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  • Some Users Reporting iPhone 4Ss With Yellow Tinted Screens

    It appears with 4 million units sold, Apple’s quality control mechanisms were unable to prevent a number of iPhone 4Ss with yellow tinted screens from slipping into the hands of consumers.

    A number of messages have popped up in the Apple Support forum complaining of the issue, complaining of washed out screens with a yellow tint on their phones, especially when compared to the iPhone 4. While this could be simply an issue of different LCD’s being used between the 4 and 4S, it appears it is not, as only the black 4Ss appear to be affected.

    Yellow tinting is an issue Apple users are familiar with. The phenomenon has affected Apple products from the 3G iPhone, iPad 2, and most notably Apple’s iMacs, which seem to be habitual offenders of the yellow tint. A possible explanation noted by a few people posting in the support forum is that the yellowing is a result of the glue used to put the screens together not fully hardening or curing. Many iPhone 4 users who experience the yellow tinting initially last year saw it disappear as the glue hardened.

    However, the contrast issue could be a separate problem, with one user writing:

    my 4S screen is less contrasty, and the whites are more yellow (beyond 'warm') compared to my iPhone 4 screen. The colors are less vibrant, and some are pretty washed out. I've also noticed that the screen is more directional than the 4 screen, and in some viewing angles it's more yellow, and in others it's more contrasty. I'm really hoping this is a glue issue, which could improve. I don't think I'll be able to get used to this.
    Apple has yet to comment on the problem, but if the problem is in fact as bad as the above person suggests Apple might have a problem on their hands in the coming weeks. Have any MMi users been plagued with a yellow tinted 4S

    Source: CNET, Apple Support
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    1. RobertZama's Avatar
      RobertZama -
      Its actually not a glue problem like it was with the iphone 4, the glue tint were yellow spots mostly around the corners and edges... and NO its not a 4S problem only. I've had 4 iphone4 and 2 of them had the the yellow tint. its not that noticeable if you don't have another device to compare it with. i guess some devices have warmer colors others more cold. either way if you don't like it you can always change it.
    1. duromega's Avatar
      duromega -
      Quote Originally Posted by jOnGarrett View Post
      If it was the Samsung Galaxy S2 or the upcoming Nexus Prime with this problem, you'd be in your fan boy skirt with pom poms saying how poor the quality is of Android phones.
    1. artbran's Avatar
      artbran -
      I have 3 iPhone 4's in my possession 2 of which are completely stock, unopened/modified 16gb and the 32 has had the screen changed on it 4 times since it cracked over and over.Anyway, they were all purchased at the same time (the week they came out and all within a week of each other) but from different stores.The one 16gb is white while the other 16gb has a yellow tint to it.The 32gb was in the middle of the 2 when I got it and went white after the first digitizer was cracked and replaced.So it seems that the yellowing is just a difference between the production times at the factory. At least that's what I think as the serial numbers on the 3 units I have are pretty far apart...But that's just my though.
    1. PatrickGSR94's Avatar
      PatrickGSR94 -
      And this is why I'm glad I didn't get one on release day. I like to give 'em time to work the bugs and issues out.
    1. duromega's Avatar
      duromega -
      Quote Originally Posted by PatrickGSR94 View Post
      And this is why I'm glad I didn't get one on release day. I like to give 'em time to work the bugs and issues out.
       I didn't get one the release day because I'm broke but if you do get one that's why you have warranty 
    1. luvmytj's Avatar
      luvmytj -
      I went into the Apple store today since AT&T was making me wait 5 weeks, and I bought a new 4S 64gb. I got it out to compare it and damned if the screen isn't yellow tinted! It is like night & day comparing it to my 4.
    1. nealh's Avatar
      nealh -
      Please put a pic on the 4S and same pic on the 4. Which looks better? Look at color and skin tones.

      Then report back. I am just not convinced there is an issue. As stated above by a poster, I think the 4S is warmer display for pics, video.