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  • Current List of iOS 5 Compatible Cydia Packages

    Numerous Cydia tweaks are currently being updated for iOS 5. As of late, this is what we know.

    iOS 5 is currently jailbreakable using redsn0w 0.9.9b5. The jailbreak is tethered meaning that you will need to connect your device to a computer every time that you restart the device; and 'boot tethered.' Rest assured, that along with the Siri porting project, iPhone hackers are working on an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.

    While iOS 5 is new and quickly becoming a big hit for most iDevice users, jailbreak devs are currently working as fast as they can to adapt their jailbreak tweaks and packages to iOS 5 binaries. The transition from iOS 4 to iOS 5 will take a few weeks, maybe months – as it did when iOS 4 came out, nothing happened over night. But, as of late, this is what we know about tweak and package compatibility between Cydia and iOS 5:

    Fully Compatible with iOS 5:
    • 3G Unrestrictor
    • 60 Second Lock Screen
    • Action Menu
    • Action Menu Plus Pack
    • ActionBoard
    • Activator
    • AdBlocker
    • afc2add
    • Airplane SBSettings
    • AndroidLock XT
    • App Switcher Brightness
    • AppBackup
    • APT 0.7 HTTPS Method
    • AskToCall
    • Autolock SBSettings
    • Barrel
    • BatteryDetective
    • BBSettings
    • BeyondSMS
    • Black Keyboard
    • Bolt
    • Browser Changer
    • CallBar
    • CallCounter3
    • CleverPin
    • ClockCenter
    • Color Mail Labels
    • Compas for Maps
    • Ērackulous
    • Cydelete
    • DashBoard for Maps
    • Datacounter
    • DietBar
    • Dimmer
    • Direct Closer Pro
    • DisplayOut
    • Dock
    • Double At
    • Dreamboard
    • Erica Utilities
    • EZDecline
    • f.lux
    • FakeCarrier
    • FakeClockUp
    • FakeMail
    • FakeOperator
    • Fastr
    • Firewall iP
    • Five collum SB
    • Five Icon Dock
    • Five Icon Switcher
    • FlashCam
    • FolderCloser
    • FolderLock
    • FullScreen for Safari
    • Gridlock
    • HapticPro
    • Home Button in Safari
    • HomePage
    • iFaceApp
    • iFile
    • iGotYa
    • Instant Mirror
    • IP Blocker
    • iPhoneDelivery
    • iPhone Modem
    • iRealSMS
    • iRetina 4+ SBSetting Theme
    • iRetiner GUI
    • iSwipe
    • iTether
    • KBShortcuts
    • KeypadTransparency
    • KickLock
    • KillBackground
    • KuaiDail
    • libstatusbar
    • Location Spoofer
    • LockLauncher
    • Manual Correct
    • Manual Correct Pro
    • MarkThatMessage
    • Media Controller Brightness
    • MessWithWords
    • MissedCallOpening
    • Mobile Substrate
    • MobileTerminal
    • Multifl0w
    • MultiNoteDelete
    • multislide
    • MxTube
    • My3G
    • MyIP
    • MyWi 5.0
    • Navigate From Maps
    • Netaltalk
    • No Bookmarks
    • NoSpot
    • OmniStat
    • OpenSSH
    • OverBoard
    • PagePusher
    • PasswordPilot
    • Phone GV Extension
    • PKGBackup
    • PowerCenter
    • PowerSaver
    • PreferenceLoader
    • PreventSleep
    • PrivaCy
    • PrivateSMS
    • Pull to Refresh for Mail
    • Pull to Refresh for Safari
    • QuickNote
    • QuickOpen
    • Repo Setup Files
    • Respring Widget
    • RetinaPad
    • roqyBT4
    • RSSWidget for iOS 5
    • SBSettings
    • sbsettingstoggles
    • ScreenDimmer
    • ScreenLocker
    • Scrollingboard
    • Serious SBSettings HD
    • ShakeToUndo Killer
    • Silent Vibrate SBSettings
    • SleepDepriver
    • SlideAway
    • SlideCenter
    • SMS Counter
    • SMS GV Extension
    • SMS+
    • Source GUI
    • SpringFlash + SBSettings Toggle
    • StayOpened
    • Substrate Safe Mode
    • SuperSlider
    • TetherMe
    • Toggle SSH
    • Transparent Statusbar for iOS4
    • TruPrint
    • UDIDFaker
    • UISettings
    • ultrasn0w
    • UnlimTones
    • Veency
    • VoiceActivator
    • Voicemail Forwarder
    • Wallpaper JPEGifier
    • Webscrollian
    • WeeFacebook
    • WeeRadio
    • WiCarrier
    • WiFi Booster
    • WiFi Passwords
    • WiFiSMS
    • Winterboard
    • xGPS


