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  • How to Jailbreak Using redsn0w 0.9.6 (Windows)

    This Windows only guide (OS X guide here) will teach you how to jailbreak various devices using redsn0w 0.9.6. The current version of redsn0w 0.9.6 is 0.9.6rc19. Note this is an UNTETHERED JAILBREAK, meaning your phone will be able to restart just like a normal phone.

    This guide should be used with the following device/firmware combinations (if you're not sure, here's how to find your iOS firmware version and how to find your iOS device type):
    • iPhone 2G | 4.1
    • iPhone 2G | 4.2.1
    • iPhone 3G | 4.1
    • iPhone 3G | 4.2.1
    • iPhone 3GS | 4.1
    • iPhone 3GS | 4.2.1
    • iPhone 3GS | 4.3
    • iPhone 3GS | 4.3.1
    • iPhone 3GS | 4.3.2
    • iPhone 3GS | 4.3.3
    • iPad 1 | 4.2.1
    • iPad 1 | 4.3
    • iPad 1 | 4.3.1
    • iPad 1 | 4.3.2
    • iPad 1 | 4.3.3
    • iPod touch 2G | 4.1
    • iPod touch 2G | 4.2.1
    • iPod touch 3G | 4.2.1
    • iPod touch 3G | 4.3
    • iPod touch 3G | 4.3.1
    • iPod touch 3G | 4.3.2
    • iPod touch 3G | 4.3.3
    • iPod touch 4G | 4.1
    • iPod touch 4G | 4.2.1
    • iPod touch 4G | 4.3
    • iPod touch 4G | 4.3.1
    • iPod touch 4G | 4.3.2
    • iPod touch 4G | 4.3.3

    If you prefer the simpler version of this guide with no pictures, click here.

    Alright, let's get started. First thing you'll need to do is download the Windows version of redsn0w 0.9.6rc19 from mod.my/redsn0wwin096rc19. Double-click the zip file to unzip it, and open the redsn0w folder to see the redsn0w.exe file.

    Making sure your device is connected, double-click redns0w to launch it. You will see the redsn0w home screen. In order to jailbreak your device, you'll need to download the firmware file that matches it, and place it on your desktop (or anywhere on your computer, but Desktop is easy). You can download the firmwares from here - we recommend you do not use Safari for downloading them as it usually uncompresses the file without asking, which we do not want. If you're not sure, here's how to find your iOS firmware version and how to find your iOS device type). Once you have that file downloaded, press the Browse button in redsn0w.

    Browse to the .ipsw file you just downloaded (your device's current firmware).

    redsn0w will tell you it is processing your firmware file.

    IF (and only if) you have a 3GS you are attempting to jailbreak, redsn0w will ask you if you have the newer (fixed) model. It will give you instructions how to check using the week of the device's build (the 4th and 5th digit of your serial number). Devices with weeks BEFORE 45 are NOT fixed models, so you would click No. Devices week 45 or lates ARE fixed, so you would click Yes. If you are unable to view the device's serial number on the device (Settings > General > About) due to the device not being activated, you can download and open the iPhone Configuration Utility from Apple and see the serial number next to the device.

    Assuming you have pointed redsn0w to the correct .ipsw file, it will now tell you it has the IPSW successfully identified.

    Before you do anything on the next screen, power off your device by pressing and holding the sleep button (the button on the top) until the slide to power off screen comes up. Slide to power off.

    Alright, NOW you can press Next on the redsn0w page which tells you to power off your device. NOTE: redsn0w will IMMEDIATELY ask you to press and hold the sleep button on the device, then continue holding it while pressing the home button, then continue holding the home button while letting go of the sleep button. Make sure your device is in your hands before pressing Next in redsn0w.

    After successfully following the prompts of holding buttons down (this is entering DFU mode for the device), redsn0w will tell you it is Exploiting with limera1n. You can now let go of the home button on your device.

    redsn0w will go through a few screens, telling you it is waiting for a reboot, then popping up a new window with various status messages as it jailbreaks your device.

    Once that is done, you'll be shown a screen asking you to select your options. The default action (which we'll be doing in this guide) is to Install Cydia. You're welcome to check any other boxes you'd like, but please only do so if you know what you're doing. Press Next when you've selected your choices.

    redsn0w will now tell you it is Waiting for reboot, then Uploading ramdisk, which will take a few seconds, and then say Done! Once it says Done! it is safe to close redsn0w, as the rest of the jailbreak process will happen on the device itself.

    Your device will now scroll a bunch of command line messages as the jailbreak completes. After a minute or so of the scrolling text, you will see the pwnapple logo with some more status updates (the final step before your jailbreak is complete).

