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  • Combine Music and Video App to Original iPod App with Unified Ipod for iOS 5

    Go back to the good ol' days and have the one iPod.app for both music and video on iOS 5.

    Let's face it. Of all the annoying things that iOS 5 did, my number one is the separation of the Music and Video components of the iPod.app. Although I'm not a complainer by any means, I can imagine many people feel the same way. The question that always comes to me is, "why?" What was the reason for this separation? How does this make the iOS experience more user intuitive and easy to navigate through? Many of you I'm sure have asked similar why questions and can't imagine why Apple would have done this.

    Nonetheless, for those of us on iOS 5, we have to live with this separation and are continuing to wish that there was way to fix it and bring it back to the good ol' days. Well, if you're jailbroken on iOS 5, you're in luck.

    Just released in Cydia, Unified Ipod for iOS 5 does just that. With it installed, it recombines your Music and Video applications into the once again, unified iPod application. It's as simple as that. All the same functionality that the iOS 4 iPod application had was brought back and everything is back to normal. What a relief!

    Go download this now if the Music and Video applications bugged you as much as it did me! And the best part - it's free. It is compatible on only the iPhone and iPod touch running 5+ at this time. Hopefully iPad support will be added soon.

    Name: Unified Ipod for iOS 5
    Author: i beat daily
    Version: 0.0.3-5
    Price: Free

    Leap for joy? Isn't great that the jailbreak community knows how to fix things properly? Post your comments below!
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    1. brbortscheller's Avatar
      brbortscheller -
      Quote Originally Posted by spazturtle View Post
      Its always been like this on the iPod Touches.
      Of course it has. This is for the iPhone, but it will work on your iPod Touch if your little heart desires it
    1. pompiste's Avatar
      pompiste -
      Before there was a tweak to separate the iPod icon... now there is a tweak to unified them! What’s the big deal? There will always be some happy people et some unhappy ones. Everybody can do what they want, it’s as simple as that!
    1. Mrteacup's Avatar
      Mrteacup -
      Myos is better
    1. cubeikon's Avatar
      cubeikon -
      Not working for me. The Videos App is gone, but theres no Videos in the "newly created" iPod App which has now become just a rebranded Music App. Too bad..
    1. _Hawk_'s Avatar
      _Hawk_ -
      I was wondering if anyone could help me.
      Upon removing this app, I no longer have the videos widget. It is hidden. Upon removing the libhide app in cydia, I can see the videos app, but not it is completely white. No amount of hard resets will fix this.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!