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  • iOS 4.2 Now Available : Not Ready For Jailbreak

    Just as Paul had said early this morning, iOS 4.2 has now been greenlit to go live and is available for download to the public. Many iPad users will be excited for this, of course that is unless you require/love/need/want a jailbreak.

    If your hoping to jump on the iOS 4.2 firmware, do not expect a jailbreak to be ready just yet. This may take a few weeks to a month, or even a day. What's important right now, is to stay on iOS 4.1 and make sure your SHSH Blobs are saved. This will ensure you can always preform a jailbreak on your device at this firmware version. If you do not want to lose your jailbreak, DO NOT UPDATE to iOS 4.2 yet. Pleas wait until official tools have been updated/released.

    While the new features look great, be patient, and in time you will be able to upgrade. But for now, play safe, and stay away from that update.

    Of course, we will let you know when a new tool surfaces to be used with iOS 4.2.

    For those waiting for an unlock on iOS 4.1, this is good news, as you can bet there will be one shortly, now that iOS 4.2 is available.

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    1. Simon's Avatar
      Simon -
      Jailbreak for life just means you will always have the ability to jailbreak. The jailbreak tools still have to be updated every time though and a update or restore will always wipe away a jailbreak.
    1. thechad09's Avatar
      thechad09 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ibednego View Post
      updated to 4.2.1 on ipad , jail broke with new redsn0w ,,, but cydia wont open,,, anyone know why?

      Hope this helps
    1. Cowboy's Avatar
      Cowboy -
      Quote Originally Posted by m/ibnzicemanm/ View Post
      yes i know but i have heard from others that if you jb with redsn0w then its for life. i understand what he said i was just wondering if i had to wait or if my phone actually is "jb for life"
      LOL no your not permanently jailbroken
    1. vantheman169's Avatar
      vantheman169 -
      come on jailbreak! Thanks Jailbreak Devs for doing what you do!
    1. ibednego's Avatar
      ibednego -
      relax, turd, i can go back down.
    1. maximvd's Avatar
      maximvd -
      is it the same build version as the latest GM (8C148)?
    1. Zokunei's Avatar
      Zokunei -
      Quote Originally Posted by manickbarry View Post
      Updated ip4 but My iPad is on 4.2 GM number 1 and iTunes says it the current version!
      Find the firmware on the Internet. Someone posted links to the firmwares on the last thread about 4.2 somewhere in the first three pages. After you download the appropriate firmware, open iTunes, shift click (I'm not sure what it is on a Mac, maybe control click?) on restore, and choose the downloaded firmware.
    1. johnnypuffs's Avatar
      johnnypuffs -
      Guys.. Super Simple Cydia fix is already out...


      How To Patch Cydia on iOS 4.2.1 [Guide]

      If these aren't super simple to you.. you should not be jailbreaking anything..

      modmyi... how late are you guys on news..
    1. Cowboy's Avatar
      Cowboy -
      MMi is never late
    1. stesteste's Avatar
      stesteste -
      what did u jailbreak with
    1. vedavis's Avatar
      vedavis -
      Quote Originally Posted by stlcaddie View Post
      And the Flood of questions are about to begin.
      [SARCASM ON] Who? What? Where am I? Who is JB, anyway? James Bond? OMG, I bricked it! [SARCASM OFF]
    1. manickbarry's Avatar
      manickbarry -
      Quote Originally Posted by vedavis View Post
      [SARCASM ON] Who? What? Where am I? Who is JB, anyway? James Bond? OMG, I bricked it! [SARCASM OFF]
    1. brian5s's Avatar
      brian5s -
      Quote Originally Posted by ibednego View Post
      updated to 4.2.1 on ipad , jail broke with new redsn0w ,,, but cydia wont open,,, anyone know why?
      There is a Cydia Patch file out there (Check Redmondpie.com for the link, couldn't get to it for some reason). You'll have to download the patch and copy it to your /Applications/Cydia.app/Cydia_ directory using Cyberduck or some other SSH client.

      Everything is ready to go for 4.2.1, Redsn0w, Cydia, etc..so I don't believe that it will be an issue for you to JB your 4.2.1 based iPhone. iPad is a different story, as this was always a 3.2.x branch, Cydia was never certified to work on, but, it did in most cases. Winterboard would be nice!

      Good luck!
    1. dito0020's Avatar
      dito0020 -
      yeah...this update doesnt do anything to the 3G, it says it does...but it doesnt, its just...a dumb update, if u will
    1. mADMAN8's Avatar
      mADMAN8 -
      Quote Originally Posted by mtwiford View Post
      you can downgrade back to 3.2.2 or 4.1 from 4.2 or 4.2.1 with itunes 10.1 very easily. If you update, you go back to 3.2.2 anytime you want. Its not that big of a deal
      I only use JB for themes and SOME little tweaks ( for ipad) I can live without those things for the sake of 4.2 (temporarily)

      Can I then, when an inevitable JB is released, jailbreak, or "revert back to 3.2 through itunes 'Revert' button" if I need to get back to it?

      I want to know if upgrading now, before there is a JB is going to jeopardize my capability to JB later?

      Will I need to be on 3.2 to JB and update to 4.2?
    1. frankydabull's Avatar
      frankydabull -
      Im reading this post, and i'm saying to myself "Wow, ModMyi has really fallen off with the artciles. This is an article saying absolutely nothing. It will be recycled for every FW release from now until infinity". And then I see the peoples comments. To quote the windows phone commercial, "Seriously?"

      For one, the articles on modmyi are old, stale, recycles from other sites. This is SAD. Ive been on this site for 3 years, What is going on? At least recycle the CURRENT ads. Thats been a complaint for the mid- to high level modders on this site. Seriously, stop letting us down.

      Now for the rest of you, AN UNLOCK IS NOT OWED TO US! These people do this for free. To help us out who are technically fascinated by this stuff, to those who just want a phone to be cool. These things take time. Apple, a multi billion dollar company has a whole team of employees that they pay GREAT salaries to prevent jailbreaks and unlocks. A handful of people who live normal lives with kids and girlfriends are probably right now coding their asses off to give you the most out of your device, FOR FREE. NOTHING IS OWED TO YOU, and you people are so ungrateful you cant even take the couple of seconds to read the warnings and instructions that come with the software that took these people DAYS/WEEKS/MONTHS to create.

      And people wonder why GeoHotz left the scene...
    1. eyepoper's Avatar
      eyepoper -
      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!READ OUT---------------------------------------------

      sometimes I think its just me or this forum.... I read on other forums and websites that the Jailbreak has already been done for 4.2.1..since it came for the DEV only.. and also that they manage to JB it cause there was nothin special about it..
      And now come MMI with that ther eis no JB for 4.2.1 ?

      WHATT? I think MMi needs to check their writers.. sometimes this forum is VERY late with NEWS whyle other website like Engadget or other Forums are 1 day early with the news...
    1. x999x's Avatar
      x999x -
      I was waiting or a Jailbreak White Knight to appear... -_____-
    1. 5h4d0w's Avatar
      5h4d0w -
      Cydia is down... Wonder what that means...
    1. BornSlacker's Avatar
      BornSlacker -
      Anyone know the best place to watch for an unlock?

      I gave my father-in-law an iPhone 3GS thinking I could unlock it now, but like an idiot I updated the firmware when I updated the OS to 4.1.

      I've been kind of out of the loop lately. Not sure who all the players are now.

      GeoHotz is out? Does that mean the unlock will come out by the dev team?

      Any help would be appreciated.