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  • Steve Jobs Has Died

    The world has lost a visionary today.

    Apple has just released that Steve Jobs has passed away, at the age of 56. Jobs had been dealing with liver issues, and had a liver transplant in April of 2009. His health continued to deteriorate, and he died today.

    Apple is what it is today due to Steve's vision and passion for innovation.

    There is much to write of his incredible career, life, and the changes he made in today's technology. However, you probably know his story well by now, so we'll simply say we, too, will miss Steve Jobs. Our prayers go out to his family and friends.

    Apple - Remembering Steve Jobs
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    1. sammo123's Avatar
      sammo123 -
      Never been more inspired by one man. Steve you will be missed by so many
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      You were a legend and will continue to be one.

    1. Kil0111's Avatar
      Kil0111 -
      Rest easy mr. Jobs
    1. Brick James's Avatar
      Brick James -
      Quote Originally Posted by Nest View Post
      R.I.P. Steve Jobs. I can honestly speak for many when I say you've changed our lives.
      Same here.... I'm sitting like "DAMN!" You kinda take life for granted at times. R.I.P.
    1. desepticon's Avatar
      desepticon -
      Thank you Steve Jobs for changing the world for the better!
    1. iphonerookie's Avatar
      iphonerookie -
      Wow how crappy RIP Steve
    1. asma123's Avatar
      asma123 -
      at least he left his family really wealthy...
    1. energiesource's Avatar
      energiesource -
      RIP Steve...sad day.
    1. Michael Essany's Avatar
      Michael Essany -
      It has been an honor and a privilege to cover news born of the company and the products this man is responsible for. A sad day, but a great opportunity to honor the man and learn from his inspiring leadership and visionary accomplishments.
    1. purplemonkeyspank's Avatar
      purplemonkeyspank -
      Too soon for jokes?
    1. blkcadi's Avatar
      blkcadi -
      Steve will be deeply missed. My heart and prayers go out to his family and friends.
    1. zani1972's Avatar
      zani1972 -
      may he rip he will be missed
    1. xyx's Avatar
      xyx -
      RIP...sad day for the world for sure.
    1. se23's Avatar
      se23 -
    1. Colin Twigg's Avatar
      Colin Twigg -
      R.I.P Steve, thanks for all the hard work you have put into making Apple what it is today
    1. Adayday's Avatar
      Adayday -
      Breaks my heart to hear this all happen. Steve was a man who revolutionized the technology industry and a personal hero of mine. He has done so much to help others, while managing an amazing technological empire. I do feel happy that he got to see his product showing of the iPhone 4S, even though he wasn't at the conference. I'm sure Tim Cook will do a great job as the new CEO of Apple but nobody could ever live up to the name of Steve Jobs. My heart goes out to his family, friends, and co-workers for such a tragic loss of such a great man. Apple will still be watched by Steve from a better place and once again may he Rest In Peace.
    1. PoEtikly's Avatar
      PoEtikly -
      My prayers go out to Steve Job's family and may he rest in peace. He was a true leader of technology and innovation.
    1. se23's Avatar
      se23 -
    1. ronfin44's Avatar
      ronfin44 -
    1. se23's Avatar
      se23 -