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  • AT&T Worst US Carrier, Again

    For the second year in a row, Consumer Reports has rated AT&T lowest in customer satisfaction. Based on a survey of almost 60,000 customers - half of them Phone users, AT&T got the lowest possible rating in every single category of the survey except for texting. AT&T was also the only carrier to see a significant drop in overall customer satisfaction, according to a blog post announcing the findings.

    58,000 Consumer Reports readers were surveyed about the US big four - AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile - as well as U.S. Cellular, which covers the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest, parts of the East Coast and most of New England. U.S. Cellular actually got the highest ranking of any of the providers, with a score of 82. Verizon was second with 74, followed by Sprint with 73, T-Mobile with 69, and AT&T bringing up the rear with a lowly 60.

    AT&T scored the lowest possible ranking in eight of the nine categories, including overall value, voice service, data service, support via phone, support via website, support via e-mail, staff knowledge, and issues resolved. In the only other category - texting - the carrier managed to get the next-to-lowest possible score.

    Consumer Reports says that half of the AT&T customers surveyed were iPhone users, and were overall much less satisfied with AT&T than other customers. AT&T iPhone users especially rated their data service lower than owners of smart phones on other carriers. Paul Reynolds, the electronics editor at Consumer Reports, noted that "an iPhone from Verizon Wireless, which is rumored, could indeed be good news for iPhone fans."

    Last year's survey also had AT&T coming in last, though with a considerably better showing. The overall score was 66, and that was before AT&T made major investments in infrastructure this year to improve its service.

    Source: TUAW
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    1. BenderRodriguez's Avatar
      BenderRodriguez -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dave_Xiavia View Post
      Yeah I agree w/ this. I get ZERO service at my house. I use google talk as a home phone. The only time I have proper service is when I'm closer to DC.

      I still love my jb iPhone though.
      Probably because you either have a medal roof or your either always on or not on your homes WiFi

      Depending on your router it can actually be faster to be on 3G sometimes if you haven't upgraded it in over 7-10 years at the least
    1. unklbyl's Avatar
      unklbyl -
      Quote Originally Posted by BenderRodriguez View Post
      Probably because you either have a medal roof or your either always on or not on your homes WiFi

      Depending on your router it can actually be faster to be on 3G sometimes if you haven't upgraded it in over 7-10 years at the least

      Some areas have, get this, NO att reception. A gentleman from lousianna said "you have better luck with two (tin) cans and some string than with AT&T."

      I know that in central Minnesota Telekom has much better service than att can ever dream of. Maybe if i moved to some big @$$ city i could get even 3G!
      Naah, I'll stay country thank you very much!
    1. dgc333's Avatar
      dgc333 -
      I always find these serveys stating AT&T is the worest interesting. I travel a fair amount and have never not had coverage in any place in the US, Canada or the Caribbean that I have traveled to. Can't say the same for Sprint the carrier I switched from, I had at least 5 dead zones in my 24 mile commute to work with Sprint.

      I don't have a real frame of reference to judge data perfromance other than I usually can get to things on the web faster with my iPhone than a friend can with his Motorola Driod on Verizon.
    1. LamboFan's Avatar
      LamboFan -
      Haha. Never liked them yet I pity there reputation.
    1. twalker3rd's Avatar
      twalker3rd -
      I have had AT&T for a while, since SunCom. Up to the time that they Merged with Cingular, I had great service. Once they became AT&T again, my service has gone steadily down hill. I have been with them so long and have 4 different phones on my plan, makes it hard to leave, because of the hasle to change everyone over. Just recently a local AT&T store saved me from leaving by helping me get a microcell for my house. With the microcell, I have great service at my house, which is where I need it since I do not have a landline. Around town, Hampton Roads area of Virginia, my service is hit and miss. What I would like to see is AT&T work on their voice service and get it working properly. Data is important, but being able to make voice calls is more important.
    1. Brian3dee's Avatar
      Brian3dee -
      Pretty funny! I have AT&T on Long Island, NY. I have two iPhone 4's, and one iPhone 3, on my plan. I have the $25 data plan on all three, and I have the family plan. The only issues I have are, two dead zones on the LIE, one dead zone on Sunrise highway, due to some large satellite dish's near my job, weak signal there, and last with in BJ's Warehouse and target, I have a week signal. Other then those complaints listed, I've been a very happy AT&T customer for the past 5 years!

      I've really got to wonder, only 60,000 out of 97 million polled? Really?!
    1. Roadw3's Avatar
      Roadw3 -
      Quote Originally Posted by jdm.accord View Post
      This. They've been great to me for 2+ years. Not to mention the annual upgrades for my iPhones (since I pay more than $100 total on my bill per month) and solid 3G all over my area (eastern NC).

