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  • 'Wood' You Believe What JackBacks is Doing to The iPhone 4?

    We have seen no shortage of cool, innovative iDevice cases since Apple began revolutionizing the mobile tech industry earlier this century. But the latest creation from the creative folks at JackBacks goes way beyond the limits of a simple iPhone case. This time around, your iPhone 4 can have its very own customized wooden back.

    Introduced earlier this summer, JackBacks is finally seeing their wooden iPhone 4 backs catch on. Thanks to their customizable nature and reasonable price (most are available for somewhere just under or over $100), these wooden panels with custom etching are getting some serious attention even as early Apple technology adopters prepare for the iPhone 5.

    Although the need for a new back is sometimes warranted for repair purposes, the majority of iPhone back replacements are engendered by users who simply want to customize their devices and make them unlike anything else around. Clearly, JackBacks is targeting this growing market segment with its popular line of wooden iPhone 4 backs.

    Best of all, to give your iPhone wood - so to speak - you don't have to send in your iPhone or part with it at all for that matter. Given that JackBacks are easy to install, once your order arrives, simply pop off the back of your iPhone (by first removing the two screws at the bottom of the device) and then replace the back with your customized JackBack.

    If you haven't seen one yet in the wild, you're bound to eventually. For now, you can check out the official JackBacks page by clicking here.

    Source: JackBacks
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    1. PEACHii.com's Avatar
      PEACHii.com -
      Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy View Post
      Cutting out a spot for the logo would not be trademark infringement. Adding one would be. I'll give you that.
      Yea I guess you don't understand either.

      This is a full battery cover replacement, not a sticker to put over the OEM glass battery cover. You have to remove the original glass battery rear cover plate and replace it with this.

      So there is no apple logo to "cut out a spot for the logo". if you cut out a spot it would be a spot that you could see the rear frame (insides of the phone), not a Apple logo.
    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      You must be one of the cult. The one who buys the device and wants everyone who sees him/her in public to know that he/she is sporting an iPhone.

      -I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to show off their iPhone. I love showing off my iPhone,Very unique.
    1. alexevo's Avatar
      alexevo -
      would anyone worry about getting termites in their iphone if they purchased this? i thought i was being a douche fanboy because i spent $25 on an incipio feather case instead of $5 for a cheapo silicone one( i can't stand any of those matte finish cases hard or soft because it makes it harder to fish out of my pocket)