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  • UISettings Pre-Release Beta Now Available [iPad Support Added]

    Dating back from the first release of the iOS 5 beta, developers were all over the Notification Center and were eager to start developing widgets and packages for the center in the jailbreak community (since Apple did not open it the public to develop on). The first released third-party widget for the Notification Center was UISettings. UISettings was the first attempt at bringing an SBSettings-like experience to iOS 5 on the Notification Center and inspired many developers to start working on their own Notification Center packages. UISettings has evolved quite a bit from its beginning with improved performance, a new look, and various added features.

    The developer of UISettings, qwertyoruiop (@qwertyoruiop), has been tinkering for quite some time and is on the verge of releasing UISettings to the BigBoss repo for a public release. He is making UISettings available to the public to test and play around to make sure that any kinks are fixed before he submits.

    UISettings offers similar toggles and functions to SBSettings (inspired by it) and pre-dated the SBSettings beta release for iOS 5. UISettings offers toggles for the following:
    • WiFi
    • Bluetooth
    • Location Services
    • Airplane Mode
    • Brightness
    • Volume
    • Respring
    • Safe Mode
    • Power Off
    • Reboot

    These components have been staple aspects since day one, however what is new in this particular update is:

    On top of just these, qwertyoruiop is currently working on a lock screen widget that will accompany UISettings. That would make UISettings available on the lock screen for easy use. It would be the first attempt, or I should say, release of a lock screen widget for iOS 5. It is not available yet but should be in another update or two. A preview of what it will look like is below:

    Add the following repo on your iOS device to have access to the iPhone/iPod version if you wish to give it a shot:


    For iPad users, you will need to download the separate .deb file and install via SSH. The link to the iPad version is below:

    UISettings for iPad

    Here are a few things to remember:
    • UISettings is in beta. That means it may not be entirely stable or work well with other packages. Remember that you're essentially testing a possibly unstable version (from repo or .deb file)
    • You're fully responsible for what you install on your device. If you're not proficient in problem solving with your device on your own, it is not recommended that you test
    • Because the iPad version of UISettings is a .deb package, this will require you to SSH into your device and install the .deb package manually

    If you don't know how to install a .deb package via SSH, either wait until the iPad version of UISettings is available on a repository or search the forums on how to SSH and install a .deb package. There are numerous ways of SSHing into your device with various programs and applications, so choose a method that works best for you.

    The developer is always looking for support feedback, so make sure if you run into any issues, report it to qwertyoruiop. That makes the package better for everyone in the coming future. Here are a few guidelines that I like to follow when beta testing that I would recommend you follow:
    • If you run into any issues, make sure to report it right away to make sure you don't forget
    • When reporting the issue, make sure you're stating the issue concisely and constructive. Check your grammar, spelling, and other things. Those are all important characteristics of a good report
    • Be willing to coordinate with the developer to find out your issue
    • Don't automatically assume that it is the package's fault. It may be a conflict with another application or tweak that you have installed (or the OS itself). Be respectful and humble in the regard that it may be a fault on your end as well
    • Don't complain, whine, or get upset. It is a beta software and should be treated as such

    Source(s): qwertyoruiop
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      klouud -
      Quote Originally Posted by indyracer05 View Post
      Uisettings > sbsettings
      ...Nuff said
      I'm looking into this app - why do you say this? i.e., explain please.
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      Quote Originally Posted by trentmorris View Post
      Ironically, the user interface of UISettings is ugly as poop. I hope they look into making it less hard on the eyes.

      I'll be sticking with SBSettings for the foreseeable future.
      I totally agree with you. I'll also stick with SBSetting.