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  • Access App Switcher from Notification Center with WidgetTask [GIVEAWAY]

    Access the App Switcher on your device from the Notification Center.
    If you remember from a few days ago, the first tweak ever made for the Notification Center, UISettings, was distributed to the public as a pre-release beta as it is bound to release very soon on the BigBoss repo. The developer of UISettings, qwertyoruiop (@qwertyoruiop), hasn't stopped here with his work. Recently released on Cydia, qwertyoruiop's new tweak WidgetTask allows the user to access the AppSwitcher switcher directly from the Notification Center.

    When you have it installed and enabled (Settings -> Notifications -> WidgetTask), simply pull down your Notification Center to see it in action. WidgetTask behaves just like the regular App Switcher, allowing you to "kill" applications as well as access the music control section and volume. To rephrase, WidgetTask directly ports all the functionality of the regular App Switcher right into your Notification Center.

    So it is a toss up. Either you live with the regular App Switcher, or you use WidgetTask instead to access it on the Notification Center. In my mind, it is personal preference. You can access both the App Switcher and the Notification Center from anywhere so there's no real difference there. And if you compare the two, the only difference is that you have to pay for WidgetTask. It's totally up to you.

    WidgetTask just released, as mentioned, and is available on Cydia for $.99. It is available on all devices running 5.0+.

    Name: WidgetTask
    Author: qwertyoruiop
    Version: 1.0
    Price: $0.99

    If you are looking to get a copy of WidgetTask, go no further - you have an opportunity to win one of 30 copies that qwertyoruiop is offering to our readers here at ModMyi. Here's how you can win:

    The winners of the giveaway have been picked. If you did not get a mention from me on Twitter or Google+, sorry! But don't worry - there's much more to come!

    And make sure to leave a post here expressing your thoughts on this tweak!

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    1. c1ockwerk's Avatar
      c1ockwerk -
      This is awesome. my home button always acts up and i cant double click it to bring up the app switcher. I was using activators swipe from bottom to get around this but this would be soooo much easier. +99
    1. hotman's Avatar
      hotman -
      I do not understand why most of developer's packages only modifing NC and why people should use it? Activator is more straight forward shortcut, just one step while NC two steps. I used to use swipe statusbar down for SBsettings now I hate can't use it anymore. Besides, most of apps not work smootly, I guess that if apple update or modify a lit bit of its NC all the apps depend on it will be update as well.
    1. c1ockwerk's Avatar
      c1ockwerk -
      After install i was a bit disappointed that it moves the app switcher completely to the notification center. Now double pressing the home button brings up notification center. It would be nice if this worked independently. I checked Activator and under Double Press Home nothing is assigned and i cannot assign Application Switcher.