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  • White iPhone 4 Supplies Could Be Incredibly Limited

    If the iPhone 4's recent wave of negative press has adversely impacted sales of the device, no one is able to notice. With more than three million fourth-gen iPhones now in consumer hands, the product is Apple's biggest success in the smartphone space to date. But with that overwhelming demand comes natural supply concerns. And if new reports relating to the white iPhone 4's production are legitimate, we will have a better understanding of yet another production issue keeping supply far behind demand.

    Over the weekend, Chinese newspaper "21st Century Business Herald" points some degree of blame for the sluggish iPhone 4 production on a China-based factory called "Lens Technology," which makes the white iPhone 4ís front panel. The production problem, as noted by the publication, relates to the alleged ability to only produce three units per hour. The difficulty comes from the delicate work necessary to properly balance white paint levels and opacity. Despite these reports, which came after Apple's press conference on Friday, Steve Jobs maintains that the white iPhone 4 will ship by the end of this month - a timeframe that is rapidly approaching.

    But based on what we know from the slow but steady grind at Lens Technology, the present production capacity can only turn out half the units Apple needs to meet anticipated customer demand for the color-alternative iPhone 4. While mass-producing a phone that is simply a different color may seem like a simple-minded if not brainless task, the number of complexities associated with producing a white iPhone are supposedly quite substantial. According to an in-depth look into the white iPhone 4 production process, Engadget says the manufacturing requires "developing the tooling, cutting the raw material (mainly sourced from Germany, Switzerland and Japan), fine-milling using CNC (computed numerically controlled) machines, sanding the edges, polishing, strengthening, cleaning, coating, screen printing, baking, anti-shatter treatment, assembling, and packaging."

    21st Century Business Herald
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    1. LSZ33's Avatar
      LSZ33 -
      I've had all iPhones white. Just looks cleaner and you don't see all the filthy smudges that are more notable on the piano black finish. I went with the black this time but I'm contemplating switching.
    1. dcgore's Avatar
      dcgore -
      It's almost been a month since release and i can't believe the hype and demand still outmatches other smartphones'. I am thinking that Apple may have found a great receipe to keep its products in "hype" mode. I had to wait to get my ipad and stores here in NYC only take pre-order b/c the device cannot be found on shelves. Needless to say, the iphone is even more scarce.
    1. onelow99's Avatar
      onelow99 -
      I betcha Apple is wondering if they're ever gonna wake up from this nightmare called the iPhone 4. These f*ckers cant catch a break. And if they could, they'd probably drop it cause they weren't holding it right.
    1. ///Maybach's Avatar
      ///Maybach -
      just buy a White front housing on ebay. They have them that have the full glass digitizer and lcd in white...
    1. iZoom's Avatar
      iZoom -
      they should just dump the white front face and use black for the front and white for the back like the 3G/3GS, looks much classier IMHO
    1. PWNsyst3m's Avatar
      PWNsyst3m -
      Yea ill stick with black. All white looks way too strange for me, if you catch my drift.
    1. adp's Avatar
      adp -
      Quote Originally Posted by OleBayCrab View Post
      My girl wants to white one, then she wants to BLING it out with DIAMONDS! Yuk!
      Will it also ride on 24's? I also recommend one of those unexceptionably large "Flav" clocks
    1. PWNsyst3m's Avatar
      PWNsyst3m -
      You should also attach a goblet to the side so yall can sip on sum purple drank. Lol
    1. tecpunk64's Avatar
      tecpunk64 -
      i kinda like the white ip4,but i think i will get the black one with a white case
    1. djjessejames's Avatar
      djjessejames -
      I most def agree
    1. billmilo's Avatar
      billmilo -
      I find them ugly and repugnant.
    1. ianbroste's Avatar
      ianbroste -
      I wouldn't mind white so much if when the screen was off it was white. Looks odd to me with the white front and black screen.
    1. xyx's Avatar
      xyx -
      Wonder if they'll do pre-orders for it
    1. bobright's Avatar
      bobright -
      White looks funny if you catch my drift

      for a male that is....note were talking phones not a Mac etc
    1. djjessejames's Avatar
      djjessejames -
      the white could also have some Apple tricks up its sleeve. This delay seems too coincidental with the antenna issues. I have a feeling the white ones are gonna work better as Apple has had time to monkey with the faulty reception and may isolate the area inside the band so attenuation drops less. Its not like Apple to recall things but they instead just sneak fixes into further models. |How many of you think this White iPhone 'WAIT' is just a delay in production? (weird seeing the demand was more than there.) Or a cleaver apple coverup to tear things apart and see if they can do something internally to help fix the serious reception issue?

      I am betting on the later and forecast the white iPhones to work MUCH BETTER thru shady apple covers.
    1. wolverinemarky's Avatar
      wolverinemarky -
      i am really waiting for the preorder to go up i will click my way through to make sure i get one god hurry up apple
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Part of me wishes they sold just a white back since I hate the white front. At the same time, I am happy that I, for once, don't feel inclined to wait for a "limited edition" of something LOL!
    1. ecd5000's Avatar
      ecd5000 -
      well since everyone thinks the white is ugly and repulsive then i should have no problems getting it when it comes out. i personally think it looks more sleeker than the black because of the white front, something different
    1. garstie's Avatar
      garstie -
      3 units an hour I have never heard such **** in all my life!!!!
    1. southfrisco's Avatar
      southfrisco -
      Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy View Post
      Part of me wishes they sold just a white back since I hate the white front. At the same time, I am happy that I, for once, don't feel inclined to wait for a "limited edition" of something LOL!
      You can buy the white back faceplate from third party parts dealers for cheap, example. Unscrew the two bottom screws and I've been told the back comes off quite easy.

      However black has always in my mind looked more professional on devices. I also think the black front faceplate makes the screen bleed seamlessly onto the glass front as opposed to white. The black antenna separators and the proximity sensor is more pronounced on the white which detracts from the look in my opinion.