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  • Siri Co-Founder Amicably Bolts From Apple

    The list of key players who have left Apple this year just got a little bit longer.

    According to published reports Monday, Dag Kittlaus, the co-founder and CEO of Siri, has left Apple. Kittlaus is widely credited with developing the voice recognition technology that has quickly become the hottest new feature of the iPhone 4S.

    Kittlaus has led the speech recognition efforts for Apple since Apple bought Siri in April of 2010. He had been Siriís CEO since 2007. Before that, the Norwegian-born Kittlaus was an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Stanford Research Institute and had also worked at Motorola.
    Kittlaus, however, is believed to be leaving on good terms with the tech giant, says Kara Swisher of All Things D. "There were several reasons for the departure, which was amicable and has been planned for a while, sources said," Swisher revealed. "They included Kittlaus' family being in Chicago, a desire to take time off and an interest in brainstorming new entrepreneurial ideas."

    According to the report, Kittlaus has already left Apple. His departure came just days after the iPhone 4S was formally introduced earlier this month. Although Kittlaus is out, other top hold-over executives from Siri remain on board with Apple. And there are no rumors of further departures at this time.

    Source: All Things D
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    1. thazsar's Avatar
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      Quote Originally Posted by STM127 View Post
      How would I use Siri to pause the movie when it's blaring in 5.1?
      That'll be in the iPhone 7...with the neural implanted microphone...
    1. stevelucky's Avatar
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      Quote Originally Posted by BenderRodriguez View Post
      No this is only 1 of 3 things pushing ppl from the 4 to the 4s
      2.Faster Processor
      Don't forget the camera. The camera on the 4S is a HUGE leap forward.
    1. duromega's Avatar
      duromega -
      Quote Originally Posted by Teban View Post
      Doubt it, if you've used Siri for more then 20 mins you can just tell this is the future. I'll put up a 100 buck (payable upon death), if apple comes out with a tv, it has no remote. 100% Siri controlled.
      What about if you're stutter ?????? 
    1. thazsar's Avatar
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      Quote Originally Posted by duromega View Post
      What about if you're stutter ?????? 
      Then u don't need to be talkin on the phone...you need to be going to speech therapy!
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      He went to the Jailbreak Community - Go Dev Team.