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  • Meet the Staff: iYeow / Yeow

    Meet the Staff is a new series which, over the next few weeks, will be highlighting ModMyi.com's awesome staff. Hopefully this well let our readers and members get to know us a little better by learning a bit more about our staff's wealth of crazy and fun people.

    So far we have covered 8 amazing and spectacular people that really put their blood, sweat, and tears into running this wonderful site. Cody Overcash, Kyle Matthews, Broomhead, Simon, thetoothfairy, i.Annie, blkcadi, and Erik.

    Logan - Tell us a little about yourself. Your age, location, education, and what you want to be when you grow up?

    Yeow - My name is Yeow and I go with iYeow on ModMyi. I am 52 years born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and graduated from Saint John's High School and the Institute Technology Jaya. I immigrated to Canada in 1989 and studied at Simon Fraser University here in Vancouver majoring in Managament & System Science. I now work in Malaysia and Canada as a field service engineer for office equipment and electronics specializing in Mailing Equipments.I live in a 98 year old house in Vancouver near the ocean (but no view :-(.) I have a pet Angora lionhead longhair rabbit who rules the house demanding of food and petting. " Logan - See pic below."In summer I love to go to the beach or go camping in the forest. I spend hours working in the garden growing flowers and trying to get the lawn all green. In winter I like going swimming and exercising at the gym. Fortunately Vancouver winters are not as cold as in the rest of Canada which is good for me, having been raised in a hot country.When i was a little boy, my dad would buy me eletric trains and within 3 days, it would be all taken apart and couldn't figure out how to put it back. I guess i was curious about what was inside the train which makes me a future techie guy..

    Logan - How'd you first get involved with the MMi community? How long have you been apart of MMi?

    Yeow - A Google search pointed me to ModMyi, so I decided joined in Febuary, 2008 when I got my first generation iPhone 2g and Itouch 1st Gen and started jailbreaking. I enjoy teaching iPhone users how to get more out of their idevices. In 2010 i was given the ModMyi moderator privilege recommended by blkcadi and a few other staff members which allows me to teach more people. Ever since then, logging into this website has become part of my daily routine.

    Logan - What devices do you own? Is their one can't wait to get?

    Yeow - I own 2 iPhone 3gs, 2 iPhone 4's and an iPad 2 and hope to acquire an Iphone 5 as well as every new iPhone device every year - money permitting, which it probably won't -hehe.

    Logan - What Cydia/Apple tweaks/applications can you not live without?

    Yeow - My favourite tweaks are Iconoclasm, Shrink, Folder Enhancer, Infinidock, Bytafont, Barrel, My3g, MyWI, Intelliscreen, Ifile, Winterboard, Sbrotator, sbsettings, Iacess and different themes.

    Logan - What do you think of the new iOS5 and iPhone 4S

    Yeow - IOS 5 is a major update for idevices with over 200 new features . Some of the most prominent features i like are Notifications, IMessage, Remimders, Icloud ..etc..
    Not sure about iPhone 4S as the only changes are Siri, faster processor and 8 megapixels don't really impress me enough to upgrade and I am currently happy with my iphone 4.

    Logan - If you could be any super hero who would it be and why?

    Yeow - If I could be a super hero, I would like to be Batman as Batman operates in the Dark like i operate into the late hours. I could be helping ModMyi members right from my Dark Cave with all my sophisticated equipments. Any repairs, please send it over to Batman Dark Cave's Mansion, i will fix you up!

    Logan - Any fun facts or additional information you care to share about yourself?

    Yeow - Well, I am semi retired now. I like to travel preferably every year back to Asia or Europe. I have brothers and sisters living in the States, England , Australia , Singapore and Malaysia.
    I enjoy a cup of coffee every morning, Spicy food ( Curry is my favourite ) and I usually cook at home.
    I would also like to thank the staffs of Modmyi who have been helpful with advice in times of my needs.

    Logan - Yeows Lion Rabbit thing.

    Only a handful of staff members left so stay tuned!
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    1. iYeow's Avatar
      iYeow -
      Thats's right, I could keep those little bunnies in there. In fact this pet of mine called Fuzzi was rescued by me one morning about 2 years ago under my car. She was lost , hungry and weak. Recently , she was sick and stopped eating. I took her to the vet, spent about $600.00 , nursing her every two hours with Critical Care and now she is fully recovered.Bunnies health can deteriorate within 3 days and die if they stop eating. I am beginning to learn how to take care of rabbits. They are very sociable , cute little critters.
    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      Smart Asian guy??? Nothing new here. Lol, totally kidding bro. Very very nice to meet you iyeow.
    1. chad daddy's Avatar
      chad daddy -
      I didnt know you was staff I Iyeow.