    That's it! You're now holding a jailbroken device. Not too bad, eh?
    This article was originally published in forum thread: How to Jailbreak Using redsn0w 0.9.6 started by Kyle Matthews View original post
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    1. nvoltaire's Avatar
      nvoltaire -
      if I try to restore the 3.1.3 with iTunes, I get error 1002 and the phone has no BB installed. I have to restore to 4.2.1, get a BB and than re-restore to 3.1.3. Is there any way to install 3.1.3, exit Recovery mode with tinyumbrella and than install the BB I want using another program ?

      an amazing thing happened. afther shift+restore to 3.1.3 in iTunes, the phone installed 3.1.3 but no BB. I logged out my account from iTunes and did a normal restore. The 4.2.1 was installed, but unlocked and activated ( I had a SIM in the phone, but not an original carrier one ). Now iTunes tells me that there is an carrier update available, but no THANKS. ) So it all works on 4.2.1, BB 5.15.04, BL 5.8 Thanks iTunes !!!
      Jailbraked the phone also, using redsnow and it works great. What a surprise, really.
      How could it happen ?
    1. austinlee45's Avatar
      austinlee45 -
      hey guys. so i'm having trouble jailbreaking and activating my iphone 3gs, it has new bootroms and etc. so first off, my lock button is broke. completely. so to start with, i have the latest version of redsn0w, I was on ios 6.0, then i plugged into itunes last week, told me i had to restore it cause of some problem, so i did, but i forgot that i didn't have the sim card. so then i looked for ways to jailbrake it, well, i couldn't put it into dfu mode wihtout the lock button, so i used the dfu ipsw option and created a dfu ipsw for 6.0.1 os. well, i did that, and then i used sn0wbreeze and created a jailbreak for it to restore using itunes. i used ireb to put it into pwnd dfu mode asnd tried to restore it. then i got different itunes errors, like 1600 and others, so i'm just stuck in pwnd dfu mode, and i don't know what to do to fix it. I just want it restored and unlocked so i can have my music and etc. i'm still on the dfu ipsw 6.0.1 . i DO not have a lock button. so if someone could give me a step by step fix, that would be so helpful.
    1. MazZafar's Avatar
      MazZafar -
      Quote Originally Posted by MazZafar View Post
      I couldn't just be happy I unlocked it, had to sweak it further and in the process locked it again

      Well it was a good thing cos the GPS was out by about 500 yards which showed me being 2 roads away or in a field on the motorway

      Now I have corrected that also and learnt something else which will be of use and also mentioned on another thread, make sure you have ultrasn0w installed on the phone thats what unlocks the phone to all networks

      PS redsnow 0.9.6rc11 also works managed to lock it again LOL . Changed the boot logo to a page 3 girl UK boys will know what that means
    1. dabadi23's Avatar
      dabadi23 -
      Please help me.... I have jailbroken my device last night from redsn0w. Iphone 3gs, semi-untethered,6,1,3. When i waked up this morning, i opened my pc to boot my device. I opened redsn0w and clicked just boot. When it boots, it only shows white screen. Please help me
    1. MazZafar's Avatar
      MazZafar -
      Mate have a read of the above. Don't go for the just boot option it ties you to the pc I will try to get a screenshot up. Mail me if your stuck
    1. lindakim's Avatar
      lindakim -
      It is so good, thank for your share.
    1. MazZafar's Avatar
      MazZafar -
      Quote Originally Posted by lindakim View Post
      It is so good, thank for your share.
      Did you sort it out? Here is a screenshot of what i did. On Windows XP it won't always work on other OS

      Attachment 650138
    1. zipzapxxx's Avatar
      zipzapxxx -
      NO SERVICE is my problem

      iphone 3G 4.2.1 BB 6.15.00

      when I opend up Cydia I got the following message
      Failed to fetch
      http/1.1 404 Not Found

      Also, when I click Manage / Sources
      There is an item called repo666.ultrasn0w.com
      When I click on that nothing happens - just a Blank screen
      Also, when I click on search and type in
      ultrasn0w and click search nothing is found

      Note: I do have www on the iphone but the problem is NO SERVICE.
    1. MazZafar's Avatar
      MazZafar -
      Mate I got exactly the same on my 3G your doing the right things. The way I unlocked it was reinstall it from my pc running windows xp for some reason it wouldn't give me service from the laptop.
      I did this today 13/12/13 am now on EE
    1. dropu2's Avatar
      dropu2 -
      i have done all of the steps but the ipod just boots up and stays at the apple logo but has like a lodding ring below but never turns on
    1. MazZafar's Avatar
      MazZafar -
      Quote Originally Posted by dropu2 View Post
      i have done all of the steps but the ipod just boots up and stays at the apple logo but has like a lodding ring below but never turns on
      I maybe wrong here but I think the solutions on this thread apply to iPhones not iPad
    1. dropu2's Avatar
      dropu2 -
      But I have a iPod touch 2ndgen MC
    1. fusionous's Avatar
      fusionous -
      is there a version for ipad 2 version 6.1.3? if not what should i do?
    1. Simon's Avatar
      Simon -
      Quote Originally Posted by fusionous View Post
      is there a version for ipad 2 version 6.1.3? if not what should i do?
      Don't think so. If you want to jailbreak you would have to update to 7.1.2 and jailbreak with pangu.