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  • Siri Has Been Ported to iPhone 3GS

    Developers are hard at work with porting Siri to older Apple devices.

    Siri is Apple's new-founded voice dictation software that currently runs on only the iPhone 4S. Many are anticipating the porting to older devices. Developers warn that doing this is piracy and some, including chpwn (Grant Paul) are are somewhat against releasing it because of that. That doesn't mean that it absolutely will not be released, though. Currently, the GUI is the only thing that people can get on their devices. There are numerous guides online that point you through the instructions, but the GUI offers no functionality, only looks. Developers have successfully managed to get Siri to work on older iDevices but the process to doing so is complicated and redundant. So instead, they are working on a hack to make it work easier for the end user. The release for Siri to older devices has no (if any) ETA and probably won't be released for a long time, if ever. Chances are that if they do choose to release it, they will wait until the untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 is on its way.

    Earlier today, Ryan Petrich tweeted that Siri has been successfully ported to the iPhone 3GS. The developers behind the port are Grant Paul and Steve Troughton-Smith. The hackers managed to successfully port Siri to an iPhone 4, an iPod touch 4G, and now the iPhone 3GS. Ryan Petrich attached a video to his tweet of Siri with working functionality from Youtube. It can be viewed below:

    So that being said, we are ever so closer to possibly seeing Siri on our older iDevices. It's been proven that Siri can run on older hardware and that it's only been released on the iPhone 4S for Apple's marketing purposes. I wonder how Apple will react if Siri is successfully ported to older devices. Will they release an update to their servers, or iOS software that blocks it? Or will they sue for copyright infringement? Who knows. Only time will tell.

    Are you excited for the Siri port? Share in the comments below!

    Sources: Ryan Petrich
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    1. ericmac017's Avatar
      ericmac017 -
      I would assume a release of the jailbreak for 5.0 for 4S would be pointless as there are a few fixes being implemented in 5.0.1 that are somewhat important (ie battery life bug in software). I would rather wait for JB 5.0.1 (untethered I hope). But news of Siri being ported to 3GS is pretty cool. Legalities behind it should be interesting. I'm interested in the custom Siri commands though, sounds fun
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Quote Originally Posted by mofolo View Post

      Seriously though, it's a project that is consuming key people's time in the J/B process.

      The entire community would rather the 4S iOS jailbreak be released then a chauvinistic display of Dev's ability on Apple's beloved Siri.
      From Chpwn's post, it's apparent that the 4S has been jailbroken (in order to get Siri Files), why can't they release the legal jailbreak software?
      Neither chpwn nor Steve S-T work on the actual JB although chpwn is, of course beta testing. Doing something like this not only proves that what has already been worked out in thory also works in practice and helps with the beta testing but also helps with understanding how Apple thinks.
      It is great news for everyone - except, of course, those that just want everything, for free, now.
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      Doubt it'll come out anytime soon. It's awesome though that they'll able to get it on earlier devices.
    1. 143voltron's Avatar
      143voltron -
      I am very excited about these, since I have a 3g (still) maybe I can ported it and be like the millions out here with siri.
    1. Tucnepo's Avatar
      Tucnepo -
      Quote Originally Posted by dazdaman80 View Post
      It really baffles me how selfish and ignorant some of these idiots are that leave negative comments about this subject. " ooh, if i cant have it now for free, then i don`t want to know ! ". These guys are working hard to make these things possible so that you can have them for free !. if you have nothing positive to add or care to show any gratitude, then don`t comment on it at all !
      Goosfraba dude! Goosfraba lol
    1. bstunt10190's Avatar
      bstunt10190 -
      oh boo hoo chpwn, man up.