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  • How to Jailbreak your iDevice

    It's difficult to figure out how to jailbreak your device sometimes. There's currently TWELVE devices that have been released running iOS, and there's hundreds of firmware, carrier, and operating system combinations running around that have resulted in a hundred guides on every site on how to jailbreak your iDevice. It's confusing.

    We spent the last few weeks building a database of devices, carriers, firmwares, and jailbreak tools so we could build a clean, all-in-one-place tool which will allow to you find the correct guide for YOU to jailbreak YOUR iDevice.

    modmyi.com/jailbreak is our new jailbreak assistant. Simply click your iDevice, and follow the few prompts to let us know a little more about your device. We'll then give you a link to the correct guide you need!

    This should be the answer to a TON of people's questions on what they need to do - and an easy place to send your friends or use when you're trying to jailbreak a friend's device. We've also updated the top "I want to jailbreak my..." links to point to that tool (yah, they've been out of date for a while).

    We'll be keeping the jailbreak assistant up to date with every new firmware and jailbreak tool, so you can count on it to always have correct, up to the minute information.

    NOTE: The jailbreak assistant currently supports jailbreak only (no unlock), iOS 4+, and all iDevices except Apple TVs. We'll be adding support for Apple TV next week or sooner, and support for unlock in the next few weeks. It's just being released now, so there may be small bugs - please let us know so we can address them quickly!
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    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Quote Originally Posted by goodluck4287 View Post
      Let's be honest, iClarified has had this for years. This isn't groundbreaking.
      True. But nobody said it was groundbreaking. It was just letting people know that MMi now does it.
    1. stryker_tc's Avatar
      stryker_tc -
      Great work! Im deployed right now so, Ive been out of the jailbreak community loop for a while. Thanks for this!