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  • Apple Fires Employees That Criticize Brand on Facebook, Twitter

    It will likely come as no big surprise to many that Apple reportedly maintains a strict - and I mean strict - policy when it comes to social media usage among its employees. According to published reports this week, Apple will fire any employee who utters a negative word about the company and its brand through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

    "In general," reads a new report from ifoAppleStore.com, "Apple retail employees are allowed to post on the Internet, but cannot include the company’s name or mention their employment at Apple." News of Apple's stringent policy surfaced following an employee's termination after posting critical comments about Apple online. The Apple employee in question (named Crisp) appealed to a UK labor advocacy following his dismissal for “gross misconduct.”

    Jamie Hamnett of the law firm Addleshaw Goddard LLP says Apple “made it absolutely plain throughout the induction process that commentary on Apple products, or critical remarks about the brand, were strictly prohibited.”

    Hammett noted that the tribunal took into account that such comments “would be particularly damaging for Apple as image is so central to its success.” Therefore, “Apple successfully argued that it was justified and proportionate to limit this right (of posting) in order to protect its commercial reputation against potentially damaging posts.”
    Although Apple isn't issuing formal comment on the matter, the company maintains that all employees are advised during training that they will, indeed, be axed if they violate Apple's social media policy.

    Source: ifoAppleStore
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    1. teknohag's Avatar
      teknohag -
      Quote Originally Posted by MrElectrifyer View Post
      LOL Which company doesn't want to win the thrust of future customers? How on earth will they do that if they have a bad reputation? This aint a crApple only rule but it sure fits their locked down ecosystem
      Besides, if I was working for them, I probably would end up doing something similar, but definitely NOT on my public profile crApple products suckass without modification!
      ~wondering why you say this & why, if you so dislike Apple, you even use one~ I was much more of a "Mac Pro" user before the switch to X. I knew where everything belonged and could make modifications without the fear of screwing up my system. I was actually able to offer troubleshooting to friends via long distance telephone or step by step emails which rarely failed to solve the problem. Now, while I am not as familiar with OS X, I certainly do not miss those freezes which called for a total reboot and loss of all non-saved work. Whaddaya gonna do? You lose a little, gain (imho) a lot

      Quote Originally Posted by dberns View Post
      Frankly, when you look at how the rotten Apple has done everything possible to restrict their customers from enjoying the full benefits of their purchase of the iPhone or iPad, in the form of highly restrictive programs, it sort of fits their mold.

      I hope they are sued to the fullest extent allowed by law.

      Shame on you Rotten Apple!!

      Frankly, when you look at how the rotten Apple has done everything possible to restrict their customers from enjoying the full benefits of their purchase of the iPhone or iPad, in the form of highly restrictive programs, it sort of fits their mold. I hope they are sued to the fullest extent allowed by law. Shame on you Rotten Apple!!
      Heh heh. I have been enjoying the full benefits of my iPhone since 1st purchasing the 3G. I now have a 4G. If it's so 'rotten' then why use the company's products at all? ~wondering if U are aware that there are lots of other options out there !
      And BTW, they won't be sued (unless the ex-employee is really screwed by some unscrupulous litigious lawyer out there. As has been stated many times on this subject companies have a right to "....protect their brand."
      Shame on the dimwit who did not (as was suggested in another post) simply use an alias. It's probably better that they no longer work for Apple. I, for one, would not want to have to deal or should I say attempt to deal with a person who dosen't like/love the company that they work for/represent. And I have been dealing with Apple since 1994 and never found a disgruntled or unknowledgeable rep.

      Quote Originally Posted by unison999 View Post
      This does not pertain to that employee that got fired, but freedom of speech is inalienable right meaning you can not sign it away. I am not sure how the law goes in England but I am sure there is something similar there.It would be illegal to fire someone simply because they post his/her opinion, but Apple can fire through other avenues. i.e. move them to crap positions so they would quit.
      Quote Originally Posted by lukeyb View Post
      That's constructive dismissal and would have put the employer in a much worse position legally
      Moving employees to crap positions so that they will quit is what companies have been doing to those who are nearing retirement for some time now. Now that sucks.