      I also have T-Mobile on another (work) line and I have to say they have amazing customer service. Seriously friendly people no matter what you're dealing with.
      Please tell more about this annual upgrade you are talking about? I pay well over one hundred dollars a month and have never heard of this.
    1. radiomean's Avatar
      radiomean -
      Sorry you are wrong.. 3G is UMTS and is 384 kbits....
      HSPA is up to 7.2 M down and HSPA+ is 14.4 Meg (From memory).

      HSPA is 3.5G and LTE (Long term evolution) which a few Eu carriers are trialling, is true 4G (well I would agree it's 3.9G). It uses different radio spectrum and 4G is defined at 100 Meg down....
    1. intradev's Avatar
      intradev -
      HORRENDOUS ATT DATA SERVICE in Midtown East. Stand on Park Avenue and 53rd Street and attempt to use Pingchat. It's a joke! I talked to ATT, and they told me that there were 2 completely down cell sites and 2 "degraded" cell sites within 1 mile of Park and 53. They're not going to be fixed until 1/15/11. As well, on 11/8 @4:30PM we (2 iphones) were HARD DOWN for 12+ hours. No voice, text, or data. UNACCEPTABLE IN NYC!!!
    1. mr117's Avatar
      mr117 -
      Quote Originally Posted by anekin007 View Post
      horrible service here in LA. btw i live 2 miles from a tower. slow speed and tons of drop calls.
      I live on the Coast just outside LA, no issues up and down the 101 from Santa Barbara to LA. No problems on the 5, going up and down CA. I was at Staples Center recently, no issues there. Up and down Hwy 1, no issues with reception. I've found a couple of dead zones, but almost always have reception. Never had to go outside my house to make a call, etc.
    1. smittyjf's Avatar
      smittyjf -
      I was at the Eagles game last thursday and couldn't do anything data related. Texts went through fine but no Facebook or mms
    1. TheGrandFinale2001's Avatar
      TheGrandFinale2001 -
      Quote Originally Posted by wrecked77 View Post
      I must be lucky.. I've never had an issue with att.. My service has always been good..
      Exactly, I haven't had any problems with my service either. I wish I could travel to other cities and see what all the big deal is. Cause I'm just amazed. The only time I ever had trouble with at&t is when I step into a Wal-Mart. That place just eats signal lol
    1. supeazn's Avatar
      supeazn -
      Think about ppl. Att is serving all iphone users (except the unlockers), which over millions of users, some of us still have the unlimited plan which we use religiously. So a few calls dropping is bound to happen its just how electronics work.
    1. okietek's Avatar
      okietek -
      Consumer Reports is a PAID bias service thru their subscription sales and advertisers. Experience is the best teacher!
    1. Snozberries's Avatar
      Snozberries -
      what they forgot to mention was that the survey group was a bunch of android fanboys that work for USC or verizon... FAIL...
    1. Dizzy714's Avatar
      Dizzy714 -
      I've never had a single problem with AT&T really. BUT, who on here does have Verizon or knows what the average 3G speed is with them? I FCC test all the time on my iPhone in random places an it's very rare that I'll get under 1mb down, in some cases I'll even get 3mbs down. Me and a buddy on Verizon did an FCC test on our phones right down the street and his results were horrible. 300kbs or something compared to my 1.5mbs. So if Verizons speeds suck, then I'm not all too sure I'm down with making the move to Verizon. Reason I was wanting to was that two vacation spots I go to every year don't have any reception. Glamis I can't get off a single text, while my buddy on Verizon can make phone calls - and Havasu I do get a little ***** of Edge, but it's not very consistent.
    1. starfuryt550's Avatar
      starfuryt550 -
      I like AT&T very much and get consistent better and faster service than any on my friends on any other carrier with the top phones available.
    1. Kevin8677's Avatar
      Kevin8677 -
      I've been with AT&T since august & the voice service is better here than verizon or sprint but I have to say I'm disappointed with the 3G coverage. Cricket, sprint & verizon has better 3G coverage & that matters to me because I use data more than anything. What I'm wondering about is why can I go a mile up the road in either direction & have 3G but at home I'm in edge which sucks severely. All the while getting into the same tower according to my signal app. Anybody know why that is ??
    1. BenderRodriguez's Avatar
      BenderRodriguez -
      Quote Originally Posted by BenderRodriguez View Post
      Probably because you either have a metal roof or your either always on or not on your homes WiFi

      Depending on your router it can actually be faster to be on 3G sometimes if you haven't upgraded it in over 7-10 years at the least
      Actually NOT A FAIL Unklbyl
      This is my house in a nut shell, signal was great for everyone before the metal roof about 3-5 bars 3G always now it's 0-3 bars 3G actually edge now works better sometimes
    1. EskimoRuler's Avatar
      EskimoRuler -
      i would have given good scores for most of those categories. I never have had a problem with the service, yea a few dropped calls but nothing that im going to flip out about, i just recall the person. When i use the online site i have always found what i needed which the only thing that comes to mind is when i had to reset the password on my iphone for my visual voicemail. They need to say where most of the surveyed people live because thats whats really going to determine how good your carrier is based off the area, so cover areas better than others