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  • Apple to Work on Open-Source Java SDK

    Apple has joined forces with Oracle to create an open source Java implementation for Mac OS X through the OpenJDK project, both companies announced today. Apple is the second major partner - after IBM, which announced its support in February - to jump on the OpenJDK bandwagon. Following Apple's decision to stop development on its own implementation of the Java runtime environment, this move signals the company's intention to continue to support the platform, but to shift ultimate responsibility for the development of Java 7 for Mac OS X to Oracle and the open-source community.

    Last month, Apple made the decision to "deprecate" or freeze its own implementation of Java 6 SE (Special Edition). In addition to the announcement back in X that Java-based apps would not be approved for the forthcoming Mac App Store, this move led to concerns that Java was being squeezed out of the Mac. In today's announcement, however, Apple announced that it would provide most of the key components, tools and technologies for the Java 7 Development Kit, and open them as part of the OpenJDK project. Apple will provide both 32-bit and 64-bit HotSpot virtual machines, as well as class libraries, the networking stack and "the foundation for a new graphical client."

    Apple also confirmed that the terminal stable version of the Java Standard Edition (Java SE 6 Update 3) will be provided with Mac OS X Lion as well as Snow Leopard. However, there was no indication of a change of position on the banning of Java from the Mac App Store. "That's critical if Java is to have a future role on the Mac as anything other than one for Java developers building apps for deployment on Linux," Forrester Research analyst Jeffrey Hammond said in an email to Computerworld reporter Chris Kanaracus.

    Source: GigaOM
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