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  • [Review] LockScreen Multitasking Brings the App Switcher to Your Lock Screen

    This tweak will allow you to multitask from your lock screen to save time.

    Sometimes you're in a situation where you need to put your phone down for a second; your professor calls on you for a question, your boss starts reprimanding you, or a friend asks you for help. It gets annoying turning your iDevice on and off constantly to multitask. With this tweak, you can do it right from your lock screen.

    The tweak will not bypass your pass code. So if you have a pass code set, it will not let the user open an app from the lock screen. This means that you will have some security while using it. Also, it works fully with iOS 5, you can still use the lock screen camera button function after you double press the home button to activate the app switcher. To get back to the lock screen when the app switcher is opened, just touch the lock screen and it will return to its normal position just like it would if you were in the app switcher on your springboard or in an application.

    This tweak is free on the ModMyi repo in Cydia from the developer Ori Kadosh also known as cjori. There are no settings to configure, just install, respring, and go. Very simple; very helpful at times. I like this tweak. These simple little additions to iOS are what make jailbreaking special!

    I was able to get in contact with Ori Kadosh via email and ask him some questions:

    Anthony: What made you think of developing this tweak?
    Ori: I'm a long time SwitcherPlus user and it has been a great tweak on iOS 4. Unfortunately it is not iOS 5 compatible. I really liked having the ability to multitask from the lock screen and I didn't know of a 'free' tweak that does just that in the most native way possible on iOS 5.

    Anthony: What might this tweak be good for?
    Ori: If I'm switching between some apps and then I lock my device, I no longer have quick access to those apps. LockScreen Multitasking fixes that.

    Anthony: Are you working on any updates for this tweak for the future?
    Ori: I've been suggested integrating Activator support for future updates, but I'm still just considering it because I want LockScreen Multitasking to be as simple and as 'native' it could be. Besides that, there's a 'bug fix' update on its way. So if you were having a problem with LockScreen Multitasking wait for version 1.0.1. It was already submitted to the modmyi repo, so it should be available in the next 24 hours.

    Anthony: What are your top favorite Cydia tweaks of all time that you have not created?
    Ori: Not in a particular order:
    Music Controls Pro

    Enjoy LockScreen Multitasking; and as always, thanks Ori!

    Sources: Ori Kadosh
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    1. Mr. Russian's Avatar
      Mr. Russian -
      thats coolnice and simple reviewlove those
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      2k1 -
      Nice tweak will git this one.
    1. DaLsim's Avatar
      DaLsim -
      cool, THKs...
    1. CMartins's Avatar
      CMartins -
      Nicely done. It just works, I don't think anything else needs to be added to it. Thanks man!
    1. delusion950's Avatar
      delusion950 -
      i like this =) wish apple would come up with better multitasking