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  • JailbreakMe.com No Longer Safe For Jailbreakers

    According to a recent announcement by MuscleNerd (@MuscleNerd), the infamous jailbreak website JailbreakMe.com is no longer safe for jailbreaking. From what we've been told, the owners of the JailbreakMe domain, Drudge of Conceited Software (@ConceitedApps), sold it to an unknown buyer. This means that the domain JailbreakMe will no longer be available for jailbreak uses.

    Nonetheless, MuscleNerd mentioned that all the jailbreak tools will be moved to jailbreaks.me. In the meantime however, web-based jailbreaking is unavailable. Migration of all the web-based jailbreak tools should be on the jailbreaks.me website very soon. Make sure to not use jailbreakme.com anymore as it is a potential hotspot for iPhone malware and is untrusted and unsafe. Spread the word!

    ModMyi will keep you posted on the status of the new website jailbreaks.me as it is still a work in progress.

    Source(s): MuscleNerd
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      Quote Originally Posted by Drist9900 View Post
      yeah dude i hope so, haha i just had my 3.1.3 cause my 4.2.1 shattered and i had font swap and downloaded some font and it wouldnt let my 3.1.3 os ipod boot up. it just got stuck on the booting up or whatever. So, i just re-did this jailbreak yesterday. i guess i should have read up on here before i jailbreak so uh yeah but it seems fine i guess i read about how they talked to the person that now owns it or some good thing like that. http://modmyi.com/images/smilies/noidea.gif
      All good now bro no need to worry