      Now that Corps are now considered people I'd like to see some law suits regarding this policy !

      Quote Originally Posted by raduga View Post
      I'm not sure SpazTurtle was disagreeing with you.

      It DOES seem to be the case that Apple punishes employees who say things which reflect badly on their employer, whether or not those statements are libelous or legally suspect. An employee spreading libelous statements could (in theory) be subject to dismissal, but also civil lawsuits and other misery.

      There are quite a few conditions where spewing racist words can result in public embarrassment. About the only "safe" place I can think of, would be cracking jokes within one's own (inbred) family.

      Freedom of Expression (in the U.S. Constitution anyway) only limits the Government's ability to regulate public speech. It doesn't apply to private speech, or private regulation of public speech.

      Throughout most of "Western Civilization" there's a broader common notion of "Free Speech" that almost approaches Common Law in its widespread shared belief- but Governments won't touch it. The U.S. 1st Amendment is about the closest you're gonna get. Other than that, not enough people agree on what should and shouldn't be Free, for 'Free Speech' to have legs outside the two that you use to walk with.
      ~nodding in agreement Our (US) "Free Speech" got a whole lot less free post 9/11. And I'm not referring to mentioning the word "bomb" while aboard an aircraft. Things are happening out there (or really in there (Congress, Supreme Court) that we Americans (or @ least this american) are barely aware of until there's a news story that shines a light on it. That old U.S. Constitution simply isn't quite what it used to be......

      Quote Originally Posted by Don Ju4n View Post
      Actually, this happened in the UK so they don't "have" a first Amendment like we know it... and even if they did it's probably part of the company's policy and once you sign the contract to get hired you have to abide by their policies you cant just go and say **** and expect them not to care because "it's freedom of speech"
      Sadly, I have to come to realize that 'we' no longer "......have a first Amendment like we know it......"
    1. teknohag's Avatar
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      Quote Originally Posted by coltonbyu8 View Post
      So if i worked at apple i could say "welcome to the apple store, may i recommend that you look to HTC or samsung for your smartphone or tablet needs, Dell and HP for a computer, and Roku for a set-top box. Our products suck and are overpriced, and only are meant for rich people or professionals who need these computers, which you obviously arent and you dont deserve to own them, stupid fat jerkface."? i have freedom of speech! they cant fire me!
      heheh.... great way to keep a job in this economy. You looking for unemployment benefits and a somewhat less than positive ~smirk~ referral letter? Then this of course is the way to go.

      Quote Originally Posted by tje210 View Post
      the people who are dissatisfied and posting are probably just whiny kids who work in the apple stores... they would be incredibly out of place at a google or a samsung.
      Oh dear, here I go again. I live in NYC & have been to Genius Bars 4 times for repair issues. Never met a "whiny kid" at the one on 14th Street (visited once) nor the one in the W. 60's on (or just off) Broadway. Everyone there from greeters standing outside the store to whatever the titles of the peeps are who run around with their little air books smiling, happy & helpful. As to the 'geniuses' themselves, I've no clue as to their IQ's but they know their Macs. On my 1st occasion my iMac's optical drive was replaced. The remaining visits had to do with iPhones. These phones were not repaired but replaced with what seemed like new ones as they came in the original boxes - not so with the original refurb'd ones purchased from AT&T that I was taking in for repair. They came in At&T branded boxes clearly stating "Refurbished". I took in only the phones, no boxes! 2nd visit was because the silencer button on the side had popped off my iPhone 3G and they just gave me a whole new phone on the spot (I had an appt. so had backed up prior to showing up as I always do), the third visit was due to battery problem with my iPhone 3GS & once again I received an entirely new phone then & there. 4th time iPhone 3GS was having a sound (or lack of) problem - again- new phone immediately. Each time they put all the info right back into my phone for me and the wait time was not not bad at all - considering.
      I'm sure that there are whiny kids out there working (among other places) at Apple stores. I consider myself lucky to have found 2 good locations and wish the same for everyone else......