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  • Meet the Staff: Peggy / thetoothfairy

    Meet the Staff is a new series which over the next few weeks will be highlighting ModMyi.com's awesome staff. Hopefully this well let our readers and members get to know us a little better by learning a bit more about our staff's wealth of crazy and fun people.

    So far we have covered 4 amazing people that really put there blood, sweat, and tears into running this wonderful site. Cody Overcash, Kyle Matthews, Broomhead, and Simon.

    Logan - Tell us a little about yourself. Your age, location, education, and what you want to be when you grow up?

    Peggy - My name is Peggy also know as "thetoothfairy" or "toothy" and I am 53 years young! I have a home in Michigan and Florida and split my time between both. I have been married for 32 years and have two boys. We own a couple of successful businesses an Autobody Shop,Wrecker service, and city inbound.

    As for my educational background I finished high school and then went to college for Art and Psychology. I loved Psychology because I wanted to learn how people think. I wanted to be a therapist and help people with their problems - especially drug and rehab. I also volunteered at drug and rehab centers - however my love was stronger towards technology. I have always been artistic and loved art and crafts.

    When I bought my first computer, I started doing websites. Because of my love for technology and trying to keep up with it, I started to build PCs to further my education. I also tutored people at their homes on the computer as well. I have over 20 years experience building computers and tutoring. Our business needed to be certified through State Farm insurance companies. I furthered my education and got certified.

    As far as what do I want to be when I grow up? I guess you could say I am already, and retired now - however I enjoy helping the community at MMi now.

    Logan - How'd you first get involved with the MMi community? How long have you been apart of MMi?

    Peggy - My first cell phone was a Verizon phone. I had a lot of fun modding that phone to get it to look and act like the iPhone. I went and looked at the first iPhone that came out and felt it was not as nice back then. However, every time I turned around I saw iPhone ads! So I went back and bought one.

    Once I got it I feel it love with it! I didn't feel the need to mod it. Then came the iPhone 3G and the apps! I loved that phone too, but I hated all of the problems with the apps and the phone. With my background in technology I had to learn what made that phone happy and what didn't. It was quite a learning curve back then, but in the end I was happy with my phone even though many were still having problems with the phone and crashing with the new apps.

    During my searches picking up info here and there I came across MMi; that was four years ago. For some reason I liked it here. I then started sharing what worked for me on my phone and with the use of the apps. As time went on I was chosen to be a mod/super mod here so now MMi is my home.

    Logan - What Cydia/Apple tweaks/applications can you not live without?

    Peggy - Some may think I am crazy for not modding my phone - but I have been patient since all of the problems with the 3G and felt Apple would give us what we wanted in time so I never modded any of my iDevices. But if I felt I needed to, I would! So I guess the only app I can't live with out is the ModMyi app

    Logan - What do you think of the new iOS5 and iiPhone 4S

    Peggy - Well I love it. I did not upgrade from the iPhone 3GS. I wanted to get the iPhone 4, but I wanted the white one and they did not get it out in time so I waited... by the time they did I decided to wait until the next iPhone! It is a treat compared to the iPhone 3GS, that is for sure. I love having new toys! The new 4S is such an upgrade from the 3GS, how could I not like any of it? However I am really enjoying the retina!

    Logan - If you could be any super hero who would it be and why?

    Peggy - Hmm that is a hard question! According to this quiz on some website I am the Green Lantern because I can be hot headed and I have strong will power and a good imagination hmm but rather be Superwoman because of her beautify!

    Look for the rest of the crew to come with in the next few days here on Modmyi!!!
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    1. thetoothfairy's Avatar
      thetoothfairy -
      I want to thank everyone that has really taken the time to get to know me. Thank You for the kind comments!
    1. i.Annie's Avatar
      i.Annie -
      You may be hot-headed sometimes, but I admire your ability to "keep it cool" some way or another. I usually just blow up and get brutal, lol. Keep up the good work Toothy, we love ya.
    1. R.Mortera's Avatar
      R.Mortera -
      Nice to meet you , although I don't see you much posting