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  • Claro Getting the iPhone 4S: $99 Each With 2 Year Contract

    Claro has begun selling the iPhone 4S!

    Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon. This is what America had to choose from. This is the history of iPhone 4S cellular options. Today, however two new companies are getting the iPhone 4S. Who? One was C Spire and the oher is Claro. Claro is outside of the 50 United States, and supports parts of Mexico, Puerto Rico, and other Central American locations. Puerto Rico is technically U.S. territory, and for that, this means Claro is the fifth U.S. carrier to get the iPhone 4S! T-Mobile, are you feeling the burn yet?

    Currently, only Puerto Rican Claro subscribers will be able to purchase the iPhone 4S, not other Central American subscribers. But here is a little surprise; the iPhone 4S will only cost $99 for the 16GB version with a two-year contract. That's $100 cheaper than you will find on any carrier in the 50 United States! They are also selling the iPhone 4 with 8GB of memory (the downgraded model that Apple offers on Sprint as well) for $49 with a two-year contract. That makes you wonder how expensive are the cellular plans?

    The cellular plans are actually pretty low. Actually, very low, when compared with AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Cellular plans at Claro with the two-year contract and the 16GB iPhone 4S are between around $65-85 per month. With the $65 plan at 250MB of data and the $85 plan at unlimited data. Wow. Unlimited data. Wouldn't some of us just kill for that? And the price is absolutely unbeatable!

    You can also buy unlocked iPhone's on Claro's network however they come with a price that is $20 more each than the US standard price. So the unlocked iPhone 4S 16GB here would be $649.99 while for Claro the same phone is $669.99. So it's a little more costly to buy the unlocked iPhone 4S in Puerto Rico, however it might be a really good investment to just go with the contract version; it's only $99 and brings some of the cheapest cellular plans I've ever seen which include unlimited data. Getting the same iPhones in the 50 United States are easily cost double or triple per month what they cost on Claro's network.

    So who's going to be moving to Puerto Rico this weekend to get the iPhone 4S? Share in the comments below!

    Sources: Claro Puerto Rico via 9to5Mac
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    1. sandymary's Avatar
      sandymary -
      Only problem with Claro in P.R. is in some places who suppose to have signal, don't. My sister always have this problem. But the plan is very cheap.
    1. Pepsolman's Avatar
      Pepsolman -
      eh bevis, isn't claro the psychic chick that tells you your sign?
    1. manuelvicz's Avatar
      manuelvicz -
      Quote Originally Posted by dennys View Post
      I pay $ 43.50 with tax for unlimited minutes , unlimited national and international message and unlimited 3g data on straigth talk (att network) how about that? 
      YOu have to let me know how you got that sweet deal, gcan you give me some info. How can I get that?

    1. swifty7's Avatar
      swifty7 -

      I guess you know somebody on the inside to get that deal or you sold your soul to the devil.

      Quote Originally Posted by frjuan View Post
      Just out of curiosity, (not trolling) did sprint fix the data speeds?? The reason I ask is because I jumped ship from AT&T to sprint and went back to AT&T after a week because of the slow data, I was getting around .1 DL speeds.

      they must of because I just hit 2.24mbs to a server in Florida. It also depends on what time of the day you use it, during peek hours it will be slower but I guess that's normal. I haven't experienced nowhere near .1 DL speeds so far. Using Safari and downloading free apps feels very fast including streaming of HQ youtube videos.
    1. MYPHONEI's Avatar
      MYPHONEI -
      Quote Originally Posted by Diesel350 View Post
      Being locked wont be an issue since all I will do is jailbreak it and then unlock the phone myself.
      With no JB for 4s
      No unlock for 5.0/5.01

      How will this work again? you will have a cool Ipod touch

      Quote Originally Posted by swifty7 View Post
      yesterday I switched to Sprint after God knows how long from T-mobile. I finally went from the 1st gen 5 year old iphone to 4s....talking about a quantum leap...LOL!!! I got Sprint's $79 per month plan which gives 450 anytime minute, free calls from 7pm to 7am, free weekends, unlimited texting and true unlimited data. Also the Sprints iphones are unlocked. I just couldn't wait any longer for the iphone 5 with the bigger screen and 4g. I'm actually very happy with sprint's 3g speeds. I'm getting 2mbs down. I'm now patiently waiting for that damn jailbreak. So far I'm luv'n the 4s except for the battery life which truly and utterly sucks, I guess 3g really drains the battery fast.
      Thought starting Nov Sprint locked all Iphones? Hmm I bet its locked
    1. StayyyFlyyy's Avatar
      StayyyFlyyy -
      Quote Originally Posted by manuelvicz View Post
      YOu have to let me know how you got that sweet deal, gcan you give me some info. How can I get that?

    1. obtrunco's Avatar
      obtrunco -
      All of this shows you how horribly greedy U.S. carriers are.