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  • Futuristic "Apple City" Planned for Cupertino

    Apple has been working secretly with the world-renowned designer of the Hong Kong International Airport on the design of its new campus in Cupertino, according to a business publication in Spain. El Economista [googletrans] profiles "Apple City," which has been designed by Norman Foster - who also worked on the design of all-solar Masdar City in Abu Dhabi - to be at the cutting edge of energy efficiency and sustainability, and will feature a network of tunnels underground instead of roads connecting the buildings.

    The design process has reportedly been going on for months, but Apple just bought a disused 98-acre parcel of land from Hewlett-Packard for the new Apple City, right next to 50 acres the company bought back in 2006. The company is outgrowing its current headquarters at One Infinite Loop, Apple spokesman Steve Dowling told the San Jose Mercury News, saying "we now occupy 57 buildings in Cupertino and our campus is bursting at the seams." The acquisition of the new plot of land will allow the project to go forward.

    Apple City reportedly takes a lot of elements from the Foster + Partners design of Masdar City, which is being built from the ground up to be carbon-neutral and zero waste, with no cars allowed inside the city walls and personal rapid transit "pods" to take everyone around. Apple City will also be car-free, with all buildings connected by tunnels. In addition to giving employees an easier way around the 146-acre campus, which is split by Pruneridge Avenue and Interstate 280, the tunnels will also eliminate all roads and parking lots on the surface. "The buildings which will house the engineers and R&D will also be multifunctional and will incorporate cutting-edge technology in materials and equipment as well as renewable energy resources," El Economista's report says.

    Source: 9to5Mac
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    1. AnthonyGiola's Avatar
      AnthonyGiola -
      I knew it. Steve Jobs was always gonna get that palace he asked for 5 christmas' ago! Dang
    1. Eagleye's Avatar
      Eagleye -
      That is INTENSE. Probably gonna be like Google with the culinary food court crap and awesome working conditions. Are they hiring? lol...
    1. lvazn93's Avatar
      lvazn93 -
      whoa i would love to see how that place would look like!
    1. athleticswimmer's Avatar
      athleticswimmer -
      Quote Originally Posted by lvazn93 View Post
      whoa i would love to see how that place would look like!
      yes but the picture kind of gives you an idea
    1. xgus69's Avatar
      xgus69 -
      that picture id masdar city
    1. Zeal's Avatar
      Zeal -
      My house is bigger. Just saying.
    1. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
      awesomeSlayer -
      Bwhahahahahaha, Zeal, no.
    1. Squid7085's Avatar
      Squid7085 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Infeneon View Post
      Excellent, another way to put some good use to the $25+ million dollars just sitting there.
    1. theimapwnu's Avatar
      theimapwnu -
      yeaaaah, i've lived in cupertino for 18 years and i drive by the apple campus nearly every day getting around places lol

      i dont think it will be a high tech car free city anytime soon lmao
    1. one1's Avatar
      one1 -
      It's the Neverland of Apple. Steve Jobs may be the other half of Michael Jackson's brain.
    1. Cowboy's Avatar
      Cowboy -
      I want to go1 oh please let me go! please please pleeeaseeeee
    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      That look really cool.
    1. gcastro723's Avatar
      gcastro723 -
      and the invasion of "1984" begins...
    1. algojobathosai's Avatar
      algojobathosai -
    1. cheekydevil1234's Avatar
      cheekydevil1234 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Infeneon View Post
      Excellent, another way to put some good use to the $25+ million dollars just sitting there.
      They have a little more than that dude, try billion next to that 25 not million, in fact my hunch is it is more like 60 billion currently in the bank.

      actually I was not far off considering this was posted in October 2009 and that is before the massive success of the ipad and iphone 4 if you consider they added 10 billion to the bottom line from 08 to 09 and you add these extras I think it will be near the 50 - 60 billiob mark -

      FROM 2009
      Apple now has $34 billion in cash in the bank. Apple watchers will also know that they have no debt. So what are they going to do with all this money? Thatís $10 billion more than they had a year ago, and this past quarter alone, they added about $3 billion to the pile. Apple keeps saying that it will use the cash for ďpreservation of capital,Ē which is a fancy way of saying that theyíll be take little risk and keep it close.

      Thatís more cash than Microsoft has, and for some comparison, $34 billion is $10 billion more than the overall market cap of Yahoo. Itís also about $1.5 billion more than the market cap of eBay, and $4 billion more than the market cap of Dell. Itís almost exactly the same as the market cap of News Corp.
    1. Treeml's Avatar
      Treeml -
      Yay a glass building with underground tunnels (instead of outdoor paths) in one of the worlds most active earthquake zones! Now that's thinking different.
    1. lawrence27's Avatar
      lawrence27 -
      They should require you to have one of the iDevices to be able to enter the area.
    1. BenderRodriguez's Avatar
      BenderRodriguez -
      Quote Originally Posted by gcastro723 View Post
      and the invasion of "1984" begins...
      Don't you mean the attack for World War 5?
    1. Quaddy's Avatar
      Quaddy -
    1. zoso10's Avatar
      zoso10 -
      The surprising thing is that the whole building is going to be made out of one piece of aluminum.