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  • You Could Have A White iPhone 4 But Do You Have the Guts?

    So you want an White iPhone 4, but there are none to be found. You could have a White iPhone 4, but do you have the guts to rip apart your brand new phone? Engadget sure does! They've put together a great set of pictures of their Do It Yourself White iPhone Case. The results are actually incredibly sharp, and looks great.

    Engadget got their hands on a white case manufactured from a Chinese production company, which included a front and back piece.

    we couldn't wait -- having spent 11 hours on the streets waiting for the iPhone 4, it's only natural to give our precious new toy some extra special care. With the help of iFixit's teardown guide, we decided to take the plunge with our steaming hot Chinese delivery -- a white front cover (with a shiny proximity sensor area above the earpiece), a white back cover (with "XXXXX" marked as the model number, ergo a prototype), and a Retina Display unit. Alas, there weren't any white buttons in stock at the time, but let's pretend this black-and-white combo is the new cool.
    So as you can see, they haven't ended up with a pure white iPhone, but rather a hint of black in there, but for many of you that would probably be just fine.

    I'm interested in seeing how many of the members of the MMi community have already done something similar, using iFixit's teardown guide. Maybe some custom painted cases already? Let me know, we'd love to feature someone's DIY guide for their own design/color.

    Source: Engadget

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    1. ErikiPhone's Avatar
      ErikiPhone -
      White iPhone is definitely ABSOLUTELY AWESOME- but I'm not buying overpriced ever!

      If you think of changing the backs in prospective, when the original is launched all over the place- there (by all means!) will be something in your black-then-white going wrong or telling it is imitation , so that anyone would be able to tell that You made it yourself… Lame…
    1. miztahsparklez's Avatar
      miztahsparklez -
      Those ones on ebay are missing the frames with the screw holes. What I'm trying to find is more info on how to either swap the frame, or purchase the necessary parts to swap back and forth from my black back and white back.

      I've had zero luck, however....

      how are people getting the framing/accessories that attach to that back glass? It appears that engadget has their own dark sources, but what about you theiphone911? Did you cannibalize your black frame/glass to reattach it to the white? Or did you have a white backing that had all the hardware attached?
    1. that_girl's Avatar
      that_girl -
      I find that to be quite drastic. I used a white DecalSkin to make my phone white. Here's where I bought it: Amazon.com: DecalSkin Apple iPhone 4 Skin Cover - Simply White: Cell Phones &…
    1. Da Wil-Man's Avatar
      Da Wil-Man -
      Housing Back Battery Cover Case iPhone 4G 4 G 4th White - eBay (item 110572950583 end time Oct-12-10 01:07:57 PDT)

      I just received this one, frame and all. has plastic over the camera lense and LED. However there is no LED diffuser so if you use the flash pictures are all white....Up close you can tell its cheap, made out of plastic and already scratches all over it out of the packaging. But for 12 bucks itll do for me! Its also a little transparent.
    1. xl2ealx's Avatar
      xl2ealx -
      check out custom your iphone 4! transparent iphone 4 kit,white iphone 4 kit,pink iphone 4 kit . feel free to contact me with any questions!
    1. mariabrone's Avatar
      mariabrone -
      I like white iphone. Look great

      iphone 4 case