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  • Organize and Folder Mail with SmartFolders for Mail [GIVEAWAY]

    Sort and filter mail in the Mail.app with SmartFolders based upon conditions.

    We've discussed numerous times the areas of interest where the jailbreak community has filled the void when iOS didn't. Some of these areas include messages, mail, the notification center, and others. In regards to mail, one area that hasn't been touched upon is mail filtering. Now, I'm not referring to a spam filter, but a method by which to sort your incoming or existing mail on your iOS device. Thanks to a new tweak called SmartFolders by joedj, you can filter or sort your mail in your Mail.app based upon conditions.

    SmartFolders allows you to create virtual folders in your Mail.app to sort or filter mail, whether it is incoming or already in Mail.app. In order to set these conditions, you can go into Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> SmartFolders to add or delete various folders and conditions. SmartFolders is under the "Mail" header. To add a new folder, simple tap "Add folder.." in the SmartFolders tab.

    When adding a folder, you're able to name it, give it a specific icon, determine whether this folder will pertain to unread or all messages, and how this particular folder will handle conditions (all conditions or any condition). The condition portion of this tweak is the most important and core feature of SmartFolders. This determines how mail will be pulled into this particular folder that you set. While adding a condition, it will give you three sections to tinker with:

    • Condition
    • Comparator
    • Value

    So when you're setting a folder's condition, think about it like a math problem;

    2 + 2 does not equal 5
    Cydia + ModMyi repo = Awesome

    In the same way, you set conditions to work in a similar way. Under the conditions tab, you're able to determine what mail goes into the specific folder. Some of the condition options include:

    • Account
    • Recipient
    • Subject
    • Is in Inbox
    • Much more

    When you pair this with a comparator and value (comparator = equals, does not equal, begins with, etc. and value = text string you type in), you're able to pull in mail messages into the specific folder you're creating. At anytime, you're able to change any component of the folder including conditions. Here are some examples:

    Recipient contains modmyi: Any mail that has "modmyi" in the recipient field will be put into the folder
    Subject does not contain modmyi: Any mail that doesn't have "modmyi" in the subject will be put into the folder

    After creating that folder, you can go into the Mail.app and see the folder available to you! The smart folder you create functions just like your mail boxes on the first page of the Mail.app. You can delete, select all, reply, forward, whatever; the virtual box encompasses all the regular features.

    You can download it now from Cydia for only $1.99. It's available on all devices running iOS 4.x+ (includes iOS 5).

    Name: SmartFolders for Mail
    Author: joedj
    Version: 1.0.0-7
    Price: $1.99

    You have an opportunity to win a copy of SmartFolders for Mail, courtesy of joedj! I will be giving out 5 copies of SmartFolders for Mail to our readers here at ModMyi. Read below to see how you can enter:

    Facebook Users:

    • Like ModMyi on Facebook
    • Share the post off of ModMyi's timeline with "Win a copy of SmartFolders for Mail." It must include the link to the article as well as your Cydia Account number

    Twitter Users:

    • Follow @ModMyi
    • Follow @joshmtucker
    • Tweet from the site or retweet off of ModMyi's Twitter feed with "Win a copy of SmartFolders for Mail." You must include your Cydia Account number as well as the link to this article

    Google+ Users:

    • Add Joshua Tucker to your circles
    • Share the article
    • Post on my post with your Cydia Account number

    If you do not follow these guidelines, you will be disqualified and not eligible for the giveaway. Also, you must reply to my tweet/comment 24 hours after being notified that you won. Othwerise, I will re-draw winners. I will choose the winners after 24 hours of this article being live.

    I will be contacting the winners from my Twitter account (@joshmtucker), Google+ profile, or Facebook.

    Is this something that would be useful to you? Or another tweak out the window? Post your thoughts below!
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    1. c0deName_ZERO's Avatar
      c0deName_ZERO -
      We need a delete all button or check all button in the mail app
    1. fatalcrixer's Avatar
      fatalcrixer -
      Quote Originally Posted by Romeo_Alvarez007 View Post
      We need a delete all button or check all button in the mail app
      Yes agreed or delete permanently
    1. Joshua Tucker's Avatar
      Joshua Tucker -
      MailEnhancer just added this feature. So go buy it - it's an absolute must have for me.
    1. BenderRodriguez's Avatar
      BenderRodriguez -
      They NEED a way to put ALL unread emails at the top no matter how old they are
    1. PatrickGSR94's Avatar
      PatrickGSR94 -
      I already have these types of rules set up in my Gmail to go to various folders, so I wouldn't really need something like this I don't think.