    1. AndroidLock XT - Will work although, it will disable the camera button on your lock screen.
    2. Black Keyboard - Reports say it's buggy.
    3. Gridlock - Requires IconSupport, which is not publicly available for download yet. The current version of IconSupport
      does not support iOS 5. The beta version does.
    4. iRealSMS - Reports say it eliminates the ability to send MMS messages.
    5. Pull to Refresh for Mail - Reports say there are some bugs with this.
    6. Scrollingboard - Reports say this can cause sluggishness.
    7. ultrasn0w - Only works on old baseband. More here.
    8. Winterboard - Not in Cydia, download .deb file here. Install through SSH.

    Partially Compatible with iOS 5:
    • App Switcher Ringer
    • biteSMS
    • Calltell
    • CleanStatus
    • Clock Plugin for LockInfo
    • Dynamic Table Strip
    • FastCopy
    • GuizmOVPN
    • iAP Cracker
    • iBlank
    • IconSupport
    • LockGestures
    • LockInfo
    • LSRotator
    • MultiIconMover
    • No Clock Status
    • StatusTweak
    • SwipeToMoveCursor

    1. App Switcher Ringer - This will change media volume, but has no effect on ringer volume.
    2. biteSMS - Currently in open beta.
    3. Calltell - Works, but isn't compatible with iMessage.
    4. CleanStatus - Reports say that it doesn't hide status bar objects correctly.
    5. Clock Plugin for LockInfo - Calendar doesn't work.
    6. Dynamic Table Strip - Works for Contacts app, Phone app, but not iPod app.
    7. iAP Cracker - Reports say it conflicts with other apps.
    8. iBlank - The theme to remove shadows doesn't work and you will be unable to respring your iDevice.
    9. IconSupport - The beta version works in iOS 5. The public version does not.
    10. LockGestures - Only tap gestures are working.
    11. LockInfo - Beta works, public version doesn't.
    12. LSRotator - Works fine except for a glitch with the camera button.
    13. MultiIconMover - Beta works fine, get it here.
    14. No Clock Status - Works everywhere except Facebook and Cydia.
    15. StatusTweak - Moving the AM/PM in your status bar doesn't work.
    16. SwipeToMoveCursor - Moves cursor two spaces instead of one space.

    Not Compatible With iOS 5:
    • 5-Row Keyboard
    • AlphaCon
    • BackForwardEnhancer
    • Backgrounder
    • Call InfoFields
    • CameraWallpaper
    • Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing
    • Covert
    • Cyntact
    • Delete Word
    • FakeLocation
    • FolderEnhancer
    • FoldersInFolders
    • Homescreen Settings
    • Home Page in Safari
    • Icon Renamer
    • Infinidock
    • Infinifolders
    • IntelliScreen
    • iPicMyContacts
    • LinkSafe
    • LiveClock
    • Lock Calendar
    • Lockdown Pro
    • LockScreen Clock Hide
    • Maps Enhancer
    • MultiCleaner
    • MultiExchanges
    • NoAccessorySplash
    • Notifier+
    • OpenNotifier
    • PhotoAlbums+
    • PwnTunes
    • Random Icon Flip
    • RemindMeLater
    • Remove Background
    • RestoreTab for Safari
    • Safari Download Manager
    • SBRotator for iOS 4.x
    • ShowCase
    • Shrink
    • Speed for Maps
    • Springtomize
    • StartDial
    • StatusNotifier
    • StyleUnlock
    • SwitcherMod
    • SwitcherPlus
    • User Agent Faker
    • Vibrafications
    • WeatherIcon
    • Wi-Fi Sync
    • xBackup
    • YFiSelect4


    They don't work. I don't even recommend trying them. They will either plague you with errors, springboard crashes, app crashes, freeze-ups, or just general problems. Stay away from the red coated tweaks on this page.

    Currently Unknown Compatibility with iOS 5:
    • Alarming
    • AppLinks
    • AppSlide
    • Ask to Send
    • AttachmentSaver
    • BTStack
    • ColorKeyboard
    • GridTab for Safari
    • HeadingLock for Maps
    • iCallAnnounce
    • iLocalis
    • IntelliShared
    • IntelliStatusBarIcons
    • KeyVibrate
    • Link Identity Editor
    • MewSeek
    • MobileNotifier
    • MyVolume
    • NoVoiceMail
    • OpenNotifier Premium Pack
    • PdaNet
    • PictureME
    • PlayAwake
    • Rotation Inhibitor
    • SBBrightness
    • ShakeToUndo Killer
    • SleepFX
    • SMSEnhancer
    • Volume Boost
    • Xpandr
    • YourTube 2


    I don't recommend installing the apps where the compatibility is unknown. They come with the chance of possibly putting your device in the same state as the apps that are not compatible. I would stay away from these too, until they are verified.

