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  • Set Panoramic and Per Page Wallpapers with MultiWall

    If you are one to spice up your SpringBoard from time to time, the primary component is always the wallpaper. We can all agree the variety sometimes is a good thing - who wants to use the same, old wallpaper all the time? There's never not a time to change things up. With MultiWall, you can go a step further and add panoramic and per page wallpapers on your device. Read further to get the scoop.

    When you go into the MultiWall tabs in Settings, you are able to change all the values you wish in regards to wallpapers. You have the ability to do the following with MultiWall:

    • Name a theme (the default theme or one you create)
    • Select a theme
    • Define the page width of every page on your SpringBoard (for purposes of sizing your wallpaper)

    What's handy about this tweak is that not only does it provide these functions but it includes a help page to explain how to use it. User guides are always a plus and are extremely helpful to the user. Inside the Help tab at the bottom of the MultiWall tab, you can learn what values set what and how to best configure MultiWall for what you want. Also, it gives you a guide on how to add your own wallpapers (since it only comes with a default wallpaper). The location to add to your custom wallpapers for MultiWall are:

    /User/Library/RiDan/MultiWall/ (found on your iDevice via SSH)

    Note: This folder should contain a text file displaying the valid names for the pages. At the moment, only your default theme may be edited within preferences, installed themes can not be edited.

    If you find this of interest, give it a try - it's free on Cydia now and is compatible on all devices and firmwares (has not been tested on the iOS 5 beta - test at your own risk). Note that there are other applications that do similar functions - this is however a viable option to choose from.

    Name: MultiWall
    Author: PathKiller29
    Version: 1.0
    Price: Free

    Follow the developer, PathKiller29 (@PathKiller29), on Twitter to keep up to date with MultiWall and his other projects.

    Source(s): PathKiller29
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    1. n0m0n's Avatar
      n0m0n -
      Quote Originally Posted by PathKiller29 View Post
      You then create a MultiWall.plist, with values similar to the default theme
      This is the part I don't get.
      Where do I find these values?
      What am I using to do this?
      iFile or is this on my PC?

    1. PathKiller29's Avatar
      PathKiller29 -
      Quote Originally Posted by n0m0n View Post
      This is the part I don't get.
      Where do I find these values?
      What am I using to do this?
      iFile or is this on my PC?

      Use the default as an example
    1. NicholasChong's Avatar
      NicholasChong -
      Quote Originally Posted by PathKiller29 View Post
      yes it requires a respiring, but ur wallpapers won't be properly sized.

      what do you guys say to perpage and panoramic walls for the switcher as well?
      My Dock does not appear.. How do you resolve this problem?
    1. incanzable's Avatar
      incanzable -
      Quote Originally Posted by EddieLeonard View Post
      anyone tested this on iOS 5 yet?
      I'm using it in ios 5.0.1 it's working just fine.

      Hello guys! I figure it out how to rearrange specific wallpaper to show in page 1, 2 etc (I just renamed the image I wanted in page 1 to page1.jpg and so on for the other images) I know this sounds dumb for some people but for me was a challenge to figure it out.
      One more thing I need help !! What resolution panoramic image needs to be in order to be desplayed correctly ? When I put the value of page 1 in setting to display in more than 2 pages the image gets distorted.
      Thank you!!