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  • DragonFireSDK - Windows iPhone SDK [ GIVEAWAY ]

    We covered DragonFireSDK back in January, when they were a jailbreak-only program. They've since grown up a bit, and no longer require a jailbroken iPhone - which is good for all you folks stillllllll waiting for your jailbreak - to get developing in Windows.

    We get emails almost daily asking us how to develop for the iPhone in Windows (uh... why are you emailing us that... post in the forums. ), so I figured revisiting these guys would be solid. DragonFireSDK is a Windows iPhone SDK in C and C++ which comes with an iPhone Simulator. It allows you to do all your code on your Windows computer in C and C++, but be able to test in an actual simulator on Windows, as well as submit apps to Apple. If your device is not jailbroken DragonFireSDK will register it with Apple and allow you to test your app on your native device.

    The SDK has a nice suite of editing tools, and the iPhone simulator is solid and a great tool for Windows devs. Especially since Apple has decided if you want to develop for iPhone, you're going to do it on a Mac.

    The pricing gets a little hairy though, with a $49.95 starter kit (decent price - includes everything except the ability to build for actual device/release - sim only) and a $99.95 version which allows you to build for device. The issue with the $99.95 version being you get 10 test builds (extras costing $1 each) and only ONE AppStore build (extras costing $10 each). You can either get an actual iPhone Developer account through Apple and submit under that name, or submit for free through the DragonFireSDK folks' parent company - Zimusoft.

    The method of getting your code from your computer to Apple is also a bit jury rigged. They mention:

    The App that is submitted to the App Store is created on a Mac with your Apple approved C/C++ and the DragonFireSDK functions which call Objective - C functions.
    Read: "you send us your code, we compile it on our computer for you". This is still your best option aside from getting a Mac if you want to program for iPhone and are on Windows, but some may have issues handing out their code. Although you hand it to Apple, too.

    There's a decent amount of apps already created using the DragonFireSDK, including ones like Sliders (link opens iTunes) - which actually looks like a decent time-waster.

    We reached out to the guys at DragonFireSDK and they're hooking us up with a couple free serials for their Ultimate Pack, so we'll pass those on to you. If you program and are on Windows, note it in the comments and we'll choose a couple folks sometime this weekend to get free versions of the SDK to.
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    1. D3vils R3ject's Avatar
      D3vils R3ject -
      Sweet I just started to teach myself c++ so I could start trying to develop apps for the iphone. This would be awesome to win. Thanks for the opportunity.
    1. ver_shine's Avatar
      ver_shine -
      Thanks Modmyi..
      If i have Dragonfire SDK,it will save my thousand dollars to buy Mac..
    1. DeMoN100's Avatar
      DeMoN100 -
      I would love to use this on my windows 7 so I can take the software of the iphone apart and make it better for everyone
    1. anjanbd's Avatar
      anjanbd -
      great! i'll like to have a copy.
    1. sunhillcopper's Avatar
      sunhillcopper -
      I would like to fritter away some time on my laptop developing a time wasting app for Kyle, which he will review (exclusively), love and make me $$$$$
    1. gviterbo's Avatar
      gviterbo -
      I've always wanted to create iphone applications but I don't have a Macbook. Please spare me a serial. Thank you!
    1. crisdorya's Avatar
      crisdorya -
      I would love to use what I learn at school (C++) for actual good things. Any spare serials?
    1. aidanski's Avatar
      aidanski -
      Wow, the prospect of developing apps on windows. Before this the only option for a windows user was a hackintosh, but look now. C++/C# development of apps instead of having to learn new languages (objective c). From the look of that "sliders" app this could be a very usable SDK.
      Nice one!
    1. mjs168's Avatar
      mjs168 -
      i would love to program on windows... i could only program on the weekends since my mac is at another place and i work 3 hours on weekdays
    1. SgtMe96's Avatar
      SgtMe96 -
      Hi. I've been planning to buy this for ages! I would love to make iPhone apps. It would be much appreciated if you could make this happen for me
    1. moomoochoo's Avatar
      moomoochoo -
      If you want to develop for the iphone on a windows system, another option is available. Install vmware. Vmware lets you set up a virtual environment for a number of different operating systems. You can run a MAC OS such as snow leopard in vmware. Whenever you want to program just open it up and plug away.
      I dont know about the legality of it though. I read somewhere that you arent allowed to run mac os on a non mac computer. im sure you can google it though ;P
    1. cow247's Avatar
      cow247 -
      Finally. I've been dieing to try coding for the iPhone, but I haven't really been motivated enough to install hackintosh just to try out the iPhone SDK. Put my name in the hat for one of those serials.
    1. Iwasmarvinchops's Avatar
      Iwasmarvinchops -
      I been wanting to make an app thanks for a alternative to osx
    1. Ochocinco's Avatar
      Ochocinco -
      aww i love to get this, i have always wanted to make apps but could never afford those overpriced macs
    1. LittleJob's Avatar
      LittleJob -
      any winners yet? i would really like my own copy.

    1. mr5080's Avatar
      mr5080 -
      I would be interested in giving DragonFireSDK a try, however, before you go wasting time developing with a primitive tool, you should first go check out Welcome to appMobi. The folks there have given developers the ability to develop iPhone AND Android apps AT THE SAME TIME on a Windows box!
      Check them out, pretty slick stuff!!!
    1. thebombzen's Avatar
      thebombzen -
      OMG this is just what I want! I want a mac, but they cost sooo freaking much so this would be perfect!
    1. slimothy's Avatar
      slimothy -
      Any winners yet?

      Was this a sham? Did anyone win? (jw)
    1. taskman2's Avatar
      taskman2 -

      That would be really great to have a couple of our people test it.

    1. Tamkis's Avatar
      Tamkis -
      I need to learn more C++ ! Coding iphone on Win is a dream come true. I know only basic old-fashioned C++ and QBASIC (stop lafing). Nevertheless,
      I would like to ask for a chance at the serial number, and if I win, I'll give it to my friend, who knows much c++ and is also a knowledgabl JBr.