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  • iOS 5.0.1 in the Works: Numerous Bug Fixes

    iOS 5.0.1 is currently out in Beta for Apple developers.

    Apple released iOS 5.0.1 to iOS developers today. The update brings numerous fixes to the current iOS 5 operating system for the iDevice lineup. Currently, one of the biggest bugs in the operating system has been scoped as the iPhone 4S battery issue. While the iPhone 4S seemed to have a battery problem from the beginning, Apple engineers began contacting iPhone 4S owners to try and stir up a pool of possibilities as to what to could have been causing the problem. It seems that they figured out the problem and the update regarding the issue will be released to the public soon. The update also fixes some of the poor battery lives on older iDevices running iOS 5. Developers can download the iOS 5.0.1 Beta from Apple's developer seed page and install it on their iDevices like we did with the original iOS 5 lineup.

    iOS 5.0.1 also addresses a problem with the iPad 2. Earlier we reported that the iPad 2 had a security flaw where the user (or device infiltrator) could use a smart cover hack to bypass the passcode on the iPad 2 running iOS 5. The problem occurs when you allow the iPad 2 to be unlocked using the smart cover magnet system. The infiltrator didn't need to necessarily have a smart cover they could have used a magnet too; scary nonetheless. The person who unlocks the iPad 2 in this manner doesn't have full access to your iPad's springboard, only the application that was left open when the iPad 2 was locked. This problem was been patched in iOS 5.0.1 Beta. Apple recognized the issue and killed it immediately. This is no surprise considering that Apple likes to keep their devices secure and under complete company lockdown; thus they hate jailbreaking. Until this update is actually released into the general public, iPad 2 owners can protect themselves by going into the iPad's Settings to disable the smart cover unlocking feature; go into Settings>General>Smart Cover unlocking.

    iOS 5.0.1 isn't only bug fixes as it brings a much-loved old feature back to iOS 5 on the original iPad multitasking gestures. What are multitasking gestures? They are touch screen-based gestures that allow you to activate the app switcher, return home to springboard, and swipe between running apps while in an application. Currently on iOS 5, only the iPad 2 has this feature. It would be up to the user to jailbreak their iDevice and download a third party tweak to get these features on the original iPad, but the iOS 5.0.1 update brings these multitasking gestures to the original iPad natively.

    Beyond those big improvements, iOS 5.0.1 also brings some small things to iOS 5. Some include security enhancements, the other fixes are for bugs regarding storing documents in the cloud. It also brings better voice recognition for Australian users. Some developers are experiencing problems updating at the moment.

    iOS 5.0.1 Beta can be jailbroken TETHERED using the latest redsn0w. You need to point redsn0w to the iOS 5 file, not the iOS 5.0.1 file. The process is the same as for the iOS 5 jailbreak.

    Sources: CNET
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    1. Donnutt's Avatar
      Donnutt -
      Quote Originally Posted by MrLingerLonger View Post
      I have noticed my battery life is also been draining rather quickly on the I4 since the os 5 update. Anyone else notice this?
      Nope. But do you run battery intensive apps like skype, yahoo or anything that uses location services a lot? I noticed iOS 5 uses location a lot more than 4X did.
    1. Simon's Avatar
      Simon -
      Been running 5.0.1 on my 4S since last night and I have definitely seen a improvement in battery life with half a days use.
    1. Mlitz69's Avatar
      Mlitz69 -
      Will this be a OTA update
    1. Simon's Avatar
      Simon -
      Quote Originally Posted by Mlitz69 View Post
      Will this be a OTA update
      Once it is released to the public it probably will be.
    1. prgeno's Avatar
      prgeno -
      I hope it fixes the Safari crashing bug. Safari on my iPad after the 5.0 upgrade crashes constantly. Web searches show I am far from alone on this one. While I believe battery life is paramount, stability is as well.
    1. nposix's Avatar
      nposix -
      Will we need to download the whole file or OTA?

      And will it break the existing tethered jailbreak on 5.0?
    1. Bayhuntr's Avatar
      Bayhuntr -
      Quote Originally Posted by TheOrioles33 View Post
      Anyone experiencing lag when opening the camera roll after taking a picture or modifying a picture using an app? Hangs for several seconds. Hopefully it's a bug and the fix is in there.
      Yes, freezes for 5 or so seconds. I had a lot of pictures, 5k, I dropped that down to 1k, seems to run smoother now, but it ran perfect in 4.0 with ALL the pictures.