different in terms of how the community has been unlocking their iPhones in the past but it has been confirmed to work. If you end up trying it out, share your experience below! Furthermore, feel free to discuss any issues or whether or not the method worked or you!

    Source: Caleb Daniels, @chronic
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    1. midgetwithatophat's Avatar
      midgetwithatophat -
      Quote Originally Posted by chilo420 View Post
      It didnt work for me
      This method DOES NOT WORK!!

      Why are people reporting about #$% like this without testing it first?



      Great "reporting" guys
    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      Quote Originally Posted by TheYoungHustla View Post
      Well, as far as phone carriers go, on T-Mobile they have a prepaid plan of $50/mo with unlimited talk, text and data. The is up to 4G speeds for the first 100 MB, if you pay $60 instead it's for the first 2GB [None of this matters when using a T-Mobile SIM on an iPhone since you'll get EDGE speeds regardless]. If what koreanmasters99 said is true, that's about the only thing that H2O has over T-Mobile with that $60 plan is the speed, but the data isn't unlimited like T-Mobile. Plus, if I ever have problems with my service, I can just go to a local T-Mobile store and get things fixed. I don't know about H2O as far as that, I've actually never seen a store for customer service.
      h2o gives 3G data and honestly unlimited data with edge for tmobile is awful IMHO h2o is readily available in most cell store if not all. h2o is just as competent as any cell what u should mentioning is Simple Mobile.h2o doesn't require an unlocked iPhone 4
    1. TheYoungHustla's Avatar
      TheYoungHustla -
      Quote Originally Posted by mikerlx View Post
      h2o gives 3G data and honestly unlimited data with edge for tmobile is awful IMHO h2o is readily available in most cell store if not all. h2o is just as competent as any cell what u should mentioning is Simple Mobile.h2o doesn't require an unlocked iPhone 4
      Ok, give an example of a store nationwide in the US where I can get customer service for H2O?
      EDIT: Nevermind, I looked online and it seems like local stores such as 7Eleven or Best Buy, etc. seem to carry H2O products, but I'm not so sure on customer service.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      How many blogs / forums have re-posted this without actually trying it to seeif it works first?
    1. scuba's Avatar
      scuba -
      Ok this is way off topic but since so many people posted about H2O Wireless I will throw in my info....I have H2O on my Iphone 4 ...The phone does NOT need to be unlocked to work...Its actually better if you let Itunes activate it (no matter what firmware or baseband you are on)...You will then be able to get Text and Talk and you can goto their web page to get the 3G data working by installing the profile (They send a link to your phone to install the profile..make sure wifi is on)..The only thing you CAN NOT get without "JAILBREAKING" is MMS....it is required so you can get the celluar data network tab to show up..using a program like tetherme....Good Luck
      PS The $60 PLAN Used to say unlimited data...now its says 2GB..Ive never had any problems
    1. Dorkenstein909's Avatar
      Dorkenstein909 -
      Will this work with a european vodafone sim card
    1. virus1225's Avatar
      virus1225 -
      Quote Originally Posted by koreanmasters99 View Post
      i got iphone 4s.using H20 Wireless.paying only $60 a month.for everything.unlimited everything + $20 credit for international calls.If anyone knows any other carrier beats this.Please let me know.it works off AT&T networks.so you can even use AT&T 3g service.the only down side to it is this: MMS is not compatible...then again..who really cares much about this. I use another free software to send text and MMS if needed.AT&T iphone 4s.no need to unlock or anything like that.
      MMS can be fixed using cydia tetherme
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      From twitter today:

      Remember that unlock reported by Apple "news" blogs last week? Please read the (newly added) fine print is.gd/9PULYe

      (It doesn't work for any longer than seconds on the other models either. It's a normal part of the new activation method, not a bug).

      Adding insult to injury, here's money grab @xoicos and @mc1791 were about to make on their 5-second unlock http://is.gd/29LCPP
    1. MYPHONEI's Avatar
      MYPHONEI -
      Mods can we edit this to update FAKE so no one pays for this fake stupid method that does not work?