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  • [GIVEAWAY] PEACHii iBooKas - Bamboo for your iPhone

    In our third PEACHii review in the past week or so, we're taking a look at their iBooKas, an all-bamboo case perfectly machined for your iPhone 4 or 4S.

    Designed in Florida, and "made in a sweaty shop" according to the engraved text on the inside of the case, we've become big fans of the stuff Nick from PEACHii and his crew make. Over the past couple weeks I and my wife have both been using the iBooKas around town, and get a lot of compliments on them.

    These pieces are nice in their unique look - wood cases (ok, ok, we know bamboo is TECHNICALLY a grass) are rare, and this one fits perfect on the device and looks good, too.

    Precision machined from a single piece of bamboo, all the necessary cutouts are on the case to allow you to access the various buttons and ports of the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S (the SIM tray is not accessible with the case on; the though being it is used rarely). The back also has an circular opening where the Apple logo shows through.

    There are also indentations cut in where your fingers and palm tend to gravitate to on the case, making for a solid, contoured grip. The warmth of wood makes a nice step away from the hard plastic or metal most cases offer. Each case is hand-sanded and finished with an oil blend before getting to you.

    Getting your device in and out of the case is simple, but snug enough you're not worried it's going anywhere. You can simply bend the bamboo (VERY slightly, please) just a tad as your putting the phone into the case, and it snaps in with a satisfying feel.

    The iBooKas comes in a few colors - natural (pictured standing up in the first photo in this review), carbonized (a browner color), or marbled (a combination of the two). They don't add much thickness to the device (you know you've got a case on, but it's still thin), and run $49.99 each on the PEACHii website. Give an average of a week before it ships, as PEACHii is busy!

    The guys at PEACHii were cool enough to hook us up with a giveaway iBooKas, so feel free to leave a comment here with your bamboo thoughts or experience, and we'll pick a winner to send one of these to tomorrow!
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    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      I really like the look of these and have always been a fan of bamboo. My iPhone would gladly wear one around town!
    1. brianlg's Avatar
      brianlg -
      those are beautiful and I desperately need a new case!!
    1. Wolftamer's Avatar
      Wolftamer -
      Nice, but I still like my Grove case a lot more for bamboo cases.
    1. nacxxx's Avatar
      nacxxx -
      love the bamboo cases. I have bamboo floors in my house and they have stood up well to all the foot traffic so these should hold up to the abuse a phone is given!!
    1. Mrteacup's Avatar
      Mrteacup -
      so tight i love bamboo that crap is so strong. I hope i win that would be perfect for my new iPhone 4s anyway i hope the winner takes care of it
    1. rico.p's Avatar
      rico.p -
      The wood look is so beautiful (pause) I would love to have it on my iphone
    1. senorian's Avatar
      senorian -
      just putting in my comments to try and win the sweet looking Bamboo case. And I happen to be needing a new case so this would work out perfect.
    1. tjs's Avatar
      tjs -
      My wife would fall in love with me all over again if I could give her one of these cases. Bamboo, Bamboooooo!
    1. dacrazyrn's Avatar
      dacrazyrn -
      Very cool! I like that they have integrated "holding areas" to better grip it. NICE WORK!!
    1. armadillofz1's Avatar
      armadillofz1 -
      I need this in my life.
    1. aznpryde864's Avatar
      aznpryde864 -
      thats so peachy
    1. trentmorris's Avatar
      trentmorris -
      These look simply gorgeous! I would wear mine with pride and show it off to everyone I work with!!Great design, good job guys!
    1. shahpriyankd's Avatar
      shahpriyankd -
      something new and different...altogether its refreshing and awesome..would love to see it around my iphone..And my iphone sucks without a classy cover...
    1. bfreshbutler's Avatar
      bfreshbutler -
      This case looks damn sexy. At least Id know id be the guy with the coolest iPhone case on campus
    1. DAhn626's Avatar
      DAhn626 -
      looks so sweet. would love aomething like this to turn heads!
    1. xeazydoezitx's Avatar
      xeazydoezitx -
      When I first put my eyes on the PEACHii iBooKas iPhone 4 case only one word came to mind, unique. My two favorite traits of the case are the natural look (bamboo) and simplistic feel that the engineers formulated. Moreover the parallelism this case has when comparing it to actual apple products is marvelous. In order for a product to be amazing it needn't be flashy nor complicated; instead it should be simple and elegant, two traits which are deeply embedded in the design of this case. Cheers to those who’s ingenuity went into producing this product, cheers to ModMyi, and cheers to apple/Steve jobs for their amazing technology. -xeazydoezitx
    1. Indrahell's Avatar
      Indrahell -
      "bamboo is grass, but its the best grass ever!" Sincerely, Panda
    1. Damnskippy's Avatar
      Damnskippy -
      These look really nice and very original. I would love to win one!
    1. prsbirds's Avatar
      prsbirds -
      A few weeks ago, I dropped my iPhone4 off my 4th floor balcony. It shattered the back plate, and my dreams of a beautiful phone. Soon after, I saw a post on modmyi about the PEACHii back plates and cases. Due to a limited budget, I have planted bamboo in a 5 gallon paint bucket in hopes of growing enough to convince the PEACHii folks to make a trade In the meantime, I am learning about bamboo reproduction rates so that I can make a plan on taking over my apartment's yard area for my growth opportunities. My only hope is winning a beautiful PEACHii case on modmyi which would totally save the day!
    1. Melkizer's Avatar
      Melkizer -
      I have been checking these out for a while now and they look awesome! I am a children's pastor and event coordinator, and this would be awesome for on the fly photography at camps and events. Would love to win it