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  • Steve Jobs Has Died

    The world has lost a visionary today.

    Apple has just released that Steve Jobs has passed away, at the age of 56. Jobs had been dealing with liver issues, and had a liver transplant in April of 2009. His health continued to deteriorate, and he died today.

    Apple is what it is today due to Steve's vision and passion for innovation.

    There is much to write of his incredible career, life, and the changes he made in today's technology. However, you probably know his story well by now, so we'll simply say we, too, will miss Steve Jobs. Our prayers go out to his family and friends.

    Apple - Remembering Steve Jobs
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    1. texan's Avatar
      texan -
      R.I.P Steve, you definitely have left your mark in this world.
    1. Madman604x's Avatar
      Madman604x -

      you will be missed.

    1. II Kronyx II's Avatar
      II Kronyx II -
      He will truly be missed by us all. Can't believe it. R.I.P.
    1. Paco's Avatar
      Paco -
      Holy chit I really do wish this was one of those twitter rumors well then R.I.P. Mr. Jobs you were truly a genius
    1. Mr. Russian's Avatar
      Mr. Russian -
      I miss you Steve
      I love you buddy
      Thanks for apple
      Really sad day for me now.
    1. abujala's Avatar
      abujala -
      rip mr. Jobsyour imagination changed our reality,,very sad day
    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Rest in Peace, Steve. You did a great thing; working up to your death for the company that you put your heart and soul into. You have earned a faithful Apple customer for life.
    1. BoostedEvoIX's Avatar
      BoostedEvoIX -
      R.I.P Steve Jobs. The world has lost a true American icon, an idol, a genius and a great visionary. Steve Jobs revolutionized the smart phone, computer and tablet industry to another level and beyond imagination. You will be missed
    1. spongebobiwan's Avatar
      spongebobiwan -
      Steve Jobs gave his final "Oh, and one more thing" today. We all (most) knew this was coming and somewhat expected it. That doesn't make it any easier. Death is always the final act in every person's life and something we need to remember to recognize and put things into their proper perspective. I am grateful for the huge input Steve had and that I am able to use and enjoy thanks to him. Yes, he will be missed.
    1. lilrican21's Avatar
      lilrican21 -
      I say we should stop hacking or release mods on Cydia for a day as a sign of respect and thanks.
    1. one_crazy_dude's Avatar
      one_crazy_dude -
      Rest in peace Steve.
    1. Just Dummy's Avatar
      Just Dummy -
      I for one am definitely buying the 4s as it's the last iPhone that Mr. Jobs had any input on.
    1. raduga's Avatar
      raduga -
      RIP OS9

    1. rehtaehy73's Avatar
      rehtaehy73 -
      I am more impressed that he stood by this company for as long as he did. Dedication to ones life dream is a quality we all should share. He will be missed, mourned and loved through generations to come. Thank you, Steve, for becoming an American icon we can all respect.
    1. ishamiyal's Avatar
      ishamiyal -
      Rest in peace Steve, you will be sorely missed. :-(
    1. NArush's Avatar
      NArush -
      Thanks for changing my life. I'm drinking Apple juice all week.
    1. rehtaehy73's Avatar
      rehtaehy73 -
      Quote Originally Posted by lilrican21 View Post
      I say we should stop hacking or release mods on Cydia for a day as a sign of respect and thanks.
      Awesome idea.
    1. raduga's Avatar
      raduga -
      Quote Originally Posted by lilrican21 View Post
      I say we should stop hacking or release mods on Cydia for a day as a sign of respect and thanks.
      Quote Originally Posted by rehtaehy73 View Post
      Awesome idea.
      A sign of respect and thanks to this guy?

    1. FiVe5tArPlAy3r's Avatar
      FiVe5tArPlAy3r -
      R.I.P Steve Jobs
    1. infamoushack's Avatar
      infamoushack -
      the world has lost a visionary today. R.I.P Steve you will always be my hero. ='[