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  • iPads Cause Issues For Wi-Fi In Hotels

    Currently the hotel industry is facing a large issue due to the iPad according to a report from the New York Times. For those who travel often, the iPad is usually top on the list for must-have gadgets while on the go. With many travelers walking around with iPads, Wi-Fi internet connection is being heavily used and therefore causing problems. Hotel companies are finding it increasingly difficult to provide reliable internet service for their visitors.

    Generally, most of these iPad owners walk around and want the ability to stream video, browse the internet, and work remotely from their hotel room Ė all of which cause a large bandwidth overload. Hotel bandwidth consumption has increased threefold in the past year alone according to David W. Garrison, the CEO of iBAHN. The increase consumption of bandwidth can be accommodated by dedicated internet service providers but many hotels have internet connections that are already slow and with the increase in consumption, their networks are easily overloaded.

    What makes this an even larger issue is that this is only the beginning of the iPad problems for hotels. According to the Gartner Group, 11 million iPads were sold in the last three months. It is expected that the number of iPads in circulation will increase to nearly 100 million by the end of 2012. As of right now, it seems that hotel owners will have to decide whether they want to nix improving the speeds, offering very slow internet or possibly upgrade their bandwidth and introduce a tiered service for their customers. The thought of paying a meter-based fee would probably upset many customers but the thought of having increasingly slower internet speed sounds worse. As of right now, according to Garrison, only 10% to 15% of hotels offer tiered service, it seems like it is finally time for the remaining majority to hop on the bandwagon and finally keep customers happy.

    I havenít been involved in this dilemma but I can easily see where it would be a problem. It provides a sense of relief that I have a jailbroken device and am grandfathered into AT&Tís unlimited data plan. For the people who travel often, there seem to be a few alternatives including the possibility of getting a tethering plan, using apps such as My Wi, or even purchasing a mobile hotspot. I can also see how for the average consumer, some of these features may be too overwhelming for them and just purchasing internet from the hotel is easier instead, thus being part of the dilemma.

    Have you ever been stuck using crappy hotel internet service? If so, how did you manage? Share any thoughts and comments below!
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    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      I think people are missing the point as to why the finger is being pointed at the iPad. The thing is, the average customer doesn't bring a laptop to the hotel with them, but far more "average" people have iPads. It's the cool thing to do (I still do not personally get it but that doesn't change the facts). I see grannies, soccer moms, etc with iPads who have never purchased a laptop to take with them because they thought there was no need. So, yes, in a way I am sure iPads are taking up a lot more bandwidth than just laptops used to because there are likely a LOT more of them being brought to hotels. Hotels are also likely logging what sorts of devices are conecting to their networks, so it is likely very easy for them to ACCURATELY point a finger at the iPad.
    1. fine12's Avatar
      fine12 -
      funny ! good place !
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      JackJoned -
      Offer a better wifi?