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  • IntelliScreenX is on its Way Exclusive to iOS 5

    IntelliScreen is a Cydia app that lets the user make the lock screen more useful.

    There's no doubt that most of the people reading this article have heard of Intelliscreen. It's a useful app from Cydia, made by Intelliborn, that moves all kinds of useful things to your lock screen such as notifications, weather, and other downloadable widgets. Well do we have news for you! Intelliborn has released a teaser for the new IntelliScreenX which is fully supported by iOS 5.

    The following video is straight from Intelliborn's YouTube Channel:

    Youtube Video

    IntelliScreenX has been completely revamped. It now takes the features of iOS to heart and allows you to open notification center from the lock screen. Intelliborn was smart to do this. As with many developers developing widgets for notification center, it makes IntelliScreenX even more powerful than it was ever before. Now you will be able to access all of your notification center widgets right from your lock screen without ever having to dig into your device. Some of such are SBSettings, PowerCenter, WeeRadio, MusicCenter, WidgetTask, and OmniStat. There are also numerous more widgets made available through Cydia. Because IntelliScreenX runs from notification center, you can be sure that all notification center widgets will work with it. This means that when more widgets are developed for notification center in the future, you can be assured that they will always be compatible. As with notification center already, you will be able to see your notifications, stock and weather widgets, and your Cydia customizations form your lock screen and you will be able to scroll down to view them all and play with them. As a bonus, with the new Springtomize 2 just at the horizon, you will be able to set your lock screen to not automatically shut off every couple of seconds so that you will have more time to play with the widgets on your lock screen. So that is a pretty powerful jailbreak combo that will be hitting iOS 5 compatibility very soon. Keep your eyes peeled on Cydia, and stay tuned to Modmyi for information on their releases.

    To activate IntelliScreenX, you need to press the power button when in sleep mode to access the lock screen. Once there, just pull down from the status bar like you would on the home screen or from inside any app to bring down the notification center. Notification center serves as the backbone of IntelliScreenX. You will notice right off the bat that it overlays your lock screen wallpaper, which makes it very beautiful to look at.

    Another new feature of IntelliScreenX includes the, "Top Shelf." This feature is similar to SBSettings in that it lets you toggle things linke 3G, Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, and more. Also, by scrolling across it you will be able to adjust the screen brightness, and view common system information such as IP address and memory usage. This is a custom widget that Intelliborn themselves wrote for you to use on IntelliScreenX.

    In addition to widgets, you will be able to tinker around with your notifications on IntelliScreenX. In notification center, if you're a very popular person, you will notice that your notifications can quickly become a long list that you have to scroll through. With IntelliScreenX, when you have such a long list of notifications that you feel lazy and don't want to scroll through them all, you have the option to tap on the sections to collapse the ones that you want to skip. This will get the less important clutter out of the way so that you can see the important notifications right from your lock screen.

    It doesn't end there, folks. As well as the main display of IntelliScreenX, you can swipe to the right or left to navigate through what appear to be super widgets. Of these super widgets are a Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feed which are all accessible directly from your lock screen. They are fully integrated into IntelliScreenX and because of that, they won't require separate downloads from Cydia. On top of that, there is a full E-Mail reader. By tapping on an E-Mail that you receive, you can read it from the lock screen. The E-Mail reader is another one of these super widgets. It even gives you the option to delete a message right from your lock screen so that you won't have to unlock your device to delete the message from the Mail app. There is also the option to mark it as read so that the notifications won't bug you anymore, and then of course, the option to open it, which will unlock your device and take you straight to the Mail app. When you use the Twitter and Facebook super widgets, you will be able to like comments, reply to them, and all of the things that you could never expect to do from your lock screen without ever opening the actual app itself. When it comes to the RSS reader, when you tap on something that is news, it will open up a page that is similar to Apple's iBooks reader to make reading the news even easier.

    IntelliScreenX works from more than just your lock screen. When you install it, you can access it from anywhere that you can access notification center from. In fact, when you open notification center, you can simply slide to the left or to the right to open up the several features that IntelliScreenX has to offer.

    Below are some screenshots of the new IntelliScreenX; From Mario Ciabarra of Intelliborn, courtesy of Joshua Tucker:

    Below is how it looks from notification center when you are past the lock screen:

    Intelliborn will be releasing a beta version this week, and they hope to release the full version into Cydia, sometime next week. IntelliScreen usually costs $9.99 in Cydia, and IntelliScreenX will likely follow suit. Anyone who bought IntelliScreen and wants to upgrade to IntelliScreenX can pay an upgrade fee of $7.99. If you bought IntelliScreen in the past 30 days, it will be a free upgrade.

    Are you excited for IntelliScreenX? If so, will you be buying it? Leave a comment below!

    Sources: Intelliborn
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    1. resplendent2209's Avatar
      resplendent2209 -
      Lock info was released few minutes ago with Notification center widgets support. I wonder why IntelliscreenX hasn't been released yet?
    1. Hillefied's Avatar
      Hillefied -
      Quote Originally Posted by resplendent2209 View Post
      Lock info was released few minutes ago with Notification center widgets support. I wonder why IntelliscreenX hasn't been released yet?
      Although I own and use LockInfo, I have found it to be very laggy and not as robust as IntelliScreen. That being said, I understand and respect IntelliBorn for waiting to release the final. I'd rather a flawless version than a constantly updated one.

      Now that LockInfo is updated, you should tell us how it is and what new features it possesses.

      Update: I just went to Cydia to check on LockInfo's iOS5 update and there isn't one. As a matter of fact, their site says they are still in beta testing on iOS5 and their current version doesn't work on it, yet. The beta is available to work out the kinks, which several have been reported, but the beta has been out for 2 days now. Where did you get you information, resplendent?
    1. resplendent2209's Avatar
      resplendent2209 -
      The beta repo is apt.dba-tech.net/beta/

      I can't wait for IntelliscreenX lol.
    1. Hillefied's Avatar
      Hillefied -
      You had me believe you were talking bout the final release of LockInfo. I know about the beta already, but thanks for sharing the beta site.
    1. resplendent2209's Avatar
      resplendent2209 -
      Looks like they have pushed the beta release dates and eventually the final release.
    1. resplendent2209's Avatar
      resplendent2209 -
      No beta yet!
    1. fulcrom's Avatar
      fulcrom -
      I got this tweat for 10$ it said buy message+ and add 2$ for intellisceen+, inteliscreen is there but i cant find message+ i liked the swipe up and open the message app but that dont work any help will be great thanks in advance.
    1. xclusiveiphone's Avatar
      xclusiveiphone -
      Just bought this app and love it. I wish there were privacy options that allows us to hide certain information from the lock screen while allowing full access when you put in the passcode. I hope planetbeing is reading this.