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  • [How To] Browse Through Your iDevice Easily With iExplorer

    You don't need to input any annoying IP addresses, passwords, or usernames anymore.

    iPhone Explorer by MacroPlant is an aging program used in SSH to iDevices. The program has been known as iPhone Explorer for a long time but due to legal issues they had to change their program name to iExplorer. Jailbreakers everywhere know about SSH in that it allows you to edit files stored in your system. SSH also allows you to add files to the system. You can use SSH to install .deb versions of tweaks and packages instead of using Cydia. Most people that use SSH are used to using the old-fashioned IP address, username, and password method to connect to their iDevice over Wi-Fi. This can be slow, annoying, and frustrating.

    iExplorer does away with the annoying IP addresses, usernames, and passwords. Simply connect your device to your computer via USB 30-pin connector and your entire device library is available to you:

    iExplorer has some perks over other software. Not only can use SSH without annoying codes, but you can also transfer your music library from your iDevice to your computer, or mount your iDevice as a disk so that you can use it as a USB flash drive. So it's a 3-in-1 program that's completely free thanks to MacroPlant. Both Mac users and Windows users can benefit from this awesome software.
    • Download iExplorer for Mac here.
    • Download iExplorer for Windows here.

    I've been using this application for ages. It works great. Simply plug in your iDevice and you're 'SSH-ed'. Will you be trying it with your iDevice? Share in the comments!

    Sources: MacroPlant
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      Malwarebytes reports a Backdore.bifrose????
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      iPod -
      Sorry for the bump, but i think the devs got selfish and removed the music recovery functionality and made a new program which they now charge for. Complete crap.