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  • [Review] Security... or Prank? Check Out KickLock!

    Here's an application that will not only keep unwanted users out, but frustrate them as well!

    Usually when you use an application that keeps users from toying with your iDevice, all it does is follow the same runaround in that it makes the user enter a password to open an application or a folder. This is the same story with most Cydia locking apps. But today, we have something totally different. In fact, you may even find uses for it that are irrelevant to securing your iDevice (pranks).

    This tweak is called KickLock and it's made by a developer named Dan who goes by the developer alias of Pathkiller29. What it ultimately allows you to do is invoke an Activator action to activate the tweak. When the tweak is activated, the iDevice will lock itself whenever an application is opened. It will continue to do this until the Activator action is invoked again to disable the tweak. So basically, it will keep landing the user on the slide to unlock screen over and over until they give up. So you decide; security.... or prank?

    Yes this tweak offers you security in that nobody will be able to open any of your applications until you revoke the tweak via activator. But in turn, you could also prank your friends by installing this on their device and enabling it. For honorable reasons, you should never do this without letting them know a few tries afterwards. They might really think that their iDevice is broken and then you will come off as a jerk later on. So if you do use this tweak for a prank, don't let it go too far. Let them know swiftly after a few laughs.

    So here's how the tweak works:

    First, you go about by selecting an Activator action. For this example I have chosen to hold down the home button to invoke the tweak. If I hold down the home button, a popup notification appears:

    Alternatively, you can set a password activation. You can use a simple pin number password or an advanced password which can be a phrase or a combination or letters and numbers. After setting a password, holding down the home button to invoke the tweak yields this result:

    Last but not least, you can require the user to enter a password to open the application. If they get it wrong, you have the option to kick them to the lock screen. So any way you look at it, it's funny!

    KickLock is free for download in the ModMyi repo of Cydia and it works fully with iOS 5. Grab it while it's hot!

    I had a conversation with Dan via email about the tweak and also learned a little bit about him.

    Anthony: In about a paragraph or two, tell us a little about yourself.
    Dan: Hmm, well there isn't much to tell. Most things about me I've written were mostly, "fluffed." I guess you could say, I'm not much of a writer, but I'll guve it a go. My name is Dan. I spend way too much time on my computer. My hobbies are doing just that, and video games and some outside activities... not any specific activity. All of my goals are basically set and go, in other words I don't have anything planned. What else to include? Well clearly I'm a bit awkward as I have no clue where this paragraph is going and apparently I'm not so nice in person :P, but hey I've made it this far, who's stopping me now? I never give up....unless its really really hard...I'm only kidding, the question is which part I am referring to

    Anthony: What gave you the idea to write this tweak and was there a special story or motivation behind it?
    Dan: Well, I was trying to learn a bit more, so I kept digging in the files I had, and once I found something I began to toy with it. Of course, I didn't get very far. So I hopped onto IRC, and asked a question or two, gave them an example and at the end I tried toying around some more, and ended up with something resembling the known, "QuickLock" tweak. Then I started thinking, rather then just toss it aside, make something of it. The motivation behind most of the tweaks I make really comes from the fun of it. However, when I see something in Cydia that's going for a price, and I know that there's no way this can be that complicated that it needs to be something you charge for. My goal is to expand the horizons of "free stuff". So I decided to make a privacy app using this "quick lock". Some modifications, additions, and activator support and bam... a tweak that already exists in Cydia, but with a spin... and no price tag, just how I like it.

    Anthony: How would you recommend that users use this tweak? (what settings do you prefer)
    Dan: I personally recommend adding a password to toggle it on and off, not to have it enabled while your using the iDevice yourself. In addition I prefer a basic number based password, however it's sometimes wiser to choose a more complex password consisting of all kinds of characters (that was the reasoning behind that feature), as for activation, I used holding of the status bar. FailKick is something I turn on if you have annoying friends who are persistent. Being immediately kicked to the lock will confuse them.

    Anthony: Are you planning any updates for Kicklock in the near future and is it compatible with iOS 5; and what other Cydia tweaks and/or packages are you responsible for?
    Dan: Currently I don't have any updates in mind, nor a device to test them on, but I am still open to suggestions. Yes it should be iOS 5 compatible, as I had only tested it on iOS 5. I'm responsible for the tweaks MultiWall, No Status, No Battery Reflection, LowLockBattery, Corner-Volume, DreamSet, and a few others like a custom ClockHide for iOS 5, and a number of other small tweaks that aren't public or unfinished.

    Thanks for the cool tweak, Dan! If you're going to be checking out KickLock, share in the comments below!

    Sources: Pathkiller29
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      Hahahaha..Path. You clever bastard.
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      Path is such a boss!!!!!
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      Very good tweak.
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      PK is a good guy. Nice and also helped me with my avatar too.
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      using the quick reply or compose on bitesms then opening from there bypasses it
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      Lol. Good on ya PK. hahaha.
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      gonna love this!!