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  • Windows Phone Is The Answer To iOS Monotony and Android's Chaos - Andy Lees

    The President of Microsoft’s Windows Phone division, Andy Lees, truly believes that Microsoft’s new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, is the answer to the problems that Android and iOS are facing.

    Microsoft seems to be coming out on top where Apple and Google are failing according to Lees. He feels that Apple doesn’t offer options, leaving Apple being too monotonous. When it comes to all the areas where Apple has had success, he says the following: “I think, from an end user’s experience on the software, there’s a lot of interesting reviews written comparing us to iOS 5 and the amount that we’ve got done in 11 months — so some people (are) making comparisons of pace.” This does seem to be true as a variety of different Mango reviews on the web have proclaimed that Mango brings back what previous iterations of Windows platforms left out. Being someone who has a backup Windows Phone running on Mango, I do feel that Microsoft really brought things up to pace with iOS but it still isn’t quite there.

    As far as Android goes, Lees feels that the Android platform is chaotic and the consistency of the Windows Phone is the answer to the issue. “We want to enable OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), we want to enable operators, but we don’t want chaos.” He goes on to say that some Android phones feel great while others don’t. The whole situation with Android leaves users with random feelings and he feels that Windows Phones will offer “much more coherency in the totality of what somebody gets when they buy our phone.”

    It was noted that Windows Phone coverage is expected with a wide range of price points for this holiday season including some below the $100 point. 4G Windows Phones are also expected in the near future and furthermore analysts are predicting that by 2015, Windows Phones will eventually grab around 20% of the market share.

    Being someone who has tried all three platforms, I still feel that Apple’s iOS comes out on top right now and will continue to for quite some time. I totally can see the Windows Phone platform coming in as a close second given some time as the platform utilizes unique structure behind the OS. Android seems as if it takes too many ideas from the iOS platform and it isn’t as refined either leaving much to be desired. When it comes to Lees’ opinion on Android, I agree 100%. The responsiveness of the Windows Phone and the smoothness/elegance are all things to brag about but in terms of features and convenience, the platform is still far from being close to the iOS platform. Maybe in time things will change but one can imagine Apple to still be holding its lead.

    If you are interested in reading the full interview with Andy Lees, hit the source link below.

    Do you agree with Lees? How do you feel about the three major smartphone platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)? Let us know in the comments below!

    Source: The Seattle Times
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    1. toawkanavngthded's Avatar
      toawkanavngthded -
      I haven't tried mango but had A captivate and a tilt 2. I had my tilt 2 rooted and all that good stuff but it was still slow and lacked a lot of features. Had the captivate rooted with custom roms that I would switch a few times a month! It was cool and fun but still missed iOS. I had the 2g then switched to the tilt 2 (which I shouldn't of) then captivate (should of just gotten the ip4 at the time). Then jumped back on the iOS after having android for about 6 months. I'm the type of person that likes to mess wit things differently. I was thinking of getting an sgs2 but I'm sure i would like it maybe for the first few months and then go back to iOS. So for me it's just iOS all the way!