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  • Samsung Designs Galaxy Nexus Specifically To Avoid Apple Patent Infringement

    You probably already know about the series of patent infringement lawsuits flying around between Apple and Samsung. According to Samsung’s mobile president, Shin Jong-kyun, Samsung is going to “avoid everything and take patents very seriously.”

    He went on to say though Samsung took precaution to avoid any potential patent infringement with the Google Nexus, although he couldn’t be certain that the phone will be “100 percent free” of lawsuits from Apple. This will definitely help the company as they are in several legal battles with Apple, all of which are expected to continue for a “considerable” amount of time. After unveiling the Galaxy Nexus, Jong-kyun mentioned the following; “"I don't think there is much gain (from lawsuits against Apple). What we are losing is the pride in our brand."

    Google and Samsung together held an event on Tuesday to show off their new smartphone, the Galaxy Nexus. It runs on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwhich) and sports a 4.65-inch Super HD AMOLED display (with a resolution of 1,280 by 720 pixels), all powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor.

    What do you guys think of the patent infringement issues and what Shin Jong-kyun had to say? Do you have any thoughts about Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus?

    Source: Yonhap News Agency
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    1. ja808hi's Avatar
      ja808hi -
      I have disagreements with my friend all the time about apple and google. Im a apple person and hes a google person. I hate android phones and he loves them. Iphone sets so many bench marks on sales its crazy. I tell him android will never sell as many phones as apple. and we r talking about 1 kind of phone of apple. unlike androids 5 or more different kinds of phones they have. He made big hype about this new android phone. All i told him is. it will not sell as much as the iphone. **** all android phones cant sell as much as the iphone. plus google uses the names of Samsung HTC and motorola to sell there products. And we all seen when Google came out with a phone. that **** sucked.
    1. chile7236's Avatar
      chile7236 -
      Quote Originally Posted by iZangetsu View Post
      I don't think it's an ugly phone… but I don't think it looks better than an iPhone either. Judging by that pic it's a real handful
      I can palm a basketball and my iP4 feels just right in my hand with a case on it.
      I wouldn't want my phone that big there's no point in it leave that size for a straight up handheld gaming system. It just shows that they are trying too hard to get the 1up on Apple. Besides I'll quicker go back to an old 2001-2005 Nokia with changeable faceplates and keys b4 I ever touch an Android phone.
      i always felt the iPhone was a tad small for me...as big as the phone looks/is, it's not difficult to use one handed at all.
    1. MXCO's Avatar
      MXCO -
      iPhone gonna knock this droid out just like every droid that has stepped up to the ring. Funny thing is that this week droid will be compare and some may say iPhone "killer" but next week Samsung is just gonna roll out with a new droid saying the same thing from last week. And thats why i don't like droid they come out with sooo many phones that if i buy the latest phone from them tomorrow its gonna be old news cause they have already came out with another one...
    1. juan334's Avatar
      juan334 -
      i have always like all the nexus phones because they are basically from google and they are the first one to have updates and are the best to add roms. most of you saying this phone is ugly or sucks never actually held a nexus before but i like it and the fact the screen res is 720p i might be switching till iphone 5 comes out
    1. Teban's Avatar
      Teban -
      Seriously, look at I.C.Sandwich icons on the bottom of that phone.Hahahahaha, That sums up android/all of the companies they do business with. Grind'em out, and stick big numbers on them. People are stupid enough to buy anything. Simply put, I buy my mini computer phone, from a company who makes F@@@ing computers. Here's a novel idea, use google to search up the phone you buying. Not from some kid with his hat on backward who told you " Androids kick butt. Its got like 1.2 gigajules or something oh and the screens big too."," hey if I give you 5 bucks will you buy me a forty?"
    1. Waaasobe's Avatar
      Waaasobe -
      thats thing is nearly 5 inches ... how are you supposed to use that leviathan.. but, yea this thing is horrid. im sticking with my iphone
    1. gehjl's Avatar
      gehjl -
      Quote Originally Posted by Teban View Post
      I think ugly is the wrong word, boring is more like it. That's the only thing these OTHER company's need to do, is stop copying each other. Simple has a million forms, pick one!! I'm mean really take any non apple phone and compare them, they differ so little, it's boring. These company's are like a year away from giving us phones the size of tablets. No compay other then apple can design a phone/product outside of the corporate box??
      Do show me another phone that has a 4.65 inch 720p screen, no physical buttons but replaced with on screen, and a curved screen. Because there's so many of those out there.

      These comments crack me up. Fine call it ugly because that's a matter of personal taste; to me, the iPhone is unappealing. But seeing comments about the camera is hilarious. 1) You haven't used it, you don't know the quality. 2) As apple fanboys, you should know that MP don't always mean everything in a camera (remember iPhone 4? 5mp camera?).

      And yeah, there's a lot of Androids phones out there, that's the beauty of it. If you want a phone with a big MP camera, there's a phone for that. If you want one with a fingerprint scanner, there's a phone for that. If you want a phone with a 720p screen, there will be a phone for that. If you want a 3d phone, there's one for that. It's called variety, just like when going to buy a car.

      If you want a phone that everyone and their grandmother has, theres an iPhone for that. Apple designed the phones with one thing in mind, simplicty: to use it the way they want you to use it.

      Go ahead and enjoy your iPhone, till the iPhone 5 comes out with features that have been on other phones and that you will call revolutionary.