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  • Possible First Photo Taken By iPhone 5 Leaked

    According to PocketNow, the sushi pictured above, has an extremely high probability of being the first photo taken with an iPhone 5 to surface.

    Kind of underwhelming dontchya think?

    Apparently the photo's EXIF data indicates that it was taken with an iPhone 4, but like always, dig a little deeper and things get interesting. The image appears to have been cropped, with its original size being 8 megapixels, which is the rumored resolution of the new iPhone's camera. Also, the lens being used was recorded at 4.3mm f/2.4, and the iPhone 4's lens is 3.85mm f/2.8. The new camera sensor and lens appear to be even closer to point-and-shoot quality components than ever before. Also, the different lens information confirms that whatever device took this picture, it was definitely not an iPhone 4 like the EXIF data claims.

    Perhaps the most telling piece of evidence found in all the photo meta-data is the GPS information. The photo was taken on Apple's Cupertino campus. Even more, MacRumors posted a link to the original photo found on Anton D'Auria's (an Apple software engineer) Flickr page. The photo has since been made private and can no longer be seen. Confirmation much?

    Today is the day Apple has been long rumored to make an announcement regarding their new phone, but it appears the rumors were wrong and we'll have to wait for Jobs and company to unveil their new baby.

    Source: PocketNow, Macrumors
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    1. zoso10's Avatar
      zoso10 -
      Is this a picture from the bar it was lost in?
    1. KartRacer's Avatar
      KartRacer -
      A public photo can't be leaked. There's nothing to be leaked when its release is on a publicly accessable website.
    1. CAPcadetJC's Avatar
      CAPcadetJC -
      Yayy will they release the first call too? " Hi Honey! Yeah I just go my new iPhone 5! Yeah Im leaving the AT&T Sto................... Call Failed"
    1. hapishyguy's Avatar
      hapishyguy -
      If you check the GPS coordinates the address is 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014. But I dont see any Sushi place there