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  • Apple Invites More to the iPhone Party, T-Mobile to Carry iPhone 5 This Fall Too

    Today T-Mobile entered the rumor mill of purported iPhone 5 carriers this fall.

    MacTrast is claiming a source of theirs informed them T-Mobile will be offering the new iPhone this fall alongside AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. If so, it would mark the first time all four major U.S. carriers would offer the phone simultaneously. Also, it means the 1 million+ iPhone users that use an unlocked version of the phone on T-Mobile's network can finally go legit. If they want to.

    The year-end Apple cocktail-party-for-all-our-phones-carriers (that doesn't exist) could be very awkward this year. AT&T would constantly be trying to slip Rohypnol into T-Mobile's drink, while Sprint tries be polite as Verizon asks them about their nationwide coverage, and how many people still use Nextel handsets. Sprint will key "Can you feed me now?" into the side of Verizon's car as they leave. An obvious jab at the considerable amount of weight the can-you-hear-me-now guy has gained.

    Source: MacTrast
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    1. raduga's Avatar
      raduga -
      I'd just like to know if Steve is still invited to the party.

      And, re: all the ***mod edits*** lately,

      "if you don't like them mean ol' censors on MMi, try submitting an App with references to genital organs to the AppStore, and see if you can get past their review!"
    1. mikeyxxx47's Avatar
      mikeyxxx47 -
      I just found this out last night from my uncle that works at the tmoble corporate office in bellevue Wa he said he came apon this info from some report that said the iPhone 5 is going to come out late sept early october.
    1. JimBrown's Avatar
      JimBrown -
      Wow!! Good to see that. I was anxiously waiting for this day