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  • [GIVEAWAY] PEACHii iBooBak Bamboo iPhone Back Casing

    Yesterday we took a look at a new company to the ModMyi.com review desk - PEACHii. Their iBooKam 37mm lens attachment solution for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is pretty cool, and I mentioned we have a bunch of products of theirs to look at. Next up is the iBooBak (get it? like bamboo except iBoo? and bak == back? Naming products is so fun...), a bamboo iPhone back casing replacement.

    Conversion kits are nothing new - we reviewed one of iHospital's red conversion kit earlier this year for the iPhone 4. The iBooBak is however the first wood one we've had a chance to use on our phones.

    We carry our iPhones around with us all day long, with a shiny glass backplate. Why not add a little earthy warmth with a real bamboo wood backing? After using this for a bit, I really liked it. The iBooBak gets a lot of comments (I must have spelled PEACHii.com to a dozen people), and adds a warm, personal touch to the iPhone which is such a part of our daily routine. I actually ordered a couple extras for my wife and a friend.

    The iBooBak comes in 3 colors of bamboo - natural (that light bamboo wood in the photo under this paragraph), carbonized (the brown from the photo at the top of the article), and marbled (a mixture of both, as seen on our review unit). PEACHii puts it best when they say "This is not a skin or veneer that adds thickness to your preciously thin iPhone 4. This is a complete replacement part for the iPhone 4 rear glass battery cover. The iBooBak specs match the OEM battery cover size wise, making it compatible with most protective bumpers and cases." They fit flawlessly on the iPhone 4 (and 4S!) and do require a 2 minute install process (but the kit also comes with the screwdriver you need). Their site has a link to a quick and easy guide to removing the back of the iPhone (like this).

    All 3 colors come with either a white bezel or a black bezel. In fact, they also have a carbon fiber iPhone backing (with a black bezel) as well, but we didn't test the carbon. Nick from PEACHii (which is a Florida company) has one in the mail to us. Make sure when you choose your iBooBak you correctly choose from the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S model from the dropdown on their site - since as you'll notice below they are NOT the same (iPhone 4 on top, 4S on the bottom):

    The iBooBak is only $44.99 on PEACHii.com ($49.99 for the iKarbonBak)... but...

    you know what's next... a giveaway! Like us on Facebook (ok, ok, you can do Twitter (@modmyi) too, but have you noticed we want some more Facebook followers?) and copy paste us there and here why you'd like one of these. We'll pick a creative answer and send the above-pictured natural bamboo iPhone 4 case to you in the mail.iPhone 4 ONLY - WE DO NOT HAVE A 4S iBOOBAK TO GIVE AWAY!
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    1. MetallicaFan1991's Avatar
      MetallicaFan1991 -
    1. imnothardcore's Avatar
      imnothardcore -
      My daughter broke my wifes iphone 4 by throwing it shes 2, I was waiting until we moved to buy a new back and the screw driver to do it. With this you Modmyi could save me money and earn me bonus points by providing her with a sweet bamboo back. Not very creative.... sorry. I didnt see where to put this on facebook but I liked you and followed you with my twitter account @JonRutis
    1. jacobzking's Avatar
      jacobzking -
      My wife would love one of these for her iPhone 4! She's all about being green and natural bamboo and wood (our home decor). Hook me up!
    1. Shadeslayer's Avatar
      Shadeslayer -
      I'd love to get the iBooBak for my iPhone 4 due to this vital reason.

      The college that I'm attending is on top of a hill.. this morning while driving there I skidded all over the place thanks to the black ice and snow. There is also no phone service. Of what use would my phone be to me if I crashed in the middle of nowhere ? There's no service even when I AM holding my phone right.

      This is where the iBooBak comes into play. Should I crash, and find myself slowly freezing to death, the solution is right there in front of me! I'll just quickly pop off the iBooBak, light it on fire, and that outta keep me from freezing to death until somebody happens to stumble across my wrecked car.

      Additionally, I'm light sensitive. And when the sunlight reflects off my phone into my faceit hurts. The iBooBak will help prevent these migraine-inducing flashes of light.

      Lastly, and most seriously, I've been looking to find a new back to my iPhone for quite some time and the iBooBak would serve that purpose. I would also enjoy talking about my 'peachii boobak' all the time, and see the curious looks I get.

      I hope you appreciate my.. unique reasons.

      EDIT: Facebook won't let me post this on your wall! It's too long
    1. BuggyG's Avatar
      BuggyG -
      I would like to rock the iBooBak kit, as it truly embodies my values as an environmentally conscious iOS lover! (it's also super sexy) -(@retinoic)
    1. eclipseballer08's Avatar
      eclipseballer08 -
      Wood is such a beautiful and organic material that can still look good when it gets worn down, creating an iPhone backplate out of it is genius and i would love to own one to make my iPhone more unique!
    1. latterdayaint's Avatar
      latterdayaint -
      I think these iPhone covers are classy and functional. I would love to own one for myself.
    1. Phillip Allen's Avatar
      Phillip Allen -
      I must have this to make my iPhone even more Panda friendly!
    1. 127er's Avatar
      127er -
      OH MY GOD this looks reeeeeaaaaally awesome!!!! And my iPhone backcover has broken last week It is to expensive for me because I'm just a student. But I really want to have it!! Pleeeeeeeaaaaase!!!!
    1. punjabi212's Avatar
      punjabi212 -
      Quote Originally Posted by MetallicaFan1991 View Post
      I agree!
    1. theroyalwe's Avatar
      theroyalwe -
      Alright so I would really like to win the bamboo case backing not because I've never won any contest, or because I deserve it. I simply want it because up here in Canada I have great difficulty with finding a back replacement program or vendor and well.. To be quite honest I've fallen in love with every wooden back I've ever seen, I know some people think their ugly but I think that this bamboo one is the absolute best I've seen. Good job creating such a masterpiece PEACHii
    1. k3u's Avatar
      k3u -
      i like wood
    1. punjabi212's Avatar
      punjabi212 -
      Quote Originally Posted by k3u View Post
      i like wood
      Of course you do LOL
    1. Dranon's Avatar
      Dranon -
      I llike me iphones nekkid no case Well you know au NATURAL! Me likes em like me likes me wimmins soooooo dis wood give me wood jes like dem wimmins do!
    1. xXDrizzyyXx's Avatar
      xXDrizzyyXx -
      i have a real nice one made of titanium a lot nicer than this wood lol not sure if i can post the site

      ugly compared to the titanium one i have

      ugly compared to the titanium one i have
    1. spider_romeo's Avatar
      spider_romeo -
      $44.99 , $49.99...no...no...no...comparing from cnn.cn only...$15.50...
    1. Archez's Avatar
      Archez -
      This looks really cool! I recently bought a new desk that I am modding to have a built in iPhone 4 dock, and surprisingly this boobak is the same color as my desk! I'd be great full if I had this.
    1. Raketemensch's Avatar
      Raketemensch -
      Do want.
    1. RobberBoy's Avatar
      RobberBoy -
      not bad... ;P
    1. Brasileiro135's Avatar
      Brasileiro135 -
      may i win one please?