    Props to The_Ben for the wonderful list of Cydia applications. Any that he missed that I knew about, I tried to add myself.

    So now that you know what tweaks are/aren't compatible with iOS 5, what will you choose to do with your device? Will you go ahead with the tethered jailbreak until the untethered jailbreak? Or will you wait for the untethered jailbreak? Some of you might have decided that iOS 5 does everything you want it to and you've decided not to jailbreak at all. Keep in mind that many of the tweaks that are not compatible with iOS 5 are being worked on. Some of the tweaks that I know for sure are getting worked on are: Infinifolders, Infinidock, and Springtomize.

    If I left anything off of the list and you have any information as to its compatibility, please leave a comment below so that other readers can benefit from your information.

    Sources: Redmond Pie
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    1. volatile-dev's Avatar
      volatile-dev -
      Quote Originally Posted by moveandstore View Post
      Thanks for the list. A lot of stuff I use and need like Backgrounder; User Agent Faker; and WeatherIcon are redlisted. These are useful tools, which I will wait until they are all compatible. Nice work and thanks for taking time to compile this list. Will keep my eye on any new updates.
      WeatherIcon should be listed under Partially Working. While it doesn't put the weather over the icon, it does put the weather in the status bar.
    1. punjabi212's Avatar
      punjabi212 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jerzdre View Post
      how doi load this winterboard to my phone?
      You can only do it through SSH. Use Toggle SSH only if you know what you're doing.
    1. thunderwolf333's Avatar
      thunderwolf333 -
      this is really useful thanks
    1. Kariodude's Avatar
      Kariodude -
      Yeah it says up there that Winterboard doesn't work. You have to download the deb and ssh it to your phone and THEN install. Otherwise you'll get the safemode loop.
    1. one_crazy_dude's Avatar
      one_crazy_dude -
      Happy to see this list. Before it was out I installed removebg and it sent phone into safe mode and I also installed pdanet, it would start but say needs phone to restart every time. I had to restore and rejailbreak the phone never ran the same.
    1. weazle23's Avatar
      weazle23 -
      Bosspaper seems to be working ok
    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      Fantastic List man, thanks.
    1. dsg's Avatar
      dsg -
      Winterboard should be under Partially Compatible with the Winterfix or the Beta if you can find it
    1. Jerzdre's Avatar
      Jerzdre -
      If I knew the steps to load it manually I would
    1. Colby21's Avatar
      Colby21 -
      Jailbreak doesn't work on my 3GS anyway..
    1. bbillh77's Avatar
      bbillh77 -
      Winterboard crashes me too. icallanounce and tlert installed but do not function
    1. xXDrizzyyXx's Avatar
      xXDrizzyyXx -
      Quote Originally Posted by stayupthetree View Post
      Anything on qtweeter??
      It works
    1. vantheman169's Avatar
      vantheman169 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Kaospassageraren View Post
      hi there..well winterboard just sends me straight in to safemode??!..nobody else?
      Same here!
    1. Boker's Avatar
      Boker -
      now all we/i need is iPhone 4S jailbreak
    1. trentmorris's Avatar
      trentmorris -
      One of the most useful posts you guys have done in the News feed. Thank you!I'd also like to know the status of Remove Background (+SBSettings toggle), and AppInfo. If anyone knows..
    1. R.Mortera's Avatar
      R.Mortera -
      All I need is winterboard (stable) and I'll be good to go
    1. marys25's Avatar
      marys25 -
    1. jose060789's Avatar
      jose060789 -
      Talking about iOS 5, how can you watch YouTube videos on HQ/HD using 3G without using 3G unrestrictor on an iPhone 4 and 4s?
    1. NakedFaerie's Avatar
      NakedFaerie -
      "SwirlyMessenger for iPad 3G" IS iOS5 compatible. You should add it to the list.
    1. PoEtikly's Avatar
      PoEtikly -
      I can tell you now that BiteSMS does NOT work with iOS 5 yet. There hasn't been an update cuz I have one i4 on 4.3.3 and another on iOS 5 and on either cydia has an update been presented. As for Winterboard I had to install Winterfix in order to get it working. It would keep my i4 in constant safe mode. I'll have to see what this Winterboard beta is and try it out. Also I just tried gridlock because I saw it on the list and it is causing it to go into safe mode. Yes I have the mobile substrate and icon support updates.