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  • Radio Shack Launches Week Long iPhone Discount Program Today

    There's no shortage of consumers doing a double-take over the price cuts and trade-in opportunities beginning this weekend at Radio Shack. From December 4th-11th, you can get at least $50 off a new iPhone. Even better, by trading in your current model, you can get a brand spankin' new iPhone 4 for a previously unheard of price. If it sounds like an internet or email scam, you're not alone in thinking that. But the deal from Radio Shack is legit for all customers either new to AT&T or eligible for upgrade pricing.

    Radio Shack has outlined on its website precisely how much a trade in would save you on a new handset, given the qualified model you would be forking over. If for example, you're trading in a fully functional 16GB iPhone 3GS, Radio Shack will give you a $125.00 credit as part of the Trade and Save program. In addition, you can combine that offer with Radio Shack's "instant $50 savings." In this particular case, you would then be eligible for a new iPhone 4 at a cost of $25 (sans taxes, activation fees).

    Despite what you may have heard elsewhere or gleaned from blogs reporting misinformation, this week-long sale is not available through Radio Shack's online storefront. You need to actually visit your local Radio Shack (store locator) to secure any deal available to you. Additionally, current AT&T customers are encouraged to check out Radio's Shack's Eligibility Checker to see exactly what deals (if any) are ripe for the taking via upgrade pricing.

    For more info, check out Radio Shack's Trade and Save program to determine what deals are available to you.

    Radio Shack
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    1. sharrack's Avatar
      sharrack -
      Well..... here's what my radio shack in phoenix told me:
      1- the 18.00 upgrade charge appears on your bill and att charges it to you.

      2- my data plan would have to change to a tiered plan from unlim.

      misinfo or not..... that's what i was told. i'll go back tomorrow for round 2
      and report back.
    1. z6joker9's Avatar
      z6joker9 -
      Just so you know, just because the $30 unlimited was grandfathered to the iP4 for anyone that had it before doesn't mean we'll be able to keep it on future upgrades. AT&T would not allow us to grandfather the $20 unlimited (plus 200 text) from the original iPhone to the 3G.

      But for anyone having trouble grandfathering the $30 plan at RS, just sell your iPhone and buy from AT&T.
    1. sharrack's Avatar
      sharrack -
      yes..... att told me later that day that they would preserve my unlimited plan and waive the 18.00 fee if phone was bought from their store.
    1. Ichwohneinloche's Avatar
      Ichwohneinloche -
      Got mine today. Total price was $29 and change with a body glove case and including taxes. At&t is waiving my activation fee as well and I was able to keep my unlimited data.
    1. tellytel's Avatar
      tellytel -
      This really isnt as much of a deal as it sounds. Yeah its 50$ off the iphone but your paying your state tax on the FULL price of the phone. I just bought one and my sales tax was 49.50!! (ca btw).

      So in actuality had i bought it from att i would have payed somewhere in the 210-215$ range. But i payed 195 at radioshack. So savings around 20$, i guess its better then nothing.