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  • DragonFireSDK - Windows iPhone SDK [ GIVEAWAY ]

    We covered DragonFireSDK back in January, when they were a jailbreak-only program. They've since grown up a bit, and no longer require a jailbroken iPhone - which is good for all you folks stillllllll waiting for your jailbreak - to get developing in Windows.

    We get emails almost daily asking us how to develop for the iPhone in Windows (uh... why are you emailing us that... post in the forums. ), so I figured revisiting these guys would be solid. DragonFireSDK is a Windows iPhone SDK in C and C++ which comes with an iPhone Simulator. It allows you to do all your code on your Windows computer in C and C++, but be able to test in an actual simulator on Windows, as well as submit apps to Apple. If your device is not jailbroken DragonFireSDK will register it with Apple and allow you to test your app on your native device.

    The SDK has a nice suite of editing tools, and the iPhone simulator is solid and a great tool for Windows devs. Especially since Apple has decided if you want to develop for iPhone, you're going to do it on a Mac.

    The pricing gets a little hairy though, with a $49.95 starter kit (decent price - includes everything except the ability to build for actual device/release - sim only) and a $99.95 version which allows you to build for device. The issue with the $99.95 version being you get 10 test builds (extras costing $1 each) and only ONE AppStore build (extras costing $10 each). You can either get an actual iPhone Developer account through Apple and submit under that name, or submit for free through the DragonFireSDK folks' parent company - Zimusoft.

    The method of getting your code from your computer to Apple is also a bit jury rigged. They mention:

    The App that is submitted to the App Store is created on a Mac with your Apple approved C/C++ and the DragonFireSDK functions which call Objective - C functions.
    Read: "you send us your code, we compile it on our computer for you". This is still your best option aside from getting a Mac if you want to program for iPhone and are on Windows, but some may have issues handing out their code. Although you hand it to Apple, too.

    There's a decent amount of apps already created using the DragonFireSDK, including ones like Sliders (link opens iTunes) - which actually looks like a decent time-waster.

    We reached out to the guys at DragonFireSDK and they're hooking us up with a couple free serials for their Ultimate Pack, so we'll pass those on to you. If you program and are on Windows, note it in the comments and we'll choose a couple folks sometime this weekend to get free versions of the SDK to.
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    1. Sactual's Avatar
      Sactual -
      Wow, I have done some developing back in my day, and now I really want this. Coding in Windows is always pwnage. Hope I win xD.
    1. skater38053's Avatar
      skater38053 -
      I hope I get chosen to get one. I have windows 7 and would like to learn coding and programing... With modmyi I've been thinking of going to school to Learn how to code(maybe make jailbreaks ine day ) but as a future college student. My money is kinda short on being able to buy a Mac
    1. makhlari's Avatar
      makhlari -
      At last. A dev tool to liberate us from the tyrany of Mac. Viva win 7 viva!

      (Will this do?)

    1. Dj Meltdown's Avatar
      Dj Meltdown -
      I'm new as to it all, I would love to give it a go if possible
    1. DJewell1's Avatar
      DJewell1 -
      I have followed the DragonFire SDK for some time now, and thought very highly of them and the opportunities they want to offer Wimdows Objective C and C++ programmers. I am a college student working towards a bachelors degree in Computer Sciences, with great ideas and aspirations of coding my own application and submitting it, but have had no time since I had worked full-time and go to school full-time. I have always kicked around the idea of programming a application for the iPhone, and had great ideas that could bring great things to the Apple iPhone Application Store. Recently I have lost my job as a .NET programmer, and as I now have the time to really develop for this great device, I don't really have the money to spend on this great SDK. I know $50 to $100 isn't much to many people, but it is when you are putting yourself through school. I really do believe I could do the great things I have dreamed about doing on a Mac I couldn't afford on my Windows PC with this unbeatable, remarkable DragonFire SDK. I hope I may be picked to obtain one of your Serial numbers for this program, as I would be proud to represent one of many hungry Microsoft .NET Programmers!!! Thanks
    1. The Maestro's Avatar
      The Maestro -
      I would like nothing more than this. Please.
    1. cyberphox's Avatar
      cyberphox -
      Would love to get one of those serials to start programming for the iPhone on Windows. Need looking program! Thanks!
    1. CreoIgnem's Avatar
      CreoIgnem -
      I have been trying to get into app development for a while before I came across DragonFireSDK. I alwyas found having to own a Mac as a bit of a barrier to entry so I delayed learning Objective C but there always seems to be something more pressing than buying it!

      Would love to win a serial. Then maybe I can quit my job and become a better person!
    1. miguelk12's Avatar
      miguelk12 -
      Well i have been doing
      c++ for
      years now
      and the best thing about it isnt that it is simple but its ability to be
      used for everything including
      iphone apps!!!
      I would
      to enter this
      giveaway NOW!!
      gity gity go

      is embarising that i am posting this from my iphone
      and the spacing
      is really
      weird lol
    1. iLaw-One's Avatar
      iLaw-One -
      I waaaaannt this baaaaaaaad!!
    1. koolbart's Avatar
      koolbart -
      OMG i so wanted a sdk for windows.. i have been trying looking over the internet for one but there isnt any proper ones. but then i decided to get a mac vm and run it there but it is simmily too slow. i realy want to develop apps and use the SDK simulator.
    1. srob030869's Avatar
      srob030869 -
      I'd like a copy of this as like a previous poster my OSX netbook is hard to code on given the small screen size, on the laptop with a 15.6 screen under Windows 7 would be ideal
    1. iNT3Rv3NTiONZz's Avatar
      iNT3Rv3NTiONZz -
      Please please please let me have a copy. I've been learning c and c++ and I want to start building =] please
    1. BLADEofthePOPE's Avatar
      BLADEofthePOPE -
      Count me in! I'd love to get my mits on this baby
    1. InDashMP3's Avatar
      InDashMP3 -
      Would love to have a serial for the Ultimate kit. Can't even count how many app ideas I had, but because I don't have a mac, I am beat out and too late!

      Regardless, I'll probably pick this up if I am not chosen. Sounds like a great idea.
    1. vedavis's Avatar
      vedavis -
      I was NOT impressed with the beta version of the SDK. Nor am I comfortable with releasing source to another entity (Apple is one thing, this is another). Plus the fact that Apple released a statement about developing on third-party compilers leaves me un-assured about the longevity of the product. Please don't send me a copy.
    1. jimbob80's Avatar
      jimbob80 -
      Hi all, my name is Jim! Nice to meet you all.

      I am in the middle of my Games Design degree and this piece of software would be fantastic and would help me no end...

      I rely on Windows and have not had the spare cash to buy an Apple, so far I have missed out on iPhone development because of this.

      I would love the opportunity to use this software, it would give me the chance to finally develop something for the iPhone.

      Thank you to the creators of this software as it is groundbreaking and thank you to the guys who have set up this opportunity.

      Good luck to us all!
    1. alyshehata's Avatar
      alyshehata -
      i Would love to start programming in windows
    1. Akamir's Avatar
      Akamir -
      Ohh finally. Going to check this out. Was about to buy a Mac!

      Edit: I'm on Windows
    1. mohitd2000's Avatar
      mohitd2000 -
      I'm on Windows 7 and I would love to have an edition of DragonFireSDK!