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  • DragonFireSDK - Windows iPhone SDK [ GIVEAWAY ]

    We covered DragonFireSDK back in January, when they were a jailbreak-only program. They've since grown up a bit, and no longer require a jailbroken iPhone - which is good for all you folks stillllllll waiting for your jailbreak - to get developing in Windows.

    We get emails almost daily asking us how to develop for the iPhone in Windows (uh... why are you emailing us that... post in the forums. ), so I figured revisiting these guys would be solid. DragonFireSDK is a Windows iPhone SDK in C and C++ which comes with an iPhone Simulator. It allows you to do all your code on your Windows computer in C and C++, but be able to test in an actual simulator on Windows, as well as submit apps to Apple. If your device is not jailbroken DragonFireSDK will register it with Apple and allow you to test your app on your native device.

    The SDK has a nice suite of editing tools, and the iPhone simulator is solid and a great tool for Windows devs. Especially since Apple has decided if you want to develop for iPhone, you're going to do it on a Mac.

    The pricing gets a little hairy though, with a $49.95 starter kit (decent price - includes everything except the ability to build for actual device/release - sim only) and a $99.95 version which allows you to build for device. The issue with the $99.95 version being you get 10 test builds (extras costing $1 each) and only ONE AppStore build (extras costing $10 each). You can either get an actual iPhone Developer account through Apple and submit under that name, or submit for free through the DragonFireSDK folks' parent company - Zimusoft.

    The method of getting your code from your computer to Apple is also a bit jury rigged. They mention:

    The App that is submitted to the App Store is created on a Mac with your Apple approved C/C++ and the DragonFireSDK functions which call Objective - C functions.
    Read: "you send us your code, we compile it on our computer for you". This is still your best option aside from getting a Mac if you want to program for iPhone and are on Windows, but some may have issues handing out their code. Although you hand it to Apple, too.

    There's a decent amount of apps already created using the DragonFireSDK, including ones like Sliders (link opens iTunes) - which actually looks like a decent time-waster.

    We reached out to the guys at DragonFireSDK and they're hooking us up with a couple free serials for their Ultimate Pack, so we'll pass those on to you. If you program and are on Windows, note it in the comments and we'll choose a couple folks sometime this weekend to get free versions of the SDK to.
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    1. z6joker9's Avatar
      z6joker9 -
      I'd like this very much! My OSX netbook is pretty hard to code on!
    1. kuhndsn's Avatar
      kuhndsn -
      Sweet. A great option to building on windows. OSX is great. But this would be awsome to use on WIN machine. Expecially for those of us tgat moved to osx because of apps. The built-in emulator is a huge plus.
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      Meh...Who runs windows %^]
    1. kuhndsn's Avatar
      kuhndsn -
      Sweet. A great option to building on windows. OSX is great. But this would be awsome to use on WIN machine. Expecially for those of us that moved to osx because of apps. The built-in emulator is a huge plus.
    1. xshooter726's Avatar
      xshooter726 -
      I never new this Could be Done on windows!

      I would love to use this on my Windows 7.

      It would make my life so much easier. Wont need to be switching back and fourth from my Mac and PC!
    1. zturn13's Avatar
      zturn13 -
      i have been trying to get a mac so i can make apps but things keep coming up that take the money so this would be awesome to get for free!
    1. dylan33x's Avatar
      dylan33x -
      yes please, i hope i win
    1. dubt2's Avatar
      dubt2 -
    1. trdragons44's Avatar
      trdragons44 -
      me and my dad both have iphones and are both looking to program for the iphone, but no mac. I would love this.
    1. skillz1333's Avatar
      skillz1333 -
      Sounds great !!! Id love to have it !. I just cant turn my back on windows , Apple your iphone is definetly the best device ive ever owned ,,,, but not being able to develop apps on my pc is stingey !! I hope i get one of these serials please ! i have been dying to start developing on my pc , mac jus is not my thing.Windows 7 shut the game down , get lost mac os !!! note: apple would have been angry if windows didnt allow pc to work with the iphone , but apple hogs everything while pc is always willing !!! Please dont forget me , im all in !!! lol
    1. chris52204's Avatar
      chris52204 -
      Would love to get one of those serial to start programming for the iPhone on Windows. Much appreciated
    1. fightinillini94's Avatar
      fightinillini94 -
      I would like one please
    1. igismo's Avatar
      igismo -
      I just started learning Objective C a while ago, and from the books I'm reading, I think that this program will help me understand the language a little bit better, and hopefully produce my very own application.

      Hope I get that serial number
    1. 808mp5's Avatar
      808mp5 -
      I'd like to give it a try
    1. AkkeDaBest's Avatar
      AkkeDaBest -
      I'd like to code for the iPhone using my Windows 7 it ownz!
    1. tavella's Avatar
      tavella -
      I'd love this. I could stop having to bring my mbp to work because they wont pay for a Mac but want us to build iPhone apps.
    1. punjabi212's Avatar
      punjabi212 -
      I have windows and would love to win this!
    1. DcMeese's Avatar
      DcMeese -
      Count me in! I've been waiting for this for ages!

      When will Apple decide to make a Windows iPhone SDK? (whispers: "...never...")
    1. Swiftman's Avatar
      Swiftman -
      I've done some coding on Windows and would love to be able to start doing so for iOS! Never heard of DragonFireSDK before, but I'm glad that I saw this. Whether I win or not, I think I'll be looking into it! Thanks ModMyi!
    1. jomo25's Avatar
      jomo25 -
      Count me in! I'm definitely interested! The wife and I (both are programmers) were just talking about a couple of iPhone app ideas. Problem is we don't have Macs! We were starting to price out the lowest cost capable Mac to keep our "startup costs" as low as possible.

      If this is possible on Windows, that could save us some on the startup side. We're interested in the giveaway of course! That way, we can bust out a couple of apps, and if we are successful make the cash on those to buy a proper development workstation!